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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Issue of Medical aid

From a Yemeni doctor in Canada-

Most recently hundreds of civilians were wounded and over 45 killed while protesting in Sana’a Yemen when they were attacked with live ammunition .The scene was surreal. Till this moment, I am in denial.

Doctors and health care providers are unable to keep up with the increasing needs of basic life support, leave aside what comes beyond that. Pain control has become a luxury. They are well trained and brave to be on the grounds, but they lack the tools and resources without which they are essentially useless (the worst feeling a doctor can experience), and yet they are still trying. Their goal at the current time, is not to optimize care (fulfill the Hippocratic oath), rather to do only what is the utmost essential to keep patients alive due to shortage of resources.

Being away from the grounds, my first instinct was to attempt to help by finding ways to provide medical assistance. Yemen has one of the worst medical systems and is among the poorest countries in the world. They are struggling to keep up with regular everyday needs for patients. How are they going to cope with this disaster, and the inevitable ones that will follow?

While attempting to find humanitarian organizations that would accept donations and provide help to the wounded on the grounds, I was only faced with more disappointment.  Well known international organizations were too hesitant to help (due to politics) or required a permit from “ the powers that be” to accept donations. The only option at the current time is to rely on individual efforts and have faith in strangers to get the money where it is needed the most. I feel helpless and chained.

May God protect. 

From Sanaa-
when help arrived from local hospitals here on friday,protesters refused to accept any help from government,,but sent us all messeges to donate bandages , injections , medications , etc.... they are acting stupid sometimes those protesters...i saw the ambulances coming here ( i live in the area where all happened ) , but the protesters sent them back... -Aisha (local resident)in Sanaa

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