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Thursday, 17 March 2011

The attack on protester - Hodeidah -Yemen 15.3.2011 ( Names of wounded)

Marib Press | names of a number of injured and wounded from the protesters who have fallen - Square of change (Garden of Nation) - Hodeidah Governorate (west of Yemen) due an attack by the Central Security forces , thugs , some followers of the ruling party & security officers in civilian clothes. They fired live bullets and tear gases on the pro-change protester and tried to break into their places to burn tents
They are as follows :
Abdullah Masabi 35 years Asphyxiation by tear gas;
Osama Arafat, 25 years;
Ahmad Haidar Awad, 35 years old;
Abdulghani Ahmed Abdo 22 years old;
Ali A;-same’i 18 years old;
Fouad Mahdi preached 16 years;
Fouad Yousef 45 years old;
Ahmed Yusuf Ali 33 years old;
Omar Alhetari;
Yahya Abdullah 18 years old;
Mohammed Abdel Haq 25 years old;
Jameel Al-Ma'amari 35 years old;
Mohammad Amin Ahmed 37 years old;
Musab Tawfiq 19 years old;
Ibrahim Muammar al-Hassan 28 years old;
Mohammed Hassan Al-Hajj 29 years old;
Faris Abdullah 20 years old;
Ali Hamza, 20 years;
Rifaat Hussain 39 years old;
Waseem Mohammed Abdo 30 years;
Ahmed Said Dom 45 years old;
Abdulkadir Yahya 15 years;
Sufian Salim 22 years old;
Ahmed Said Ahmed 20 years old;
Abdo Ali 46 years old
Khaled Azzam, 18 years;
Mohammed Salman, 16 years;
Hamza Mohammed Ibrahim, 18;
Saddam Khaled 20 years;
Hassan Bin Hassan 59 years old;
Farouk al-Hamdi 23 years old;
Osama Abdo 23 years old;
Ibrahim Saleh, 25 years;
Ibrahim Al Hammadi, 24 years old;
Ibrahim Sabak 20 years;
Abdullah Qaid 50 years old;
Ahmed Mohammed 15 years
Hatem Farouk 20 years;
Fouad Mansour, 20 years;
Wijdan Mustafa 23 years old;
Mohammed Ahmed Hamoud 16 years
Raed Hamid Al-shamiri 14 years;
Shamsan Saeed 23 years old;
Mohammed Ibrahim, 35 years old
Mohammed Abdullah Hassan 18;
Yousef Mohammed, 30 years;
Abdullah Aklan 38 years old;
Samad Mohammed 33 years old;
Abdo Kassem 30 years;
Abdulaziz Saleh 33 years old;
Hussein Ahmed Saleh, 18 years;
Saber Salam 23 years old;
Hadi Hussein, 19 years old;
Ahmed Mahdi, 22 years old;
Ahmed Hassan, 23 years old;
Ahmed Saeed 27 years old;
Zia Fare’ 17 years;
Yasser Mohammed, 30 years;
Adel Hazza’ 46 years old;
Said Ahmed Mahrous, 25 years;
Abdullah Saddam's 42 years old;
Ali Abdullah Ibrahim 48 years old;
Saleh Ali Saleh, 36 years old;
Idris Al-rimi 23 years old;
Mohammed Abbas Al-zahzouh 24 years old;
Nizar Abdul-Jabbar 17 years;
Journalist Besim Al-Ganani 30 years old correspondent of Al-masdar newspaper.

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