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Monday, 28 March 2011

March 28 violence in Abyan, plus death tolls, list of injured, video

anaa or Taiz March 28 kid Maheeb Al-Yeari killed on Taiz street by presidential guard they said because they were enforcing martial law

Latest news : Death toll reached 110 - due to a blast in a Yemeni bullet factory- #abyan #south of #yemen. wounded are 150 above.

Bearded men,were,just, out of #Jaar  As the army, deserted, Immediately, they occupied (handed over) presidential residence,security and political security offices. Also,They took over ammunition and explosives factory. Many armored  and military personnel cars were taken and paraded in the streets of town amidst jubilation and joy of the public. The joy was not for the bearded men , but for seeing the back of pro-Saleh forces. Soon, large number of ordinary people many children,went into the factory for looting. Suddenly, loud , deafening explosions started.  Cause unknown. About hundred,reported dead.More,seriously injured arrived #ADEN(by phone, from #JAAR ZINGBAR #ADEN

Facory blast ) 27.3.2011- according to al-Razi Hospital are:
1 - Rami Mohammed Ahmed
2 - Abdul Rahman Mokhtar Aldholi
3 - Waddah Ali Ahmed
4 - Hussein Mohamed Said
5 - Spring Ali Saleh
6 - Mahmoud Ahmed Kdav
7 - Mohamed Qadri
8 - Salah Nasser Salim
9 - Anwar Hydra Gelaom
10 Hammam Saleh Amin
11 Nasser Al-Falah Salem
12 Yasser Nasser Ali
13 Mohammed Naji Al-Fadel
14 Salah Siood
15 Saif Khader Wo'is
16 Mokhtar Ibrahim
17 Sohail Ahmed Arij
18 Saleh Obaid al-Awlaki
19 Tareq ahmad Nasser
18 Hamada Saleh Salem
19 Adel Abdullah Ali
20 Mohamed Mohsen Al-rae'y
21 Mokhtar Ibrahim Ali
22 Mustafa Hassan Ali
23 Mu'een Hassan Ali
24 Mahni Ahmed Ali Mohamed
25 Abdullah Badeh Abdullah
26 Tariq Ahmed Nasser
27 Mohammed Said Al-Hussein
28 Nasser Aqeel
29 Ahmed Saleh Salem
30 Samir Tbaiq
31 Mazen Tbaiq
32 Intisar Shabes
33 Fatima Qadri
34 hamed Hassan
35 Salem ALi Mohammed
36 Fayez Hassan Saeed
37 Muhsin Muhammad Ali
38 Ahmed Ali Abdo
39 Mohamed Mohsen Anakaz
40 Hussein Ali Nasser
41 Kadri Ahmed Saleh
42 Mohsen Youssef Abdou
43 Saif Ahmed Mubarak

 abdulkader alguneid 

 121 DEAD @ Clips have started to appear Hundreds wounded. Fire in neighbouring buildings. bad health care.

Jaar is in the heart of Abyan, where tourists were kidnapped and killed by Al-Qaeyda. 

Y.A URGENT: the death toll from an explosion of the ammunitions factory in #Abyan increased to 70 dead and 150 injured

People, from #Lawder,had been arrested by the Committees of people in charge of security in the city of #Jaar -#Abyan -#yemen, they admitted ,they received 100 thousand riyals for each one of them to represent the role of al-Qaida and were promised that it was just a play , and they will be told later about the details, after a while , forces of the central security attacked them by surprise ,and they had to respond . A very fierce battle between the two parties happened.
captured people gave some names of officers who were involved in this dirty game

  • Y.A
    عاجل:- مئات المحتجين يقطعون شارع تعز إثر إقتحام أفراد أمن السبعين منزل وقتلهم طفل عمره 11 عام بأعقاب البنادق معللين بأن قرار الطوارئ يخول لهم اقتحام المنزل معللين بأن قانون الطوارئ يخول لهم ذلك
    Urgent: Hundreds of protesters cut Taiz Street after security personnel storm a house and killing an 11 year old boy with a riffle, claiming and arguing that the state of emergency empowes them to do so!

    March 27th - A. M. A
     | Eyewitness : Central Security forces surrounded The National Bank in Mukalla , fired at the place & shut the electricity off . one of demonstrators were wounded by a bullet in his pelvis and is now in critical condition in hospital . was not sure of his name. Reports of money transported by helicopter. The bank was burnt down.

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