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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Haja 230 injured- 30th, 31rst March Updates, banks, protest videos, photos lists of injured in Aden

Haja City: More than 230 protesters were injuired today by thugs who wore women's clothes.
Field hospital is saying that 80 protestors were injuired directly by teargas or CS gas bombs and toxic gases and they are in critical condition. 150 cases of fainting, 3 cases of live ammuntion. Protesters have indicated that they were security forces in women dresses that attacked them from different sides and from the top of differnt buildings. It has been said they started shooting directly at the protesters.

Ibb city March 30

                                              March 30th, -Taiz Sheep

March 29- Mukkala bank attacked by govt forces, 1 man shot in Pelvis, critically injured. 
March 30th- no withdrawls from banks above 1 million rials, public works halted
March 30th -reports from central bank employees in Sanaa that central bank nearly empty. Funds spend on thugs and pro-Saleh protesters (see evidence photos in posts below and above), and many suspect some left to government officials' coffers abroad.
March 30 -Sahwa Net: Home of the Inter-Parliamentary Abdul Karim Al-Aslami got burnt by 
unidentified people this afternoon, hours after receiving threats of attacking his house.

March 30th: Tens of thousands demonstrating in the Al-Baydaa & Rada'a for the "Day of Martyrs" and to condemn the explosion killing 100+ in Abyan.

March 30th: Marches of tens of thousands of students, teachers and women today through the streets of Taiz city and moving to the Freedom Square supporting the demands of the protesters, and asking for the trail of Ali Saleh and the thugs

Video- Saleh troops' armoured vehicle tries to run over protester twice but he escapes alive.

Snapshot of life by Yemen Times on Aden residents:
Mohammed says schools in his area have been closed for the past two months. Others remain open but families have stopped sending their children because over the security situation. Mohammed’s ten-year old brother has not been to school for 6 weeks

Last week, armed tribesmen from outside Aden came to his district and took over his neighbor’s land.

“My neighbor was screaming for help and was beaten up by the tribesmen, but we could not do anything for calling the security who came and did nothing.”

According to Mohammed, the violence in Aden, which first broke out just under a month ago, has been further compounded by the arrival of tribesmen who have been allowed to enter the city with weapons.

He explained that the tribesmen are now controlling both state-owned land as well as that of wealthy citizens from the north of the country.

He believes the insecurity has reflected badly on the way ordinary people are being treated, particularly woman.

“Two days ago I saw two men harassing a girl in the street, soldiers saw but did nothing,” said Mohammed.

Protesters in Yemen reject Saleh's offer
Anti-govt protest photos

1- ناصر محمد علي الصعيدي 16 عاما
2- فضل ناصر صالح
3- فتاح حنش صالح
4- نائف يحيى صالح
5- عادل طابون
6- عارف محمد سالم طبيق
7- شكري محمد سالم طبيق
8- رشاد يحيى المسلماني
9- محمد يحيى المسلماني ( شقيق رقم 8)
10- أيوب علي مقبل
11- إيهاب سالم علي
12- مسعد عرير
13- صالح مسعد عرير ( أبن رقم 12)
14- عبده عولقي
15- أحمد سالم شتم
16- سالمه جمال مبروك
17- بثينه جمال مبروك
18- مطر جمال مبروك
19- أنتصار محمد ثابت
20- شفيق مهدي سالم آمينه
21- عبد الله أحمد القاعي
22- زمزم محسن هادي
23- سالم كرف وسواس
24- سالم أحمد الطوالي
25- فؤاد جمال محمد حسين
26- حميدة سلطان
27- الطفلة شادية سليمان يسلم ابنة حميدة سلطان (رقم26)
28- علي بن علي عبد الله
29- خالد الشيبة صالح
30 - أروى ثابت عوض
31 - طيبة عبد الحميد سلام
32 - أسماء حسين الريشي
33- سالي علي ناصر شيخ
34- نعمه يسلم حيدرة
35 - علي محسن عوض جحزر
36 - ليلى عوض باذيب
37 - أمسية عادل محسن هادي
38 - أحمد يحيى المسلماني
39 - عيناء محسن يسلم محمد
40 - ثابت محمد اليافعي
41 - مسكين متر علي منصور
42 - حسين محسن الذكي
44 - رامي عبد الله علي
45 - جميل السيد أحمد
46 – يسلم أحمد سعيد طبيق
47 - محمد مسعد عرير
48 - ياسر الحمادي
49 - مرشد محسن الخضر
50- علي الراعي
51 - القادري الراعي
52 - فاطمة القادري الراعي
53 - أمين سيف سليم
54 - عارف سيف سليم
55 - غالب جعيره
56 - سبيت جعيره
57 - صالح علي ناصر
58 - رمزي فضل علي
59 - فكري علي المرير
60 - فيصل أحمد علي الصعيدي
61 - علي بن علي عبد الله
62 - خالد الشيبة صالح

عدد من الجرحى في مستشفى 22 مايو بالمنصورة - عدن وهم في حالة خطيرة جدا إذ تتراوح نسبة الجروح في أجسادهم بين 70 – 85% وهم:
1- سالم أحمد ناصر علي
2- أنور حيدرة جلعوم
3- حسين علي ناصر
4- ياسر ناصر علي
5- مهنى أحمد علي
6- صالح عبيد عبد الله
7- مختار إبراهيم علي
8- صلاح محمد أحمد وهيب
9- سيف أحمد مبارك
10- عيشة حسين
11- فاطمة حسين
12- الطفلة فوزية حسي

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  1. This is just awful. Thanks for the pictures, it's important the world will see what's really going on in your area.