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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Aden Feb 25 causalities- list of names

Aden Casualities
Crimes against humanity are committed against civilians in Aden, Yemen.

Full Account of all deaths on spreadsheet by Ahlam S

We work to make government and war criminals accountable.
1. Mohammed Ali Baashan 19, Mansoora
2. Yaseen Ali Ahmed AlSuraihi 19, Mansoora
3. Fadel Mubarak Al-Khanshi 23, Mansoora
4. Aref Mohammed Ali 18 , Mansoora
5. Abdullah Mohammed AlBan, 27, Mansoora
6. Mokbel Mohammed Ahmed AlKazemi, 18, Khormakser (AlAreesh)
7. Abdul Hakeem Mohammed AlKaladi, 21, Mansoora (Omer AlMukhtar)
8. Hani Mohammed Haitham, 22, Khormakser (Alsaada St.)
9. Hameed Hussain Hameed, 23, Dar Saad
10. Gassan Ahmed, 18 , Al-Memdara
11. Ali Mahmood Nagi Ali, 23 , Sheekh Utman
12. Mohammed Muneer Khan, 15, Mansoora (Omer AlMukhtar)
13. Ahmed Zaki, 16, Shekh Uthman
14. Ayman Ali Hussain Al-Naqeeb, 20, Shekh Uthman
15. Hisham Mohammed Qaed, 25, , Shekh Uthman
16. Ali Abdulla AlKhulaqi, 15, Khormakser
17. Ahmed Sabri, 19, Lahj
18. Hussain Al-Gahafi, Lahj
19. Aref Mohammed Awad, 17 Mansoora thanks J Novak
20. Mohammed Muneer Khan, ‎12. Mansoora ?
21. 15, Mansoora (Omer AlMukhtar) has died yesterday in the hospital

These bodies were taken from the morgue and deposited into a mass grave--- Someone hacked into our group earlier and deleted the entry. Jane Novak reproduced a similar entry, so we are reproducing part hers that resembled ours until ours is restored:

 Yemen — by Jane Novak at 10:52 pm on Saturday, March 5, 2011
Protesters killed by security forces were buried in a mass grave in Aden on February 27, a ranking Yemeni official confirmed today.
The grave site is on the eastern edge of the Salahu Deen military camp, near little Aden, and was first reported here last week.
The official said 15 protesters were buried together in an unmarked single grave about eight meters long, speaking anonymously due to the high risk of government reprisal.
On Friday, February 25 Yemeni security forces launched a broad assault in Aden resulting in twenty-two fatalities among residents who have been identified, a number likely to rise. Over 100 demonstrators were also wounded by gunfire. The deaths occurred in several locations across Aden in what appears a pre-planned onslaught of state violence in the governorate which had seen increasing numbers of anti-government protesters.
The official death toll is four. The state blamed opposition parties for the deaths.
Residents reported homes were strafed, and police shot directly into crowds, Human Rights Watch reported. Many protesters were arrested, some pulled from hospitals by security forces. Ambulances were blocked and the dead, dying and injured on the streets were pinned down by gun fire. [see previous Yemen Rights Montior videos]
In an apparent effort to mask the death toll, Yemeni security forces raided hospital morgues in Aden and transported corpses to the Basuhaib military hospital in Tawahi. Medical sources at Basuhaib hospital confirmed the protesters bodies were later taken away by the military.
The burial took place in the early morning, Sunday, February 27 after the bodies arrived from Taqahi in two military trucks.

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