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Saturday, 19 March 2011

March 19 Yemen News, violence in Aden, minister, ambassador resigns


Heavy firing in Maalla Aden from army, where police have evacuated. Several have reported shooting in Maalla and being shot at with live bullets.

4 dead reported unconfirmed.

Aden- from ((Aden tomorrow News)) reported firing in Main Street Bamualla by
the Yemeni security forces on Saturday morning, a number of
And security units to the center of the main street which Bamualla. The soldiers lifting the barriers of the main street and even are still deployed in the street amid, causing a state of panic and fear among residents and shop owners who are closing their shops.

Yemen Tourism Minister has resigned over March 18 Sana'a Tienanmen Square massacre, where 45 reported killed. Ahlam S has been compiling names of dead since the past month at Great diligent and meticulous work Ahlam!

Ambassador of # Yemen in Lebanon resigns: "# AliSaleh 's departure is no longer a choice but a necessity for nation to regain honor."

Yemen Crisis: Foreign Ministry Sets Up Operations Room - Panorama. It has been rumored that they want to launch Yemen as a tourist destination publications to white wash, but unconfirmed. Minister of tourism resigned.

Yemen Government Saba News agency says: Yemen, US discuss development, security cooperation.
Khaled Alroweishan, Shura Council member in Yemen, resigns Council and ruling party resigns

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