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Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday updates -resignations+ Saudi not supporting +20 people attack Aljazeera office

Updates: 10:24 - Yemen embassy in Canada, all diplomats declare their support for the revolution and peaceful demonstrations 

19:46 -Aljazeera office in Yemen attacked by twenty people, equipment stolen reportly -Aj Jarban. Will confirm.

سفير الجمهورية اليمنية وكافة اعضاء السفارة اليمنية في كندا يعلنون تأييدهم لمطالب الثورة والانتقال السلمي للسلطة

Just uploaded from Yemen Rights Monitor Facebook Group:

19:11 Ottawa NYC Time Abdullah Al-maisari reporting from Sanaa Live on Facebook
News that, KSA refused to support Saleh, during a meeting with Foreign Mnister Al-Qirbi, who is also Canadian. Note: Yemen Analyst says Yemen President Saleh was steadfast in saying he won't leave and sending tanks to guard the presidential palace because he hoped Saudi Arabia would come to Yemen's aid like with Bahrain. 
Context: However, there has been bad blood with Saudi Arabia over a decades fight over defining the Yemen-Saudi border, Yemen's support of Iraq in the Iraq-Kuwait war, Saudis not supporting Yemen's quest to join the Gulf cooperation council, Saudis building intelligence units on Yemeni border and a myriad of other issues that make their relations with Saleh more icy than Bahrain.

Abdullah Al-maisari
OTTAWA — Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister condemns violence in #Yemen....
OTTAWA — Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon on Monday condemned crackdowns on anti-government protesters in Yemen, Bahrain and Syria.
 Abdullah Al-maisari
Ambassador Saleh Qutaish, Consul General #Yemen consulate in Dubai backs the peaceful revolution.
17:00 Abdullah Al-maisari
France advises #AliSaleh to leave quietly :)

Army Officers who resigned according to Al-Jazeera:

Brigadier Ali Mohsen Saleh, head of the North Western Military Zone

Brigadier Hameed Al koshebi, head of brigade 310 in Omran area

Brigadier Mohammed Ali Mohsen, head of the Eastern Division

Brigadier Nasser Eljahori, head of brigade 121

General Ali Abdullaha Aliewa, adviser of the Yemeni supreme leader of the army

General Faisal Rajab, based in the southern province of Lahij

“Dozens of officers of various ranks” – AFP


Abdel-Wahhab Tawaf, Ambassador to Syria

Mohammed Ali al-Ahwal, Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Ambassador to Jordan

Ambassador to Egypt

Ambassador to Kuwait

Ambassador to China

Ambassador to Algeria

Ambassador to Indonesia

Ambassador to Iraq

Ambassador to Qatar

Ambassador to Belgium

Ambassador to Pakistan

Ambassador to Czech Republic

Ambassador to Spain

Ambassador to Germany

Ambassador to Oman

Ambassador to the UN

Charge d’affairs to Tunisia

Representative to the Arab League

All embassy staff in Washington except the ambassador
----- that is from the last few days but updates at bottom. Army resignations were fresh today

Updates: 10:24 - Yemen embassy in Canada, all diplomats declare their support for the revolution and peaceful demonstrations 
:سفير الجمهورية اليمنية وكافة اعضاء السفارة اليمنية في كندا يعلنون تأييدهم لمطالب الثورة والانتقال السلمي للسلطة

10:20 Ali Abdullah Saleh gives speech, similar to Hosni Mubarak's last speech that he will not leave, and that the majority of people support him so he will remain steadfast until the end. 

10:15 Deputy Governor of #Amran province resigned and joined the Revolution

7:08 Adviser to the supreme commander of Yemen's armed forces, Major General Abdullah Ali Elewa joins the youth revolution
7:06 Mohammed Al-Basha -PR Yemen embassy D.C. reports:
Amin Mohammed Shamhan, Assistant Secretary General of the Prime Minister’s Office resigns and joins the peaceful revolution 

700 NYC time - BBCDozens of  military officers on pledge their support for the protest movement demanding President Saleh's resignation, from AFP
From Three Yemen army commanders, including a top general, have defected to the opposition calling for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down, as tanks were deployed in the streets of the capital.
The most senior of the three officers is Major General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, a long-time confidant of Saleh and commander of the army's powerful 1st Armoured Division.
Units of the division were deployed on Monday in a major square in Sana'a, where protesters have been camping out to call for Saleh to step down.
The two others are Mohammed Ali Mohsen and Hameed al-Qusaibi, both brigadiers: See video below

6:21- Yemen embassy PR tweets Mr. Hemyar Alahmar, Deputy Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament, announces his support and full backing of the peaceful revolution in 
6:18 - Another resignation confirmed, Ambassador of Kuwait, and newly appointed governor of Aden

5:56 NYC time General Mohammad Yahya Alhaori Chief of Ruling Party in #Sanaa &Chairman of Committee of Security & Defence joined the revolution 

5:30 Sheikh Hemiar Al Ahmar , deputy of parliament joined the revolutionary movement

5:00 New York standard time: Brigadier Hamid Alakecibi 310 armored brigade commander announces his support for the peaceful revolution of youth

4:30 New York Eastern Standard Time Al- Jazeera stated Ali MUHSIN Al-Ahmar announces support for protesters - he will carry a large part of Yemen's armed forces. He is also infamous for 
his involvement with the Houthi war

More ambassador resignations after Yemen's ambassador to the UN and Lebanon both resigned: Yemeni Ambassadors resign Japan, Czech , Switzerland and  Lebanon.

9:26  The resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Rashad al-Alimi & 8 other ministers #yemen 
9:00 NYC Time Yemeni Amassodors #Jordan & #Saudi announced their readiness & full support to the Revolution

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