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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Leadership in the movement of peaceful people's revolution in favor of Shabwa

Abyan: Mahvd show in the tribal arrested after leaving the security of Central and surrender their weapons
Thursday, March 24 - March 2011 at 19:00 / Marib Press - special

The Director of the Directorate of Mahvd Abyan governorate, leaving soldiers in the Central Security Directorate and the delivery of weapons to the tribesmen, while still four directorates Shabwah province under the control of the neighboring tribes.

He delivers Anbure's (Marib Press) that the withdrawal of security forces of the Central and departure of the Directorate, came under the worsening security situation at the Directorate and maintain at their lives with increased risk and given them rest, especially after the departure of security forces from a number of districts adjacent to his Directorate Shabwa.

He pointed to his presence in Aden, and the resurrection of sending a group to the government complex of the Directorate to mediate between the Central Security forces and tribesmen Bmdirith, to ensure the safety of the soldiers left the Directorate in which they live and the situation remains critical, saying they can leave by bus-governmental organization, after handing over their weapons to the tribesmen.

On the fall of the Directorate, however, tribes, and cleared of security, said there were still 300 soldiers from the police, are found in the directorate.

On the other hand announced that 13 members of leadership from the leaders of the peaceful movement Shabwa province on Thursday - support

Of the Revolution of people claim to drop the system, stood with the people's demands.

The lesson for the way in a collective statement - received Marib Press - a copy of it - for its condemnation of the acts committed by some in the province on behalf of the mobility of banditry and looting of public and private property, arguing that business paid the price and serve the former regime does not serve our national cause, and said: "We are a force for Sharifa in the movement reject and condemn all these acts that distort our peaceful and declare our innocence of them and said we believe we will reach a solution to the issue of the South with the youth of change and opposition when he is deported this system. "

Mentors tribute to the martyrs of the movement and the revolution, which they said they are on the Covenant are moving, also called power fair in the province to put Shibuya above all considerations, and demanding to maintain security and stability and avoid all harm and not to allow the transfer of their names, to loot and plunder, and concluded their statement Bisme 13 members said they were signatories to the statement are:
2- احمد محمد صيمع 3- سالم عبدالله باحاج 4- علي بن علي هادي 5- عبدالله حسين المرزقي 6- احمد عوض الحني 7- محمد عوض المطنون 8- عنتر عوض محمد 9- عوض محمد الجنيدي 10-احمد صالح مكعار 11-مبخوت عبدالله احمد العتيقي 12-مبارك لبيض

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