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Thursday, 11 August 2011

August 11th Updates!

Clashes erupted in Al-Azraiqain checkpoint, Sana'a for the past hour between Republican Guard forces and tribes, a couple of powerful explosions are heard. 

Powerful explosions along with very violent clashes in Al-Azraqian checkpoint. Warplanes are flying over the skies of Sana'a continuously

Yemeni Jouranlists Syndicate (YJS) denounced what Journalist Mohammed Aida, Director of Al-Hurrah Channel in Sana'a, was subjected to from an attack by unknowns in Sana'a on Wednesday. According to Aida he was attacked by unknowns who wanted to kill him with knives and switchblades but was saved by intervention of a number of people, he also said that he received threats in the previous period. YJS held Ministry of Interior responsible for protecting Aida from any harm that he may be subjected to.

MarebPress: Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Saleh Bassurah demanded in the daily meeting of the cabinet last week to prevent Yasser Al-Yamani and Abdo Al-Janadi from appearing in the Arab Satellite Channels, and descirbed their responses as fueling the political life.

He called Al-Yamani to resume his work as Secretariat of the Captial and Hassan Al-Lawzi, Minister of Informationو should be the one holding press conferences as he is the minister. Many of the other ministers objected and the meeting was a bit of a chaos.

Sources indicated that once Abdo Al-Janadi heard about what happened in the meeting, he said that he is assigned to defend the GCP from who are on top of corruption.

The Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights condemned arresting and hiding activist Nabeel Yousef Al-Hajaji, his brother Bassam and their relatives Adel Hizam Ghalib Al-Samaee and Wael Al-Samaee at a checkpoint belonging to the Republican Guards forces in Artel area in Sana'a on July 28th evening while they were passing through that point.

YOHR demanded all local, regional and international Human Rights Organizations to intervene to uncover the location and fate of the detainees and release them, blaming security authorities and military and holding them fully responsible for anything that might happen to them.

MarebPress: Deputy Information Minister, Abdu Al-Janadi considered the National Council that the JMP is planning to announce on August 17th to be a declaration of war on all the existing constitutional institutions because it means to build a state within a state and involving the country in civil war. Al-Janadi warned JMP from declaraing the National Council and holds them fully responsibile for the consequnces of the establishment of this Council. He said that it will be born dead, just like the rest of the councils that have been previously announced, affirming that it would be the spark that will ignite civil war in Yemen. He appealed to JMP not to take this step as it is extremely dangerous.

Al-Janadi also criticized when Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar said that "Saleh will not rule Yemen as long as hes alive", saying that he was not successful saying that because he raised the ire of the Yemeni tribes around Yemen. He also revealed that Saleh's supporters will meet in Sana'a to announce the organization of a national congress that will hold all the prominent tribal figures and tribal leaders to stand up against the developments in the poor conditions that Yemen reached. He added that the reasons for this was the statement made by Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar

A number of militants were killed and two others wounded by artillery shelling that targetted them from Brigade 25 Mika yesterday afternoon next to the Central Bank of Zanjibar, Abyan. Witnesses said that Brigade 25 Mika also shelled gunmen stationed in Tax Collection point in Wadi Hasan, east of Zanjibar.

More witnesses confirmed that Brigade 119 stationed in north-west of Zanjibar increased the artillery and Katyusha missiles on a number of militants stationed in Al-Khamela, Al-Kood and Al-Meseymar and reports of many lives and equipments losses. The militants started to withdraw from previous stations that they were stationed at, when they took over Zanjibar, as a result of the bombing that targetted them along with tribe members who are deployed in Zanjibar from time to time

JMP spokesperson Mohammed Qahtan confirmed that they are in preparation of the National Council that the opposition is planning to announce on August 17th. He said that they believe that the committee is proceeding the preparations and that on August 17th it will be the day they choose a National Council that will lead the revolutionary process towards overthrowing the remnants parts of the regimeand thus open the door quickly for the Yemenis to achieve their aspirations for change and building a modern democratic civil state.

Regarding the recent interntaional developments, Qahtan pointed out the JMP looks at them in a positive way, but keeping in mind that they are still below the required level. He also called the Gulf countries to take more positive attitudes towards the peaceful revolution of Yemen and the aspirations of the Yemeni people for change.

Through a press statement, he expressed his thanks and appreciateion for the positive evolution of the recent international positions from the United States, Security Council, European Union and the Russian and Saudi positions.

Tribal sources in Nahm direcorate in Sana'a confirmed that tribes were able to prevent Brigade 62 Republican Guards that is stationed in Bait Dahra in Bani Hareth to be able to reach many villages in Nahm. The sources indicated that they were able to fail this attempt after armed clashes with Republican Guards forces where they wanted to station in Al-Zareeq, Al-Sadeen and Al-Maqsis areas. They were also able to damage a number of armored vehichles after Republican Guard forces destroyed a number of farms and a house of a civilan, as well as injuring two tribesmen during those clashes with minor injures.

Sheikh Sadeq Abu Hatem, one of Nahm tribe Sheikhs and a supporter of the revolution demanded commanders of the brigades, that are shelling civilians in Arhab and Nahm -Al-Bukhaiti, Al-Mosheki and Al-Matari- to deal with their soldiers as if they are their relatives and to protect their lives instead of putting them in absurdity wars against tribes supporting the peaceful revolution. He also called the soldiers and officers in the Republican Guards camps to join the revolution instead of being exposed to all means of psychological pressure and threats of liquidations if they do not carry out orders to fight people and kill civilians.

Sheikh Sadeq Abu Hatem, one of Nahm Sheikhs confirmed that a battalion from Brigade 62 Republican Guards that is located in Bait Dahra joined the tribesmen of Nahm after they managed to escape from the camp. They assured that they have many colleagues that are being held inside the Brigade, after the commander of the Brigade knew of the willingness of the soldiers to leave the camp and join the peaceful revolution and to the tribe refusing to participate in any battles against the tribes of Nahm.
Local sources indicated that Security Director Abdullah Qairan and Republican Guard Commander Al-Awbali in Taiz refused to sign a calming truce under the pretext that they represent security and operational sides and that the agreement must be signed by the local authority and the representatives of the opposition parties and dignitaries of Taiz. This rejection comes after it was decided and agreed on for both of them to sign the truce after it was already signed by the representatives of the oppositions parties and militants supporting the revolution as well as dignitaries of Taiz.

Sources also confirm that new military reinforcements reached 60th Street and near Al-Thawra Hospital in Taiz consisting of 6 tanks, 9 crews and 5 troop carriers in a time that the process of withdrawing the Republican Guard forces from where they are present at should begin. Sources considered these reinforcements to be the first violations of the truce agreement and the translation of Qairan and Awbali's rejection to sign the agreement in actions rather than words.


Asharq Alawsat in its Thursday edition quoted an official in the Yemeni government, saying that President Ali Abdullah Saleh, agreed to consider the revival of the Gulf initiative and that he had discussed with members of the ruling party, whom he met in Riyadh last Wednesday, in the presence of Prime Minister in the caretaker government and Chairman of the House of Representatives (in his first appearance since the accident in the presidential Mosque on the third of June) the issue of reviving the Gulf initiative to resolve the crisis and ensure a peaceful transition of power, and a mechanism for it.

The newspaper quoted the same source confirming that President Saleh agreed to work with the main opposition parties, groups and with other Yemeni and international bodies and countries concerned, in order to reach a way to end the crisis.

Yemen's opposition leader Yahya Mansour Abu Osboue was quoted by the media telling Al Arabiya television that President Saleh agreed to sign the initiative Gulf on condition that both General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar and Sheikh Sadiq Bin Abdullah al-Ahmar leave the country and that both Major General Mohsen and Sheikh Sadiq had agreed to do so for the country's interest.


The White House received a message from President Saleh confirming his lack of desire to return and agreeing to transfer power.

A senior diplomat in one of the embassies of the Gulf States in the capital Sanaa revealed to "Akhabr Elyoum" that the Gulf States and the Secretariat General of Gulf Cooperation Council received confirmation from the American side that President Ali Abdullah Saleh sent a letter to the White House, stressing explicit consent to the transfer of power to his deputy, as well as a decision not to return to Yemen, which was welcomed by the White House through a U.S. adviser to President Obama, adding that the White House response was welcoming and demanding an immediate transfer of power without delay according to the Gulf initiative.

The senior diplomat, who requested anonymity, said that the statements attributed to U.S. sources that the President had taken the decision not to return to Yemen was based on the President's confirmation in his letter to the White House. He emphasized that the issue of immediate transfer of power is supported by all Gulf states including Saudi Arabia and that any amendment to the Gulf initiative was rejected by all.

The senior diplomat noted that the chances of a political solution under the Gulf initiative, which included the president and his family and relatives not to be accountable, chances of success is diminishing and that the international position, which is more stringent about the delays and procedures for the transfer of power in Yemen which will take a more severe course in the political dialogue and amount of privileged opportunities granted by the Gulf initiative to some parties. He stressed that the coordination between the Gulf States, the United States and the European Union continues at a high level on the basis that the immediate transfer of power as the only way out of the crisis of Yemen, both according to the mechanisms of the Gulf initiative or the initiative by the Envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Jamal Ben Omar.

Regarding the hard-line and Gulf's most aggressive position towards Syria in comparison to the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia especially towards the events in Yemen, the Gulf diplomat said that Gulf States and senior Gulf leaders were concerned and followed up on Yemen and that all States deal with Yemen on the basis that to all political parties in Yemen have an opportunity to appeal to reason and to the interests of the Yemeni people and meet their desires and aspirations for change. He noted that the position of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states toward Syria should be the station on which all sides of Yemen stand, especially those that are a stumbling block to the immediate transfer of power. He stressed that all the Gulf states wish to immediately stop the bloodshed and violence to ensure the halt of further bloodshed.

ABYAN (AdenOnline) – Local tribal militias have arrested 14 al Qaeda militants in Lauder District of Abyan southern Yemeni province Thursday, after an assassination attempt thought to be by al Qaeda’s militants against one of the militias’ leaders.

The elements of al Qaeda were arrested after a search campaign by the local militias called “the Youth of Lauder’s Assembly,” that assumed the task of expelling al Qaeda members from Lauder.

Activists in the militia told AdenOnline that the search campaign was launched after the thwart of an assassination by al Qaeda when an explosive package had been found inside the car of a leader of the local militia called Muhammed Aidarous al-Jefri.

Al-Jefri discovered the package by chance late Wednesday, then Explosives experts from the 111th Brigade were called for to explode the package in an uninhabited place in the early hours of Thursday.

In the early morning, tens of the Youth Lauder’s Assembly members launched an extensive search in the city which consecuently led to the arrest of 14 Ansar al Sharia members, the wing of al Qaeda in Yemen.

The terrorists have been kept in Shaheed Naji School in the center of Lauder District.

The local efforts in Lauder could bring peace to the district after the expulsion of Ansar Al Sharia members whom are accused of being behind the disturbance in their district.

AdenOnline: A senior commander in al Qaeda was assassinated Tuesday by unknown armed men in the district of Mudia in Abyan Province, where clansmen took control over the district after the expulsion of al Qaeda members about a month ago.

‎(Saba) - President Ali Abdullah Saleh paid on Thursday visits to the Premier's deputies, who are being hospitalized in Saudi hospitals in Riyadh.  Saleh visited Premier's Deputy for Defense Affaires and Local Administration Minister Rashad al-Alimi in King Faisal Hospital and Premier's Deputy for Internal Affaires Sadeq Abu Ras in King Abdulaziz Hospital. The president got assured of their health and congratulated them on their recovery. Al-Alimi and Abu Ras thanked the president for his following-up their health condition, asserting that their health is in progress.

Three shot and injured by Central Security in Taiz's Jamal st this evening Ramadan 10th - August 11th.
Maher Mohammed Al-Maqtari 33 years old.
Akeed Abdulghani Ibraheem 27 years old.
Mohammed Abduljabbar Al-Kholaidy 25 years old

Four injured in new attacks by Republican Guards forces on Jamal St. and an injury of a female near the old airport in Taiz

Ramadan in Change Square of Sana'a

Mass marches in Al-Baydah condemning Saleh's regime crimes of killing citizens in Arhab, Taiz and Abyan and calling the merchants not to pay Zakat -donations- that go to the remnants of the regime.

Very heavy artillery and Katyusha shelling on Al-Awdeya and Al-Onmi villages in Arhab by Republican Guard forces and reports of the destruction of some houses. 

Armed groups are launching an attack on the army in Dofis area, Abyan killing two soldiers and wounding others.

Warplanes bombed the cotton plant in Kood area, Abyan and completely destroyed it today. 

Warplanes bombed a militants training camp in Al-Khamela area, Abyan and dozens of dead and injured

A mosque destructed and a number of houses due to Republican Guards bombardment on Shuob village in Arhab by artillery and missiles. 

For the first time, warplanes bombed Abyan governor new building in Zanjibar. 

Abyan : The initial outcome of today's clashes was the injury of 10 of the armed groups and the killing of one of their leaders after the Air Force shelling on the Office of Abyan's Governor.

Abyan : Men of the armed groups in Abyan Zanjibar arrested 10 citizens and deported them to Je'ar where they were tortured for charges of looting.

Abyan | Armed group suffered huge losses of materiel and weapons by the floods that swept their warehouse in Wadi Bana

Mareb Press : Member of Parliament, Sheikh Mansour Al-Haneq, said that the attack on the Directorate of Arhab began when a check point near the military camp of Ferijyah (Gen. 62), started abusing people of Arhab, and then moved from abusing to murders and assassinations

Shelling with tanks and heavy artillery from Alsama'a and Alfrejah camps on the villages of Barman, Bait Almarrany and some other villages of #Arhab

Mareb Press : Deputy Minister of Information, Abdo Aljanadi, denounced the British government's suppression on the last Saturday's protest demonstrations, and invited them to respect the rights of protesters to demonstrate and express their opinion, and to protect them rather than attack them.

Tawakul Karman conference tent in Change Square of Sana'a was burnt quickly indicating that there is a presence of inflammable material and it was not accidental or electrical.

Mass march in Taiz this evening after Taraweeh prayer. 
"Oh Qairan oh thug, we're coming for you, we're coming" Youth chanted in Taiz today. #

MarebPress: A soldier of Central Security forces assassinated Commander of Government Complex Security in Amran, Colonel Ismael Al-Gharbani and one of 310 Armored Brigade -pro revolution- officer and runs away.

Hadramout Alkatn | Two people wounded as a result of the suppression of Central Security forces on a peaceful march. Names of the wounded are : Mohammed Yahia Ben-Saydan and Basawad.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

August 10th Updates + Saleh's appearance!

Hundreds of bus, car and motorcycle drivers went out in a protest late on Tuesday night cutting Sana'a Street and stopping traffic in Hodeidah to demand the lowering of gasoline price to 1,500YER per 20 liters instead of current price (3,500YER). They said that the current price is very costy to them and their customers who refused to ride buses was because of what they called the high price of transportation.

After the protesters cut the main street, five military crews reinforced with machine guns and tear gasses arrived and dispersed the demonstrators with batons, they randomly damaged all the cars and busses that were parked, which led to breaking a large number of windows of many buses and private cars.

Violent clashes took place between demonstrators and security forces.

Major General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, Commander of the North-West region and Commander of the First Armored Division met with the German ambassador, Michael Klor-Berchtold, in Sana'a on Tuesday discussing the latest developments in Yemen.

Major General Ali Mohsen stressed the peaceful youth revolution and that it will not retreat bakwards and will continue until all the demands are met. He also affirmed that its very important to accerlerate the process of transfering power in Yemen in order for the country to come out of its crisis, according to the contents of the Gulf Initiative.

Major Gerneral Ali Muhsen called the international community to play a more effective part to contribute in exiting Yemen from the situation it is living, to meet the aspirations of the Yemeni people in the change desired by the youth peaceful revolution. To fulfill all the goals that the revolution came out for and protested for over six months and still holding on in the Squares; he also invited him to deal with the revolution as fait that cannot be undone

MarebPress: Sheikhs and tribal leaders of Al-Awad tribe in Al-Baydah denounced the kidnapping of Colonel Ali Mohammed DaifAllah Al-Awadi, head of training in North-West military area and First Armored Division by National Security and Republican Guard forces in Sana'a. They demanded his quick release, warning of any intact and held the remnants of the regime fully responbilie for his life and anything that he may be exposed to.

Officers and members of the North-West military area and First Armored Division also denounced his kidnapping incident demanding his immediate release and threatening to take similar actions that may affect some officials which they called "remnants of the regime" if he wasn't immediately released.

National Security and Republican Guard forces kidnapped him and his car from in front of his house in Al-Rawda area in Sana'a on Saturday afternoon and hid him. His fate was unknown until three days later where he was abducted and still is until the moment.


Sources said that President Saleh's Advisor Dr. AbdulKarim Al-Eryani, Minister of Foreign Affairs Abubakr Al-Qirbi, Secretary General of the Ruling Party Sultan Al-Barakni and Assistant Secretary General of the Ruling Party Dr. Ahmad Bin Dhaghr headed to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia yesterday evening in a new attempt from the Yemeni authorities and the ruling party to convince Saudi Arabia to accept the amendments to the Gulf initiative after Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Eryani failed in a similar task during his recent visit to Riyadh. 

MasdarOnline: A Yemeni government official said on Wednesday that the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to reconsider reviving the Gulf initiative to resolve the crisis in the country and to ensure the peaceful transition of power in the country. He also said that Saleh met members of the people congress party in Yemen, in Riyadh. The official also told Reuters, that Saleh after meeting with members of his party has agreed with them on seeking ways of reviving the Gulf initiative and finding a mechanism that includes the peaceful transition of power." 

Gulf diplomat: the Gulf states including Saudi Arabia rejects any amendments to the GCC initiative and emphasizes on the immediate transfer of power.

Taiz march today after Taraweeh prayer assuring holding on and not giving up until their demands are met and supporting the Transitional Council.

Mass march in Sana'a started from Change Square of Sana'a this evening after Taraweeh prayer.

Yemen TV broadcasts images of President Saleh in Riyadh,  meeting with government officials and GCP leaders, the images also showed Yahya Alraie and Ali Mujawar in the meeting.

An invitation to all the revolutionaries to participiate in "Together Against Terrorism" event which will be prepared and planned during the coming days in Freedom Square of Taiz. Therefore, we call upon all the youth to express their opinions on Facebook in the following topics:
1. The Position of the Revolution Regarding Terrorism.
2. The Threat of Al-Qaeda on the Revolution.
3. The International Position on the Yemeni Revolution and the Relationship of Terrorism.

Note that this event will be prepeared and planned by the Revolution Legal Advocacy Center in Taiz in coordination with some of the youth movements in the Square.

For more information or any inquires, please call these numbers,

First one took place on Wednesday August 10th.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

UK welcomes Security Council focus on Yemen crisis

UK welcomes Security Council focus on Yemen crisis

Statement by Chargé d’Affaires and Deputy Permanent Representative, Ambassador Philip Parham, following the adoption of a UN Security Council Press Statement on the situation in Yemen

I welcome the Security Council’s clear message on achieving a peaceful and orderly transition in Yemen. It is evidence of the growing sense of alarm of the international community at events in Yemen. Security Council members have expressed their grave concern at the serious deterioration of the economic, humanitarian and security situation. We welcome the Council’s assessment that a Yemeni-led political transition is a first step towards meeting the needs of all Yemeni people. We also welcome the call for the respect for the obligation to ensure access for the provision of humanitarian assistance. We support the continuing work of both the UN Special Adviser and the GCC to help facilitate peaceful and inclusive political transition.

The continuing crisis is setting Yemen back by years. Key food costs have dramatically increased, and coupled with fuel shortages, this is having a severe impact on the Yemeni population and humanitarian operations. The on-going conflict in the south in Zinjibar has also generated significant humanitarian needs.

The crisis is also of particular concern to the Security Council because of its wider implications for international peace and security.

There must now be full engagement in negotiations by all parties in Yemen aimed at achieving a swift political transition. There should also be a swift end to the conflict in the south, and access for humanitarian agencies.

The UN has a key role to play. It should continue to engage with Yemen’s neighbours, the GCC Secretariat and the international community, all of whom continue to offer their assistance in order to achieve a swift and peaceful transfer of power.

Security Council Press Statement on Situation in Yemen


The following Security Council press statement was issued today by Council President Hardeep Singh Puri ( India):

On 9 August the members of the Security Council heard a briefing on the situation in Yemen.

The members of the Security Council expressed their grave concern at the serious deterioration of the economic and humanitarian situation in Yemen. They were deeply concerned at the worsening security situation, including the threat from Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

The members of the Security Council urged parties to ensure access for the provision of humanitarian assistance, expressed their concern about the increasing interruption of basic supplies, and urged all parties not to target vital infrastructure.

The members of the Security Council urged all sides in Yemen to reject violence and show maximum restraint. They called upon all the parties to respect their obligations under applicable international law.

The members of the Security Council also called on all parties to move forward urgently an inclusive, orderly and Yemeni-led process of political transition that meets the needs and aspirations of the Yemeni people for change. They noted inter-Yemeni efforts in this regard, for which the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] initiative continues to be important.

The members of the Security Council welcomed the efforts of the good offices of the Secretary-General through Special Adviser Jamal Benomar, and the Gulf Cooperation Council. They looked forward to further updates on the situation in Yemen and agreed to continue to actively monitor the security, political and humanitarian situation there.

August 9th Updates + House burnt in Aden

The death of four members of the same family when their house got burnt after Fajr prayer today in Algeria St in Sheikh Othman, Aden.

The fire broke out in a domicile that is located in the second floor in one of the antique buildings in Algeria street, causing the death of the parents and two children, the family's last name is Al-Majeedi.

Neighborhood residents criticivzed the Civil Defense Department in Sheikh Othman because it is located only a few meters away, however, fire trucks did not put the fire out under the pretext of lack of water. 


MarebPress: Former South Yemen President Ali Nasser Moahmmed, took over presidency between 1980-1986, said that "what is happening today in Abyan is the making of the regime, we strongly condemn it" pointing out that Abyan and many other provinces cannot be a place for terrorism "after the fall of the regime."

He indicated that "there are attempts by the regime and extermist elements to terroize the residents of Aden as they did with Zanjibar" adding "they should know that Aden is a red line which is a resistant to tyrants and invaders throughout history."

Ali Nasser Mohammed , spoke in a speech that was directed to Martyrs Square in Mansoura, Aden on Monday where he stated "that the demonstrations, sit-ins and protests and all forms of struggle are the inspiration of the national historical role of the valiant city of Aden."

He said that Aden "has always been the cradle of struggle in the north and south, bastion of resistance and revolution, a beacon for education and enlightenment and a cradle for the emergence of trade unions, political parties, NGOs, civil society, and a pioneer of civilization and modernity not only at the Yemen level but at the entire region level, as it was also embodied real national unity, still is, and will remain so forever."

He also called on the youth to continue the great revolution and stick to its peaceful character until victory and the fall of the remnants of the regime and all symbols of corruption

Masdar Online : U.S. Ambassador in Yemen, Gerald Firestein said "What matters to Washington is the transfer of power from the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to his deputy AbduRabbo Mansur Hadi, and giving up his post according to the GCC initiative."

"Yemeni president should begin the peaceful transfer of power immediately, whether he is inside or outside Yemen. We are confident that Hadi can complete the transition of power, and we are waiting for President Saleh to sign the initiative and begin the transfer of powers immediately." Firestein added. 

The United States of America expressed it's astonishment today at Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh's refusal to sign the Gulf initiative,to resolve the political crisis in Yemen.

A spokeswomen for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Victoria Noland, said in a press conference today " The case in Yemen is moving forward in it's democratic transitional phase, as given in the agreement proposed by the Gulf Cooperation Council, and which the president himself has stated that he supported."

"I think the most important question is why is President Saleh finding all that difficulty in signing this initiative, so that his country could move forward" she added. Noland also pointed out that, " The democratic process in Yemen should not depend on anyone, and needs to continue…..We encouraged by the Yemeni Vice President And Rabo Mansour Hadi, to continue dialogue with the opposition". 

Taiz Governor Hamoud Al-Sufi has said that the First Armoured Division is supporting the insurgents in the city of Taiz financially and with weapons.

He considered that the conversion of the battle to Taiz threatens regional and international peace as Taiz locates on the coast of the Red Sea and the Strait of Bab al-Mandab.

Al-Sufi also said there were negotiations and a truce between the authorities and the insurgents who were depicted by the governor as "warlords", accusing them of violating the truce


Masdar Online : Resumption of power cuts in Sana'a, and authorities announces that the transmission lines from Sanaa to Marib were damaged by two attacks, and requests citizens to appreciate these "exceptional circumstances"

Hodeidah: motorcycle and bus drivers close most of the main streets in the city protesting against the price of oil 

Suhail | Brigade 62 of the Republican Guards in Alfrejah bombed villages of she'b Arhab with tanks and artillery, and news of the destruction of a number of houses and properties.

Military Sources: Transferring a battalion of the Republican Guard from Taiz to Al-Samaa Mountain in Arhab

Taiz : Firing heavy gunfire using machine guns next to the governor house stationed in Saber Mountain , the firing is still on until this moment 

Abyan: Violent clashes and heavy artillery bombardment in Zinjibar now between the militants and brigade 25 Mika . 

Sanaa: Sporadic clashes now in Amran St, believed to between supporters of Sheikh Al-Ahmer and Republican Guard

Representatives of States members in the Security Council heard a briefing on the situation in Yemen 

MasdarOnline| A fight with stones and sticks between the Somali refugees in front of the UNHCR while security forces were watching .
People in Neighborhood intervened to stop fighting between hundreds of Somali refugees, some Somalis were wounded and the glass of three cars was smashed 

People are protesting in Al-Mena'a Street in Moala, Aden because of cutting water from the area. 

An unknown person throws a sound-bomb on the Governor of Aden's building in Moala and security forces are firing live bullets hysterically. 

Protests are still continuous in Moala, Aden until this moment accompained by acts of burning tires and closing down streets to demand the re-port of water to the area after it was cut of since before Maghrib prayer yesterday.

Powerful explosions in the skies of Sana'a, missiles are heard very clearly from Al-Dailami air-base which seems to be heavily shelling on Arhab areas and villages right now.

Youth of Taiz in Freedom Square chanting for escalation and freedom. 

Taraweeh Prayer from Change Square of Sana'a

March in Taiz supporting the Transitional Council

At 12:00am, security forces arrested three people:
- Ammar Al-Hazmi
- Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Hadi
- Ayman Al-Qairi
They were taken to the Security building of Sana'a along with their car. Youth in the Squares hold security forces full responsibile for their safety and demand their quick release. 

Martyr Salah Abdullah Ali Al-Johari was shot by Republican Guard forces in his heart this morning in Hawd Al-Ashraf district in Taiz while he was driving an SUV with his father Sheikh Abdullah Ali Al-Johri and five of his sisters children

Monday, 8 August 2011

August 8th Updates!

Asharq Alawsat: U.S. sources said that Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh decided, finally, not to return to Yemen, because of exerted U.S. pressure on him, and because of his fear of prosecution, such as the one the Egyptian Revolution is putting former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak through.

The sources told «Asharq Alawsat» The U.S. Ambassador to Yemen, Gerald Firestein, asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs not to talk about the «U.S. pressure» on Saleh, but about «American interests». This is because Saleh, said the Ambassador is a «stubborn person, and should not be cornered».

The sources said that opponents in Yemen asked the Ambassador «not to negotiate with Saleh via the media»; because Saleh according to his opponents is ready «to ally with the devil», with «al Qaeda», and with the Houthis, despite the strong hostility among them.

The U.S. Ambassador conveyed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that if Saleh returned he would be more angry on his opponents, especially those who tried to kill him, especially that his injuries don't prevent him from returning; it's external burns and breathing problems.

News quoted from Sana'a, the day before yesterday, that the Ambassador, during An Iftar feast in his home for Yemeni officials and media, revealed about «undisclosed negotiations» conducted with Saleh, and also between Saleh and the opposition. The Ambassador denied accusations of some of the youth protesters, that Washington is interested in the war against the «al Qaeda» more than its concern for Saleh's departure.

The sources said Washington that the U.S. position towards Saleh is stressed lately due to anger at the Yemeni forces during recent clashes with «al Qaeda» fighter since Yemeni forces hit militants tribes of Abyan province, which played a key role in the fight against «al Qaeda».

With regard to the reasons of the Yemeni President's decision to stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the US sources said: Saleh settled on staying in Saudi Arabia; where former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, due to fear of his trial in Yemen after a regime change. And that Saleh wanted treatment in Germany, but Germans accepted on the condition of receiving him as an ordinary citizen, not as President of the Republic.

U.S. sources did not specify the timing of Saleh's signature on the Gulf initiative but said as long as he decided to stay in Saudi Arabia, then he must sign it, with amendments relevant to the elections and providing guarantees for Saleh's family.

Regarding the demonstrations and the role of youth in Yemen, the sources said that the renewed demonstrations in Egypt with the appearance of former President Mubarak before court encouraged the Yemeni youth to raise the ceiling of their demands, which led Saleh's decision not to return to Yemen.

On the future of the U.S. war against the «al Qaeda» in Yemen, the sources said that there is division within the Department of Obama's moderate wing, led by John Brennan, Obama's adviser for terrorism, who has worked with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the region for many years, and has a long relationship with Saleh, while the the tougher wing is led by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton which announced earlier that Saleh has to leave, regardless of any other factors.

Commenting on the news, Abdul Hafiz Alnahari, head of media and information in the General People's Congress Party in Yemen said: «The non-return of Yemeni President is an American desire, but the president insists on returning to impose the basis of a peaceful transfer of power so that Yemenis don't fight over it. And that the return is linked to the completion of a period of recuperation, but that the outstanding issues will not wait for the return of President; because the deputy is authorized to address them, especially a dialogue with the opposition ».

Regard to the Gulf initiative he said: « the provided stages of the initiative is no longer realistic, nor practical, and political parties in Yemen agree in this, but the solution will not be too far away from the spirit of Gulf initiative without complying with the timeframe specified in the initiative».

Abdullah Razi, Yemeni Ambassador to the United Kingdom, said that «there is no indication that the President will not return to his homeland». He said in a call with «Asharaq Alawsat» of London: «the important topic today for Yemenis is the dialogue that should continue between the political parties to reach a solution, regardless of the large number of statements about the return of the president who does not mind returning to his country after the completion of the recovery period ».

Marebpress: Yemeni source said in Riyadh, asking not to be identified, that "Saleh left the hospital after his health improved to the Conference Palace in Riyadh, although he still suffers from problems in the legs."

"The return to Yemen is unlikely for the time being, but one can not predict what will Saleh do in the coming days, all probabilities are there since the president is known maneuvers that can not be predicted."

He explained that "the political adviser to President Abdul Karim Eryani, met with Saleh at the Conference Palace for more than 24 hours, then left on Thursday evening, to Turkey," adding that " Eryani's visit to Turkey is for unknown reasons."

The source said that "Prime Minister Ali Mujawar is still in the hospital and was due to leave on Saturday night, but has not left and is expected to be within the next two days, and that Shura Council Chairman Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani, and a leader in the ruling Congress party in Yemen Sadiq Abu Ras, are still in intensive care.

He also said that "intensive attempts were underway in Riyadh for a reconciliation between the Yemeni factions to end the political crisis in the country, to be announced by 15 Ramadan if incase these endeavors were successful".

MasdarOnline: Three militants killed and five others wounded on Monday in clashes between army troops and gunmen controling Zanjibar, Abyan.

On the other hand, warplanes bombed the Research Department buildings, the Cotton Gin and the Professional Institute in Kood area, Abyan; no reports of casualties among the militants. 


MasdarOnline: Freedoms Committe of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate condemns the threats against journalist Saif Al-Haderi, President of Al-Shomoo for Press and Publishing. The committe in a statement denounced the indident which was described as serious and held authorities fully reponsibile as well as demanded an investigation to the incident and punishment for the perpetrators. "The clear targeting of journalists has become a concern on the press situation in Yemen, an index that threatens the press profession and who ever is engaged in it" the statement added.
Dozens of Yemeni families are still stranded in Ghaidah airport since Thursday.
Passengers said in a complaint to Hood Organization that Al-Saeeda airlines left them at the airport despite the fact that their reservation is confirmed, the company did not send any aircraft to the airport since last Thursday after they had arrived from Salalah Airport.

Witnesses said that many of the families lived a tragic situation on Thursday and Friday where many of them didn't have enough money for a hotel reservations or even for food, the company did not provide them any service usually provided by airline companies in the rest of the world in similar circumstances.

Hood said that what happened to the people stranded at Ghaidah airport is regrettable and shameful at the same time, emphasized the right of victims to sue the company.

MasdarOnline: The Supreme Council for the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) set August 17th as a date for the founding meeting of the National Assembly which «will be the custodian of the National People's Revolution» and will choose from among it a National Council that should lead the forces of the revolution.

The statement said that the National Council will be «the leadership of the forces of revolution and will complete the process of revolutionary and political change, meet the aspirations of the Yemenis, particularly the revolution's youth (men and women) towards attaining a modern civil state, a state of law and order and equal citizenship, to open to Yemenis horizon to reshape their safe future and perhaps enable them to catch up with the times».

The statement added that the meeting «expressed satisfaction with the findings of the commissions and the communication, technical and literary committees »

Masdar Online : A Yemeni source in Riyadh said that the political adviser of President Saleh, Dr.Abdul Karim al-Iryani met with Saleh at the Conference Palace for more than 24 hours, then left yesterday evening to Turkey.

Al-Watan Saudi Newspaper said from political sources that the political forces of Yemen are waiting for the return of the political adviser of President Saleh, Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Iryani, to Yemen during the next few days from Riyadh after his meeting with the President, to consult on a formula of the mechanism of agreement for the transfer of power based on the GCC initiative and supported by enforcement mechanisms provided by the United Nations.

According to the news paper, the agreement which may be revealed within a few days, will state Saleh's declaration of the transfer of power to his deputy Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi, and Saleh remains the honorary president until an election for a new president, but this stage shall not exceed the end of this year, which is consistent with Saleh's demands for the transfer of power in a constitutional manner.

The Saudi embassy in Sana'a has reportedly suspended issuance of pilgrims' visas for the third consecutive week despite the approval they got from the Saudi Foreign Ministry.

A source told «Marib Press» that The embassy's suspension is due to the lack of visa stickers, which led to the accumulation of more than ten thousands passports in the embassy.

A group of pilgrims and owners of travel agencies have expressed their resentment because of the delay of visas this season unlike previous seasons. They demanded the competent authorities in both countries to quickly find a solution that facilitates travelling to the holy lands.

so far, we haven't been able to establish contacts with the embassy to get their position.

Pilgrims expressed their fear, according to the source, that their official visas will be transferred to the "courtesy visas" (visas issued by the embassy in large numbers to the Sheikhs and prominent figures for distribution) which turned into a matter of great bargaining.

It is worth mentioning that all the concerned pilgrims had fulfilled all the conditions set by the Saudi authorities including the age requirement (pilgrims have to be no less than 40 years) except for escorts

Marib Press was notified from private sources in Cairo, that one of the Yemeni national security officers had abducted his colleague's daughter, in Cairo as a result of financial disputes between them .

The sources pointed out that the secret disputes between the intelligence officers in Egypt, have began floating on the surface, following disagreements raised by sums of money which were transferred from Sana'a, but was not distributed fairly between the national security officers in the Yemeni Embassy in Cairo.

The sources added that these disputes have resulted that one of the national security kidnapped the daughter of his colleague from the national security , arguing that the money paid to him to accomplish some of the tasks he was assigned to is less by twenty thousand dollars of the amounts paid to his colleagues in the Yemeni intelligence working in Egypt.

The sources said that the destiny of the kidnapped girl (17 years) whose father is one of the most influential security figures is unknown yet , efforts are exerted by Yemeni diplomats in the Yemeni Embassy in Cairo, to contain the issue to avoid the intervention of Egyptian security authorities in Cairo, fearing any information to be leaked on the nature of tasks.

A source associated with the fuel industry in Sana'a said that the oil company Canadian Nexen, has started negotiating with the Yemeni Government on renewing it's license of oil exploration and production in sector 14 in Hadarmout governorate. He explained that the Canadian company's license ends this year, and that the company is negotiating for an additional five years to continue it's oil activity in Yemen, after getting positive indication for new rights.

Vice President Abd Rabu Mansour Hadi discussed last week with a company delegation, headed by Vice President of International Affairs, Middle East, Africa, and South America, Rick Jensen, the activation of work and production of the company, and the future of the relations and partnership with Yemen. Abd Rabu Mansour Hadi also stressed throughout the meetings the importance of working on increasing production especially considering the conditions Yemen is going through. Jensen assured the Vice President that the company will do all that's in its power to raise its production and improve its efforts.


Sayun : A peaceful demonstration today turned into violence and looting of shops and security forces fired live bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters.

Masdar Online : Elaf Website, which broadcasts from London, said from unnamed sources they described as "confirmed" that the Russian government apologized from receiving the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh for completing his treatment in Moscow. 

A mass march in Ibb today demanding the topple of regime's remains and condemning the Republican guard attacks on Arhab, Taiz and Abyan. 

A martyr and two injured in Arhab today when Republican Guard forces located in Al-Sama'a camp shelled civilians at dawn today.

Taiz Taraweeh Prayer in Freedom Square

Hadramout :Firing an RPG on a checkpoint at Sayaon-Al-Katen road and reports about injuries 

Hadramout : One wounded in Al-Sharej in solidarity demos with Al-Shaher

Hadramout : Burning qat market in Al-Sharj in Muklla and stopping vehicle traffic in the old neighborhoods of Muklla leading to security camps

Masdar Online : Two protesters injured during the dispersal of the security forces for a demonstration in Al-Mukalla demanding the release of Ba'oom and condemning the events of the city of Shahr.

An official from the institution of electricity said that the reason for the return of power is that Marib gas station returned to normal in feeding the national grid with two units capacity 220 MW after the repair work on power lines of high pressure Marib - Sanaa, 400 kV, while the third unit will be introduced in a few hours.

In a serious development, a number of security forces currently raided some homes in the city of Mukalla.

Security forces opened fire on citizens of Mukalla in front of Bazaraa Mosque.

A march in Taiz this evening chanting slogans condemning Ahmed Saleh, head of the Republican Guards responsible for killing civilians and protesters.

Eyewitness: Gunmen in a car opened fire on two soldiers from Rescue Police when they were at the gate of Aden's Security Administration

Aden: A medical source in Al-Jomhoria Hospital:Death of one soldier and wounding another when being shot by unknown gunmen in Khormaksar, the attackers fled 

One soldier from the Yemeni Security forces was killed at dawn after unknowns were driving an 89 model SUV along the road between Al-Thaqafah and Al-Zera'a roundabouts and fired live bullets on a number of soldiers on their way back to Aden Security Department downtown Khormaksar. Medical sources in Al-Jumhoria Educational Hospital said that the soldier that died was shot straight in the head and another one was injured in his chest, affirming that he is in critical condition. 

Sounds of explosions are continuously heard from Arhab area, north of Sana'a- getting stronger during these moments.