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Monday, 21 May 2012

Pre-massacre sackings May 21

According to the BBC the soliders killed mainly belonged to Yahya Saleh's central security forces - highly protected elite forces with top security. Yahya Saleh was close to the US administration and a friend of the US ambassador Feierstien. BBC also stated that he was fired later that day. Tarek Saleh was fired earlier this week.
Most of the casualties were from the Central Security Organisation - a paramilitary force commanded by Yahya Saleh, a nephew of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
Yahya Saleh was dismissed from his post just hours after the attack.

Correction: According to Dr. Abu Gnuaid,  "Ceremonial CS head, Tayyeb was replaced by his in-law Qawsi." No major change of guard has occurred. According to BBC, this is not the case.

Earlier the past week Tarek Saleh was sacked from the armed forces, the nephew of the former president. . This co-indices exactly with the suicide bombings and the Al-Qaeyda declaration today to attack all Americans.

All our photos have been traced to state media of the event, who were present and filming through out, rather than cellphones of passers by, which is usually how we receive photos. Footage of the event was mainly state media. This is very unsual to have state media at the site of a massacre, filming as it happens. (for footage and commentary see

Hadi decrees: 1) Ammar Saleh has been replaced, position (Dep. Chairman/Director of the National Security Bureau) now under General Mohammed Jameh Alkhader. 2) Hadi appoints Gen. Hussien Mohammed Alradhi Commander of Rescue Police Forces + new chief of staff. 3) Hadi appoints Gen. Fadhl Al-Qawsi Commander of Central Sec. Forces and Counter Terrorism Units. 4) Hadi appoints Gen Humaid Chief of Staff at Rescue Al-Jandah Police Forces.

Yahya Saleh credit Reuters pictures:

May 21 names of soliders killed.

The government has said there are over 200 injured from a suicide bomb blast that killed over 47 of-duty soldiers according to government officials. Hospitals are struggling to deal with numbers of injured. We will give an exact count tomorrow of number of dead when accurate statistics come in. Meanwhile, for the record, Al-Masdar online released 34 names of the dead, translated by news of the revolution. Here is the list.

The parade will still be held, the President Hadi will still be in attendance, but the location will be different.

NYR | almasdaronline | Almasdaronline has issued a list of 34 martyrs who were killed in today's attack on the Central Security Forces:

1. Abdulrahman Ahmad Saleh Katraan
2. Amaar Mohammad Mohammad AL-Qafaf
3. Sadam AL-Lyath
4. Basheer AL-Jbjabi
5. Edrees Abdullah Qasim Mahdi
6. Baleegh Ali Ali Hasan
7. Ali Hameed Ali AL-Omaisi
8. Abdo Mohammad Hameed Thabet AL-Ryasi
9. Hamzah Abdullah Thabet AL-Gomaai
10. Abdullah Ahmad Huseen Ahamd
11. Ali Hamud Saleh Rzeeq
12. Sadeq Mohammad Ali Ahmad AL-Khshaini
13. Sedeeq Ahmad Ahmad AL-Aoami
14. Rashed Hasan Saleh AL-Amadi
15. Ahmad Mohammad Mohammad AL-Salami
16. Abdulaziz Mohammad Ali AL-Haj
17. Muhsen Hamad Ali Khfran
18. Fawaz Hameed AL-Ramadi
19. Mohammad Mahdi Ali Khfran
20. Shami Abdulaziz AL-Shami
21. Mohammad Saleh Saleh AL-Sewari
22. Alkhdher Mohammad Ali Gaashr
23. Abdoh Mohammad Huseen Sa'ad Saleh
24. Haitham Murad Hameed Hajeb
25. Mohammad Mahmoud Moh'd Hashim AL-Sharafi
26. Abdulsalam Abdoh Ahmad AL-Ahdal
27. Haitham Abdoh Ahmad AL-Shami
28. Omar Ahmad Ahmad Saleh Rassam 
29. Ali Mohammad Abdullah Gaber AL-Emad
30. Fouad Abdullah Saleh AL-Haemi
31. Mohammad Hamoud Alwaan
32. Mohammad Mohammad Hasan AL-Rahman
33. Monasar Qatran
34. Haitham Hezam Naji AL-Abdali
Yemen Massacre Non-Graphic. Day before unity day suicide bomber blows up at military parade in Sanaa, killing dozens of soldiers off duty.

Non-graphic pictures. All pictures in Yemen rights monitor are recorded as evidence to use for future prosecution of criminals in court. Non-graphic are publishable for media in a wider variety of countries. Yemen Rights Monitor has no copyright over any images and all are free to use for all to increase awareness and prevent further human rights violations.

Massacre of soliders by suicide bomber. Graphic. Non-graphic coming up.

Today a suicide bomber blew up in Sanaa during military training. Here are the photos. Caution: graphic

Photocredit for first two: Anis Mohammed for 19 September newspaper.