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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, 2011 Protest in Southern Yemen March 2

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Separatist flags seen drapped all over of former South Yemen in Lahj at protest.

Governor of Hodieda resigns after not fulfilling orders to attack protesters,as do 4 of his colleagues, 5 governors in total, who are very pro-Saleh over the years. Former governor of Aden hospitalized for heart trouble after an argument with president and vice-president over Feb 25 massacre. Time claims 17 dead, but 21+ dead in Aden and names recorded here. I continue focus on the South, as it is were the violence is. Islamic cleric Zindani, alleged former mentor to Bin Laden joined the protesters, ranted on about Calliphite to the chagrin of many protesters. Aid convoys have been blocked, and police presence is heavy on all corners of the port city of Aden. Previously, two people have been shot in the head looking from their balcony window.

Aden under seige March 2

**I am not responsible for opinion and content of others. I am a Northerner reporting on South, as they are most vulnerable, it's where the fighting is
**According to Maze Cent, Aden is under siege with tanks and military vehicles everywhere and intense security like airport-checkpoints in Khormaksar, Ma'ala and Mansouria, heavy security at entrance of ministries. Other reports from Ja confirm intense situation in Ma'ala and Khormaksar, people staying in their houses in fear of violence.


Aden situation- ambulances blocked, Amnesty Intl

Ambulances are blocked and the humanitarian aid convoy from Taiz is blocked.

Yemen Times on the latest, plus one of our videos featured on Yemen Rights Monitor was used for photo on Yemen Times. According to Yemen Times, two people whose names are on the Feb25 death toll on this blog were shot in the head in their own homes.
Amnesty International said yesterday it had received reports that security forces in Aden refused to allow residents to take the injured to hospital after Central Security forces fired on anti-government protesters on Friday." -Yemen Times

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