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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Youth's Transition Plan - as listed from Press COnference

Draft Document: Demands of the Youth Revolution

We affirm that we will not leave the squares until the achievement of these demands.  We also pledge to protect the revolution and its goals.

1.      A peaceful end to the current regime and all its symbols.  The dismissal of all close affiliates to him and his relatives from leadership and senior position in military and civil institutions.

2.      The establishment of a transitional period - after the removal of the regime - with duration of six months.  The transitional period will begin by a Constitutional declaration of the Revolution, which will repeal the constitution, will dissolve Parliament, Shura Council, and local council administrations, Supreme Judicial Council and the Attorney General & the establishment of a High Constitutional Court.

3.      The formation of an Interim Presidential Council composed of five members, well-known for their expertise, honesty, and experience.  They must be unanimously chosen, and can not be senior leaders in the former regime. The duties of the council will be to take over the day-to-day management of the country during the transitional period, on the condition that the members can not become future candidates for the post of President of the Republic or the Prime Minister before a full election cycle.

4.      The formation of an Interim National Council representing youth and all national and political forces, to be in charge of the following:
·         Formation of a committee for the national dialogue which represents all national forces and youth in the squares and are in charge of all important issues and files such as the Southern and Saada issues as main topics affecting national justice and reconciliation.
·         Formation of a committee of jurists and experts in various areas to draft a constitution for a modern democratic civil state based on equal citizenship, and an electoral system, with proportional representation, to be completed during the month and is subject to public referendum.

5.      The Interim National Council will assign a national figure to form an Interim Government of technocrats during a period of no more than a month.

6.      Dissolving the Ministry of Information and promoting independent multi-media communications, safeguarding freedom of expression. The dissemination and consolidation of the principles and values of freedom and democracy by raising awareness in political and social consciousness of society.

7.      Dissolving the Ministry of Human Rights, and the establishment of an independent Supreme Council for Human Rights.

8.      Prosecuting individuals in the past government who were the symbols of corruption.  Recovering stolen money from public and private sectors.

9.      The immediate release of all political prisoners.

10.  The immediate prosecution of anyone who caused, assisted or abetted in killing or wounding peaceful protesters, and compensating the families of the martyrs and the wounded, and honoring them in best of ways.

11.  Dissolving the political and national security, and the Council of National Defense and the formation of a national security apparatus under the Ministry of Interior with limited terms of reference in follow-up to the risks that threaten the country from abroad.

Groups involved in the formation of the document:

Revolution Youth Movement حركة شباب الثورة
Independent Free Youth Movement حركة شباب مستقلون أحرار
Free Youth Current التيار الشبابي الحر
Yemen Free Youth Coalition ائتلاف شباب اليمن الحر
Free Youth Association رابطة الشباب الحر
Dignity for All الكرامة للكل
Victims of the Regime and the disappeared ضحايا النظام و المخفيين قسرياٌ
Cry of Youth Movement حركة صرخة شباب

The Movement for a New Beginning حركة بداية
Free Movement for Change حركة أحرار التغيير
The General Union of Yemeni Youth Revolution الاتحاد العام لشباب الثورة اليمنية
Beginning Movement (a different movement than above) حركة بداية
Media Youth شباب الاعلام
The Next Change in Yemen – Facebook group التغيير القادم لليمن – فيس بوك
Redemption Movement
حركه فداء
A Nation for All  حركة الوطن للجميع
Awareness Group مجموعة وعي
Peace Movement حركة سلام
Democratic Youth for Change الشباب الديمقراطي للتغيير
January 15 Coalition ائتلاف 15 يناير
Association of Free Revolutionaries for Change رابطة أحرار ثورةالتغيير
Revolutionary Movement for Sanaa University Students الحركة الثورية لطلاب جامعة صنعاء
Watany Initiativeمبادرة وطني
Yemeni Youth Revolution for Changing Regime ثورة الشباب اليمني لتغيير النظام
Coalition Group of Youth to Overthrow the Regimeائتلاف مجموعة ثورة شباب اليمن لإسقاط النظام
Yemeni Youth: Democracy, Justice, Freedomشباب اليمن الديمقراطية والعادلة والحرية
Youth for Justice and Freedom شباب من أجل الحرية والعدالة
Justice and Freedom Movement تيار العدالة والحرية
Union of Revolutionary Forceإتحاد القوة الثورية
Freedom Forum and Change منتدى الحرية والتغيير

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