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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Protesters express demands + Haja video of guards shooting protesters up close

Haja Shooting video: unique, can see the armed men in military uniform upclose shooting at demonstrators

Protesters express their demands to the US ambassador in this video.

 A video of the shooting that took place today in Haja City.

Documented Names of Marytrs of the March 18th Massacre in Sana'a

Leaked: Document regarding paying thugs 19 million rials from local council in Shoob City to ministry of interior

This is a copy of an official government documented.
In this picture, date March 27th 2011, is a note from the Local Council in Shoob City, to the Minister of State Abdulrahman Al-Akwa'a, indicating that they spent 19 million Yemeni Riyals to get the thugs in the past two Friday's. This amount is only for ONE local council

Haja 230 injured- 30th, 31rst March Updates, banks, protest videos, photos lists of injured in Aden

Haja City: More than 230 protesters were injuired today by thugs who wore women's clothes.
Field hospital is saying that 80 protestors were injuired directly by teargas or CS gas bombs and toxic gases and they are in critical condition. 150 cases of fainting, 3 cases of live ammuntion. Protesters have indicated that they were security forces in women dresses that attacked them from different sides and from the top of differnt buildings. It has been said they started shooting directly at the protesters.

Ibb city March 30

                                              March 30th, -Taiz Sheep

March 29- Mukkala bank attacked by govt forces, 1 man shot in Pelvis, critically injured. 
March 30th- no withdrawls from banks above 1 million rials, public works halted
March 30th -reports from central bank employees in Sanaa that central bank nearly empty. Funds spend on thugs and pro-Saleh protesters (see evidence photos in posts below and above), and many suspect some left to government officials' coffers abroad.
March 30 -Sahwa Net: Home of the Inter-Parliamentary Abdul Karim Al-Aslami got burnt by 
unidentified people this afternoon, hours after receiving threats of attacking his house.

March 30th: Tens of thousands demonstrating in the Al-Baydaa & Rada'a for the "Day of Martyrs" and to condemn the explosion killing 100+ in Abyan.

March 30th: Marches of tens of thousands of students, teachers and women today through the streets of Taiz city and moving to the Freedom Square supporting the demands of the protesters, and asking for the trail of Ali Saleh and the thugs

Video- Saleh troops' armoured vehicle tries to run over protester twice but he escapes alive.

Snapshot of life by Yemen Times on Aden residents:
Mohammed says schools in his area have been closed for the past two months. Others remain open but families have stopped sending their children because over the security situation. Mohammed’s ten-year old brother has not been to school for 6 weeks

Last week, armed tribesmen from outside Aden came to his district and took over his neighbor’s land.

“My neighbor was screaming for help and was beaten up by the tribesmen, but we could not do anything for calling the security who came and did nothing.”

According to Mohammed, the violence in Aden, which first broke out just under a month ago, has been further compounded by the arrival of tribesmen who have been allowed to enter the city with weapons.

He explained that the tribesmen are now controlling both state-owned land as well as that of wealthy citizens from the north of the country.

He believes the insecurity has reflected badly on the way ordinary people are being treated, particularly woman.

“Two days ago I saw two men harassing a girl in the street, soldiers saw but did nothing,” said Mohammed.

Protesters in Yemen reject Saleh's offer
Anti-govt protest photos

1- ناصر محمد علي الصعيدي 16 عاما
2- فضل ناصر صالح
3- فتاح حنش صالح
4- نائف يحيى صالح
5- عادل طابون
6- عارف محمد سالم طبيق
7- شكري محمد سالم طبيق
8- رشاد يحيى المسلماني
9- محمد يحيى المسلماني ( شقيق رقم 8)
10- أيوب علي مقبل
11- إيهاب سالم علي
12- مسعد عرير
13- صالح مسعد عرير ( أبن رقم 12)
14- عبده عولقي
15- أحمد سالم شتم
16- سالمه جمال مبروك
17- بثينه جمال مبروك
18- مطر جمال مبروك
19- أنتصار محمد ثابت
20- شفيق مهدي سالم آمينه
21- عبد الله أحمد القاعي
22- زمزم محسن هادي
23- سالم كرف وسواس
24- سالم أحمد الطوالي
25- فؤاد جمال محمد حسين
26- حميدة سلطان
27- الطفلة شادية سليمان يسلم ابنة حميدة سلطان (رقم26)
28- علي بن علي عبد الله
29- خالد الشيبة صالح
30 - أروى ثابت عوض
31 - طيبة عبد الحميد سلام
32 - أسماء حسين الريشي
33- سالي علي ناصر شيخ
34- نعمه يسلم حيدرة
35 - علي محسن عوض جحزر
36 - ليلى عوض باذيب
37 - أمسية عادل محسن هادي
38 - أحمد يحيى المسلماني
39 - عيناء محسن يسلم محمد
40 - ثابت محمد اليافعي
41 - مسكين متر علي منصور
42 - حسين محسن الذكي
44 - رامي عبد الله علي
45 - جميل السيد أحمد
46 – يسلم أحمد سعيد طبيق
47 - محمد مسعد عرير
48 - ياسر الحمادي
49 - مرشد محسن الخضر
50- علي الراعي
51 - القادري الراعي
52 - فاطمة القادري الراعي
53 - أمين سيف سليم
54 - عارف سيف سليم
55 - غالب جعيره
56 - سبيت جعيره
57 - صالح علي ناصر
58 - رمزي فضل علي
59 - فكري علي المرير
60 - فيصل أحمد علي الصعيدي
61 - علي بن علي عبد الله
62 - خالد الشيبة صالح

عدد من الجرحى في مستشفى 22 مايو بالمنصورة - عدن وهم في حالة خطيرة جدا إذ تتراوح نسبة الجروح في أجسادهم بين 70 – 85% وهم:
1- سالم أحمد ناصر علي
2- أنور حيدرة جلعوم
3- حسين علي ناصر
4- ياسر ناصر علي
5- مهنى أحمد علي
6- صالح عبيد عبد الله
7- مختار إبراهيم علي
8- صلاح محمد أحمد وهيب
9- سيف أحمد مبارك
10- عيشة حسين
11- فاطمة حسين
12- الطفلة فوزية حسي

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Youth's Transition Plan - as listed from Press COnference

Draft Document: Demands of the Youth Revolution

We affirm that we will not leave the squares until the achievement of these demands.  We also pledge to protect the revolution and its goals.

1.      A peaceful end to the current regime and all its symbols.  The dismissal of all close affiliates to him and his relatives from leadership and senior position in military and civil institutions.

2.      The establishment of a transitional period - after the removal of the regime - with duration of six months.  The transitional period will begin by a Constitutional declaration of the Revolution, which will repeal the constitution, will dissolve Parliament, Shura Council, and local council administrations, Supreme Judicial Council and the Attorney General & the establishment of a High Constitutional Court.

3.      The formation of an Interim Presidential Council composed of five members, well-known for their expertise, honesty, and experience.  They must be unanimously chosen, and can not be senior leaders in the former regime. The duties of the council will be to take over the day-to-day management of the country during the transitional period, on the condition that the members can not become future candidates for the post of President of the Republic or the Prime Minister before a full election cycle.

4.      The formation of an Interim National Council representing youth and all national and political forces, to be in charge of the following:
·         Formation of a committee for the national dialogue which represents all national forces and youth in the squares and are in charge of all important issues and files such as the Southern and Saada issues as main topics affecting national justice and reconciliation.
·         Formation of a committee of jurists and experts in various areas to draft a constitution for a modern democratic civil state based on equal citizenship, and an electoral system, with proportional representation, to be completed during the month and is subject to public referendum.

5.      The Interim National Council will assign a national figure to form an Interim Government of technocrats during a period of no more than a month.

6.      Dissolving the Ministry of Information and promoting independent multi-media communications, safeguarding freedom of expression. The dissemination and consolidation of the principles and values of freedom and democracy by raising awareness in political and social consciousness of society.

7.      Dissolving the Ministry of Human Rights, and the establishment of an independent Supreme Council for Human Rights.

8.      Prosecuting individuals in the past government who were the symbols of corruption.  Recovering stolen money from public and private sectors.

9.      The immediate release of all political prisoners.

10.  The immediate prosecution of anyone who caused, assisted or abetted in killing or wounding peaceful protesters, and compensating the families of the martyrs and the wounded, and honoring them in best of ways.

11.  Dissolving the political and national security, and the Council of National Defense and the formation of a national security apparatus under the Ministry of Interior with limited terms of reference in follow-up to the risks that threaten the country from abroad.

Groups involved in the formation of the document:

Revolution Youth Movement حركة شباب الثورة
Independent Free Youth Movement حركة شباب مستقلون أحرار
Free Youth Current التيار الشبابي الحر
Yemen Free Youth Coalition ائتلاف شباب اليمن الحر
Free Youth Association رابطة الشباب الحر
Dignity for All الكرامة للكل
Victims of the Regime and the disappeared ضحايا النظام و المخفيين قسرياٌ
Cry of Youth Movement حركة صرخة شباب

The Movement for a New Beginning حركة بداية
Free Movement for Change حركة أحرار التغيير
The General Union of Yemeni Youth Revolution الاتحاد العام لشباب الثورة اليمنية
Beginning Movement (a different movement than above) حركة بداية
Media Youth شباب الاعلام
The Next Change in Yemen – Facebook group التغيير القادم لليمن – فيس بوك
Redemption Movement
حركه فداء
A Nation for All  حركة الوطن للجميع
Awareness Group مجموعة وعي
Peace Movement حركة سلام
Democratic Youth for Change الشباب الديمقراطي للتغيير
January 15 Coalition ائتلاف 15 يناير
Association of Free Revolutionaries for Change رابطة أحرار ثورةالتغيير
Revolutionary Movement for Sanaa University Students الحركة الثورية لطلاب جامعة صنعاء
Watany Initiativeمبادرة وطني
Yemeni Youth Revolution for Changing Regime ثورة الشباب اليمني لتغيير النظام
Coalition Group of Youth to Overthrow the Regimeائتلاف مجموعة ثورة شباب اليمن لإسقاط النظام
Yemeni Youth: Democracy, Justice, Freedomشباب اليمن الديمقراطية والعادلة والحرية
Youth for Justice and Freedom شباب من أجل الحرية والعدالة
Justice and Freedom Movement تيار العدالة والحرية
Union of Revolutionary Forceإتحاد القوة الثورية
Freedom Forum and Change منتدى الحرية والتغيير

            If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview contact: Dhi Yazan Al-Hakimi +967 734804757, Nashwan Al-Jaber +967 777441992, Shady Khasroof +967 735341255, Abdulaleem Al-Sabri +967 734348636 or by e-mail at

Monday, 28 March 2011

Ruling party bribery videos that disappeared from our website + women in Yemen's revolution

Here they are again, reposted:

March 13, 2011 Sanaa, thugs being bribed.

Tawokkol Karman leading the men:

The voice of Yemeni women in the revolution:

The role of Yemeni women in the revolution:

March 28 violence in Abyan, plus death tolls, list of injured, video

anaa or Taiz March 28 kid Maheeb Al-Yeari killed on Taiz street by presidential guard they said because they were enforcing martial law

Latest news : Death toll reached 110 - due to a blast in a Yemeni bullet factory- #abyan #south of #yemen. wounded are 150 above.

Bearded men,were,just, out of #Jaar  As the army, deserted, Immediately, they occupied (handed over) presidential residence,security and political security offices. Also,They took over ammunition and explosives factory. Many armored  and military personnel cars were taken and paraded in the streets of town amidst jubilation and joy of the public. The joy was not for the bearded men , but for seeing the back of pro-Saleh forces. Soon, large number of ordinary people many children,went into the factory for looting. Suddenly, loud , deafening explosions started.  Cause unknown. About hundred,reported dead.More,seriously injured arrived #ADEN(by phone, from #JAAR ZINGBAR #ADEN

Facory blast ) 27.3.2011- according to al-Razi Hospital are:
1 - Rami Mohammed Ahmed
2 - Abdul Rahman Mokhtar Aldholi
3 - Waddah Ali Ahmed
4 - Hussein Mohamed Said
5 - Spring Ali Saleh
6 - Mahmoud Ahmed Kdav
7 - Mohamed Qadri
8 - Salah Nasser Salim
9 - Anwar Hydra Gelaom
10 Hammam Saleh Amin
11 Nasser Al-Falah Salem
12 Yasser Nasser Ali
13 Mohammed Naji Al-Fadel
14 Salah Siood
15 Saif Khader Wo'is
16 Mokhtar Ibrahim
17 Sohail Ahmed Arij
18 Saleh Obaid al-Awlaki
19 Tareq ahmad Nasser
18 Hamada Saleh Salem
19 Adel Abdullah Ali
20 Mohamed Mohsen Al-rae'y
21 Mokhtar Ibrahim Ali
22 Mustafa Hassan Ali
23 Mu'een Hassan Ali
24 Mahni Ahmed Ali Mohamed
25 Abdullah Badeh Abdullah
26 Tariq Ahmed Nasser
27 Mohammed Said Al-Hussein
28 Nasser Aqeel
29 Ahmed Saleh Salem
30 Samir Tbaiq
31 Mazen Tbaiq
32 Intisar Shabes
33 Fatima Qadri
34 hamed Hassan
35 Salem ALi Mohammed
36 Fayez Hassan Saeed
37 Muhsin Muhammad Ali
38 Ahmed Ali Abdo
39 Mohamed Mohsen Anakaz
40 Hussein Ali Nasser
41 Kadri Ahmed Saleh
42 Mohsen Youssef Abdou
43 Saif Ahmed Mubarak

 abdulkader alguneid 

 121 DEAD @ Clips have started to appear Hundreds wounded. Fire in neighbouring buildings. bad health care.

Jaar is in the heart of Abyan, where tourists were kidnapped and killed by Al-Qaeyda. 

Y.A URGENT: the death toll from an explosion of the ammunitions factory in #Abyan increased to 70 dead and 150 injured

People, from #Lawder,had been arrested by the Committees of people in charge of security in the city of #Jaar -#Abyan -#yemen, they admitted ,they received 100 thousand riyals for each one of them to represent the role of al-Qaida and were promised that it was just a play , and they will be told later about the details, after a while , forces of the central security attacked them by surprise ,and they had to respond . A very fierce battle between the two parties happened.
captured people gave some names of officers who were involved in this dirty game

  • Y.A
    عاجل:- مئات المحتجين يقطعون شارع تعز إثر إقتحام أفراد أمن السبعين منزل وقتلهم طفل عمره 11 عام بأعقاب البنادق معللين بأن قرار الطوارئ يخول لهم اقتحام المنزل معللين بأن قانون الطوارئ يخول لهم ذلك
    Urgent: Hundreds of protesters cut Taiz Street after security personnel storm a house and killing an 11 year old boy with a riffle, claiming and arguing that the state of emergency empowes them to do so!

    March 27th - A. M. A
     | Eyewitness : Central Security forces surrounded The National Bank in Mukalla , fired at the place & shut the electricity off . one of demonstrators were wounded by a bullet in his pelvis and is now in critical condition in hospital . was not sure of his name. Reports of money transported by helicopter. The bank was burnt down.

  • Friday, 25 March 2011

    March 25, 2011 Protests, rent-a-crowd evidence

    Sanaa, evidence Saleh's group has been bribing protesters to attend ("rent-a-crowd") in an organized fashion. This card was distributed today to those who attended to the field of Liberation ..And the light receiving bribes (money) .. Of course, cards are divided according to people ... (W-4) means ranked No. 4 ... The rest of the initial orders

    Sanaa, solider protesting Saleh to leave (on Sash) and against Al-Jazeera being kicked out which says all of us are now correspondents (Also Yemen Rights Monitor's Mission) 

    Above Ibb March 25

    Taiz March 25

    Taiz City: Friday's protest 

    Thursday, 24 March 2011

    Yemen news round-up

    Leadership in the movement of peaceful people's revolution in favor of Shabwa

    Abyan: Mahvd show in the tribal arrested after leaving the security of Central and surrender their weapons
    Thursday, March 24 - March 2011 at 19:00 / Marib Press - special

    The Director of the Directorate of Mahvd Abyan governorate, leaving soldiers in the Central Security Directorate and the delivery of weapons to the tribesmen, while still four directorates Shabwah province under the control of the neighboring tribes.

    He delivers Anbure's (Marib Press) that the withdrawal of security forces of the Central and departure of the Directorate, came under the worsening security situation at the Directorate and maintain at their lives with increased risk and given them rest, especially after the departure of security forces from a number of districts adjacent to his Directorate Shabwa.

    He pointed to his presence in Aden, and the resurrection of sending a group to the government complex of the Directorate to mediate between the Central Security forces and tribesmen Bmdirith, to ensure the safety of the soldiers left the Directorate in which they live and the situation remains critical, saying they can leave by bus-governmental organization, after handing over their weapons to the tribesmen.

    On the fall of the Directorate, however, tribes, and cleared of security, said there were still 300 soldiers from the police, are found in the directorate.

    On the other hand announced that 13 members of leadership from the leaders of the peaceful movement Shabwa province on Thursday - support

    Of the Revolution of people claim to drop the system, stood with the people's demands.

    The lesson for the way in a collective statement - received Marib Press - a copy of it - for its condemnation of the acts committed by some in the province on behalf of the mobility of banditry and looting of public and private property, arguing that business paid the price and serve the former regime does not serve our national cause, and said: "We are a force for Sharifa in the movement reject and condemn all these acts that distort our peaceful and declare our innocence of them and said we believe we will reach a solution to the issue of the South with the youth of change and opposition when he is deported this system. "

    Mentors tribute to the martyrs of the movement and the revolution, which they said they are on the Covenant are moving, also called power fair in the province to put Shibuya above all considerations, and demanding to maintain security and stability and avoid all harm and not to allow the transfer of their names, to loot and plunder, and concluded their statement Bisme 13 members said they were signatories to the statement are:
    2- احمد محمد صيمع 3- سالم عبدالله باحاج 4- علي بن علي هادي 5- عبدالله حسين المرزقي 6- احمد عوض الحني 7- محمد عوض المطنون 8- عنتر عوض محمد 9- عوض محمد الجنيدي 10-احمد صالح مكعار 11-مبخوت عبدالله احمد العتيقي 12-مبارك لبيض

    Wednesday, 23 March 2011

    Latest March 24

    Large Protest to be held on friday

    Transition plan that revolution agrees upon to be revealed today by protesters across the country

    Photo of March 23rd protest in Sanaa

    March 21, resignations Sanaa 

    March 12 picture, before the massacres, below.

    Tuesday, 22 March 2011

    March 23 -Sanaa youth to march to presidential palace+ Yemen Youth develops a transition plan

    March 22nd, funeral of March 18 protesters with English subtitles

    Protests continue across Yemen, even the distant Socotra islands

    In Hodediah there are reports that presidential guard is firing at protesters.

    Youth and opposition groups across Yemen continue drafting their transition plans behind the scenes.

    Yemen youth plan to march in great numbers to presidential palace and start sit-in this Friday in Sanaa

    Minister of Water resources, El Iriyani, senior government official, has resigned, threw support behind the protesters and is now under house arrest for that.

    Youth across Yemen have been coordinating for over a couple weeks to develop a transition plan which should complete any time soon.

    March 22 - Yemen Post- Govt 2 fall in 24hrs +Transition Plan by Yemen Analysts Maybe it could save Yemen until the protesters have a transition plan in place.

    Yemen Post editor says Yemen govt likely to fall in 24 hours.

    Youth are working up fast across all provinces to develop transitional plan.

    -Youth Letter to Obama

    Aljazeera says: one officer wounded and 4 other solider in yesterday's clashes in #Hadramout

    Meanwhile the army and republican guards clashed in Sanaa, as most of army no longer command's Saleh's support unlike presidential guard.

    Monday, 21 March 2011

    Brigadier General resigns from Yemen Army video

    Reputed resignation video from Yemeni Brigadier General posted around 4:30 am New York time.
     Mother's Day in Yemen, so AFP says that there are many armored vehicles in the street, just like International Women's Day.

    Yemen Embassy of Canada Declaration in Support of Protesters, Condemning Violence

    Yemen Embassy, Ottawa (March 21st, 2011)

    Statement by the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen

    بيان من سفارة الجمهورية اليمنية في كندا
    The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Ottawa, Canada wishes to announce its firm support for the demands for change and freedom by the people of Yemen. It is essential that a peaceful transition of power ensues without further violence and the resulting tragic loss of life.

    This unacceptable use of deadly force contravenes the constitutional right of the people of Yemen to peaceful demonstration and freedom of speech; as well as the Government’s mandate to protect the public’s interests and serve the will of the people.

    This is a significant juncture in the history of our country; we grieve for our fallen brothers, sisters and children, while firmly aligning ourselves with the will of the people.
    Embassy of the Republic of Yemen, Canada

    تعلن السفارة اليمنية في كندا عن انضمامها وتأييدها لثورة الشباب ووقوفها بشكل كامل في صف الشباب و الشعب اليمني في ساحات التغيير والحرية في كل مكان في ارض اليمن, تدعم مطالبهم وتضم صوتها الى صوتهم, وتترحم على ارواح الشهداء الابرار الذين سقطوا اثناء التعبيير السلمي المكفول دستوريا عن الرأي في كل مكان على ارض اليمن

    ان سفارة الجمهورية اليمنية في كندا بكل اعضائها وهي تعلن عن تأييدها للتغيير والانتقال السلمي للسلطة ونزولا عند رغبة الشعب اليمني, تؤكد استمرارها في عملها حرصا على المصلحة العامة وتمثيل الشعب, مستندة الى المادة 28 من الدستور اليمني والتي تنص على ان الخدمة العامة تكليف وشرف للقائمين بها, ويستهدف الموظفون القائمون بها في ادائهم لاعمالهم المصلحة العامة وخدمة الشعب

    اننا في سفارة الجمهورية اليمنية في كندا في ضل هذا الظرف التاريخي الذي تعيشه بلادنا ويعيشها شعبنا اليمني, نهيب بالجميع التمسك بالروح الوطنية والعمل على الحفاظ على مصالح الوطن في كل مكان

    والله ولي التوفيق

    سفارة الجمهورية اليمنية بكندا

    Monday updates -resignations+ Saudi not supporting +20 people attack Aljazeera office

    Updates: 10:24 - Yemen embassy in Canada, all diplomats declare their support for the revolution and peaceful demonstrations 

    19:46 -Aljazeera office in Yemen attacked by twenty people, equipment stolen reportly -Aj Jarban. Will confirm.

    سفير الجمهورية اليمنية وكافة اعضاء السفارة اليمنية في كندا يعلنون تأييدهم لمطالب الثورة والانتقال السلمي للسلطة

    Just uploaded from Yemen Rights Monitor Facebook Group:

    19:11 Ottawa NYC Time Abdullah Al-maisari reporting from Sanaa Live on Facebook
    News that, KSA refused to support Saleh, during a meeting with Foreign Mnister Al-Qirbi, who is also Canadian. Note: Yemen Analyst says Yemen President Saleh was steadfast in saying he won't leave and sending tanks to guard the presidential palace because he hoped Saudi Arabia would come to Yemen's aid like with Bahrain. 
    Context: However, there has been bad blood with Saudi Arabia over a decades fight over defining the Yemen-Saudi border, Yemen's support of Iraq in the Iraq-Kuwait war, Saudis not supporting Yemen's quest to join the Gulf cooperation council, Saudis building intelligence units on Yemeni border and a myriad of other issues that make their relations with Saleh more icy than Bahrain.

    Abdullah Al-maisari
    OTTAWA — Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister condemns violence in #Yemen....
    OTTAWA — Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon on Monday condemned crackdowns on anti-government protesters in Yemen, Bahrain and Syria.
     Abdullah Al-maisari
    Ambassador Saleh Qutaish, Consul General #Yemen consulate in Dubai backs the peaceful revolution.
    17:00 Abdullah Al-maisari
    France advises #AliSaleh to leave quietly :)

    Army Officers who resigned according to Al-Jazeera:

    Brigadier Ali Mohsen Saleh, head of the North Western Military Zone

    Brigadier Hameed Al koshebi, head of brigade 310 in Omran area

    Brigadier Mohammed Ali Mohsen, head of the Eastern Division

    Brigadier Nasser Eljahori, head of brigade 121

    General Ali Abdullaha Aliewa, adviser of the Yemeni supreme leader of the army

    General Faisal Rajab, based in the southern province of Lahij

    “Dozens of officers of various ranks” – AFP


    Abdel-Wahhab Tawaf, Ambassador to Syria

    Mohammed Ali al-Ahwal, Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

    Ambassador to Jordan

    Ambassador to Egypt

    Ambassador to Kuwait

    Ambassador to China

    Ambassador to Algeria

    Ambassador to Indonesia

    Ambassador to Iraq

    Ambassador to Qatar

    Ambassador to Belgium

    Ambassador to Pakistan

    Ambassador to Czech Republic

    Ambassador to Spain

    Ambassador to Germany

    Ambassador to Oman

    Ambassador to the UN

    Charge d’affairs to Tunisia

    Representative to the Arab League

    All embassy staff in Washington except the ambassador
    ----- that is from the last few days but updates at bottom. Army resignations were fresh today

    Updates: 10:24 - Yemen embassy in Canada, all diplomats declare their support for the revolution and peaceful demonstrations 
    :سفير الجمهورية اليمنية وكافة اعضاء السفارة اليمنية في كندا يعلنون تأييدهم لمطالب الثورة والانتقال السلمي للسلطة

    10:20 Ali Abdullah Saleh gives speech, similar to Hosni Mubarak's last speech that he will not leave, and that the majority of people support him so he will remain steadfast until the end. 

    10:15 Deputy Governor of #Amran province resigned and joined the Revolution

    7:08 Adviser to the supreme commander of Yemen's armed forces, Major General Abdullah Ali Elewa joins the youth revolution
    7:06 Mohammed Al-Basha -PR Yemen embassy D.C. reports:
    Amin Mohammed Shamhan, Assistant Secretary General of the Prime Minister’s Office resigns and joins the peaceful revolution 

    700 NYC time - BBCDozens of  military officers on pledge their support for the protest movement demanding President Saleh's resignation, from AFP
    From Three Yemen army commanders, including a top general, have defected to the opposition calling for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down, as tanks were deployed in the streets of the capital.
    The most senior of the three officers is Major General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, a long-time confidant of Saleh and commander of the army's powerful 1st Armoured Division.
    Units of the division were deployed on Monday in a major square in Sana'a, where protesters have been camping out to call for Saleh to step down.
    The two others are Mohammed Ali Mohsen and Hameed al-Qusaibi, both brigadiers: See video below

    6:21- Yemen embassy PR tweets Mr. Hemyar Alahmar, Deputy Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament, announces his support and full backing of the peaceful revolution in 
    6:18 - Another resignation confirmed, Ambassador of Kuwait, and newly appointed governor of Aden

    5:56 NYC time General Mohammad Yahya Alhaori Chief of Ruling Party in #Sanaa &Chairman of Committee of Security & Defence joined the revolution 

    5:30 Sheikh Hemiar Al Ahmar , deputy of parliament joined the revolutionary movement

    5:00 New York standard time: Brigadier Hamid Alakecibi 310 armored brigade commander announces his support for the peaceful revolution of youth

    4:30 New York Eastern Standard Time Al- Jazeera stated Ali MUHSIN Al-Ahmar announces support for protesters - he will carry a large part of Yemen's armed forces. He is also infamous for 
    his involvement with the Houthi war

    More ambassador resignations after Yemen's ambassador to the UN and Lebanon both resigned: Yemeni Ambassadors resign Japan, Czech , Switzerland and  Lebanon.

    9:26  The resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Rashad al-Alimi & 8 other ministers #yemen 
    9:00 NYC Time Yemeni Amassodors #Jordan & #Saudi announced their readiness & full support to the Revolution

    Higher Ranking Military officer joins protests, throws away epaulets, kissed by crowd

    In front of Sanaa University, "Change Square" Higher Ranking Military officer joins protests, throws away epaulets, kissed by man from crowd, joined by another officer. From Suhail tv , belongs reputedly to Sheikh Al- Ahmar

    Higher Ranking Military officer joins protests, throws away epaulets, kissed by crowd

    In front of Sanaa University, "Change Square" Higher Ranking Military officer joins protests, throws away epaulets, kissed by man from crowd

    Sunday, 20 March 2011

    Security foces armored truck leaves protest

    The retreat of an armored vehicle belonging to Central security forces from a protest site in Sana'a's square of change on Saturday.

    Aden Muallah 20 March 2011,

    Aden Mullah govt fires at protesters

    March 19,

    Helicopter photograhed at site of massacre

    The helicopter which was hovering around the Square of Change during the massacre on Friday, which resulted in 53 dead and more than 300 wounded. Some sources say , Ali Abdullah Saleh was on that plane to investigate the area; square of change. -- Abdullah Al-M. reporting from Sanaa

    Evidence that snipers are shooting to kill

    Direct shots at the head. Yemeni Security forces has attacked pro-change protesters on 19.3.2011, killing 60 on the spot , and leaving hundreds wounded. 100 are in a critical conditions. Sanaa - Yemen

    Issue of Medical aid

    From a Yemeni doctor in Canada-

    Most recently hundreds of civilians were wounded and over 45 killed while protesting in Sana’a Yemen when they were attacked with live ammunition .The scene was surreal. Till this moment, I am in denial.

    Doctors and health care providers are unable to keep up with the increasing needs of basic life support, leave aside what comes beyond that. Pain control has become a luxury. They are well trained and brave to be on the grounds, but they lack the tools and resources without which they are essentially useless (the worst feeling a doctor can experience), and yet they are still trying. Their goal at the current time, is not to optimize care (fulfill the Hippocratic oath), rather to do only what is the utmost essential to keep patients alive due to shortage of resources.

    Being away from the grounds, my first instinct was to attempt to help by finding ways to provide medical assistance. Yemen has one of the worst medical systems and is among the poorest countries in the world. They are struggling to keep up with regular everyday needs for patients. How are they going to cope with this disaster, and the inevitable ones that will follow?

    While attempting to find humanitarian organizations that would accept donations and provide help to the wounded on the grounds, I was only faced with more disappointment.  Well known international organizations were too hesitant to help (due to politics) or required a permit from “ the powers that be” to accept donations. The only option at the current time is to rely on individual efforts and have faith in strangers to get the money where it is needed the most. I feel helpless and chained.

    May God protect. 

    From Sanaa-
    when help arrived from local hospitals here on friday,protesters refused to accept any help from government,,but sent us all messeges to donate bandages , injections , medications , etc.... they are acting stupid sometimes those protesters...i saw the ambulances coming here ( i live in the area where all happened ) , but the protesters sent them back... -Aisha (local resident)in Sanaa