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Friday, 18 March 2011

Declare a state of emergency or emergency law:

Is the system of constitutional exceptional based on the idea of ​​the threat to the entity National Lessig take the competent authorities of all the measures set forth in the law and for the protection of state lands and seas and airspace in whole or in part against the dangers resulting from armed aggression, internal or external and can be reached for his transfer of the powers of the civil authorities to the military authorities. States that do not continue to apply this law Egypt - was canceled a few days ago - and Syria and Tunisia - was canceled a few days ago.
Allowed to declare a state of emergency to happen the following:
1. Restrictions on the freedom of people in the meeting and the movement and residence and traffic in places or at certain times and the arrest of suspects or dangerous to the security and public order, arrest and license in the inspection of persons and places without compliance with the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, as well as the mandate of any person to perform any of the acts.
2. Command to monitor messages of whatever kind and control of newspapers and pamphlets, publications, papers and drawings and all means of expression and advertising prior to publication, seizure, confiscation and closure of places of printing.
3. The scheduling of open shops and closed the public, as well as the command to close these shops all or some of them.
4. Seizure of any movable or real estate and it is guarded by imposing on the companies and institutions as well as the postponement of debt and liabilities due and payable for requisitioned goods or to impose upon the guard.
5. Withdrawal of licenses arms, ammunition or explosive materials or explosives of different types and handed over the command and control and close the armories.
6. Evacuation of some areas or isolated and the organization of transport and transportation and inventory identified between different regions may be a decision of the President of the Republic.

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