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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Saleh Assets found in Washington - Condo pictures

Foreign Policy Saleh's condo still available for rent in Washington DC. Assets are not frozen Luxury Condo, For Saleh or RentWhy is Yemen’s presidential family loaded up with millions of dollars in D.C. real estate?$6,500 - 4301 Military Rd Nw #501, WASHINGTON, 2001

  • 2 Bedrooms, 2½ Baths, 2,019 square. Feet
  • LUXURIOUS and SPECTACULAR 2 bedroom & den, 2 1/2 bath condo (2,019 sf) in prestigious Chase Point Condominium bldg. 24 hr front desk, fitness center, steps from metro, restaurants, best shopping in DC Granite, hardwood flrs, marble, high end appliances, garage pkg & much more. So perfect, you'll want to move in immediately! Available furnished for $7500/month. Will consider long term lease. via Ahmed Saleh. * Author's note -OBSERVE MARBLE FINISHES ON TABLES, BATHROOMS, ETC.

    via Ahmed Saleh. 

    Thursday, 3 November 2011

    HOOD concerns the transfer of 17 detainees to Military Prison

    HOOD concerns the transfer of 17 detainees to Military Prison

    HOOD expressed its deep concern on the lives of 17 detainees who were transferred late Tuesday from the 17 security administration detention facility to the Criminal Investigation Department on the grounds of their release, according to the testimony of their parents.
    HOOD wondered about the transfer of detainees from the CID to the mi...litary prison despite the directives of the Attorney General to immediately release them for more than two weeks.
    HOOD expressed its deep concerns on the lives of detainees, particularly after receiving confirmed information of the transfer, accompanied by armed civilians who are called "People's Committees for the protection of the constitutional legitimacy," and visitations are denied.
    The organization considered this transference of prisoners to the military prison contrary to the provisions of Article (48), paragraph (b) of the Yemeni Constitution, which prohibited the imprisonment of any citizen at any places other than those stated under the Prisons Act.
    Moreover, relatives of detainees were subject to blackmailing by officials of the security administration of the 70 area of Sana'a, who asked them to pay 100 thousand Yemeni riyals for each detainee in return for their release, as HOOD quoted from the relatives. Some parents said that they had paid a part of the amount to rescue their sons, who were at risk of torture and death.
    The security forces have arrested hundreds of young people since Sept.18 in which the fate of the majority of them is still unknown.
    In spite of the release orders of the Attorney General, prosecutors who visited the prison, the district security administration refused to obey these judicial orders.
    Therefore, HOOD calls on the UN Office represented by the OHCHR and its international human rights organizations and agencies, media outlets and all freedom callers of the world to move quickly and urgently to save the lives of hundreds of detainees who the whereabouts of some of them is still unknown.

    Sunday, 30 October 2011

    Who is the National Council, Yemen's National Transitional Council

    Who is the National Council?

    They will be launching a website - link will be placed here [ link].

    New York Times says,

    (August 17, 2011) "Seven months after demonstrators first took to the streets in Yemen calling for democracy, opposition leaders formed a national council on Wednesday to act as a government-in-waiting, a provocative step the government condemned even before it was announced.

    The council consists of 143 members recruited from a broad array of tribal sheiks, protest leaders, southern separatists, military commanders and former members of the governing party. It was created to unite a fractured opposition and reinvigorate an uprising that has ground to a virtual standstill."

    National Council's website states who they are in their own words in their mission statement,
    Yemen's National Council seeks to meet the aspirations of Yemen's youthful peaceful revolution.
    To do so, the priority list is:

    1. End Saleh's family rule

    2. Bring Saleh regime members to justice

    3. Build a modern country

    Each of the above requires a series of steps. For the first, the NC believes that Saleh's regime will end through peaceful activities such as raising awareness of the regime's ills, rallies, sit-ins, protests, etc. Furthermore, we believe that the international community should boycott the regime, freeze its assets and have travel bans on it.

    Secondly, the NC is against amnesty for Saleh or his family or regime elements, as this stands in total contradiction to the revolution's objectives. Therefore, the second highest priority is to have a fair trial for all of them. This could be achieved after the regime's downfall through a fair and well-established national judicial system and through the ICC.

    Thirdly, the NC would be acting as a safe-guard during the transitional period to construct the institutions needed to rebuild Yemen based on principles of democracy, human rights, rule of law, accountability and gender balance

    Their spokesperson is Mrs. Hooria Mashoor. Follow her on twitter @Hooria_Mashhour
    She is the former Vice-Chair of the Women's National Committee of Yemen

    Wednesday, 26 October 2011

    Violence Continue inYemen -Ceasefire amid Violent Unrest

    Update From :Monitoring network of the Yemeni revolution

    Yemen Today | Sanaa - Hasaba | Ali Saleh forces bombed a bus in front of Hasaba  Alrashid  market, resulting in 7  people killed on board in this  bus

    Yemeni Human Rights organization Hood - Launched popular Media Campaign

    A Yemeni human rights organization, Hood, has launched a popular media campaign to advocate detainees of enforced disseverment held by the Yemeni regime.

    Hood said Yemeni journalists, poets, artists and talents are to take in its campaign aiming at shedding light on the issues and suffers of detainees in the prison of Yemeni prisons.

    It affirmed that hundreds of Yemenis are illegally held in detention centers of the Yemeni regime and they are subject to tortures and violations.

    Hood had estimated the number of kidnapped protesters by the Yemeni regime as 1500, pointing out that the security forces arrested at least 500 protesters on one day, on Tuesday, 18 October.

    The Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights (YOHR) has said that the Yemeni authorities kidnapped hundreds of protesters and they were subject to torture, brutal attacks and threats of sextuple harassment, calling the world to take urgent actions for rescuing them.

    YOHR said that the Yemeni authorities used live bullets, tear-gas, batons and knives killing at least 13 protesters and wounding dozens.

    YOHR explained that the detained protesters were transferred to a number of government buildings including the building of the capital in which they were subject to brutal tortures.

    It further called the international community to take its responsibilities and take urgent actions to rescue the kidnapped who suffers much, and hold the responsible officials accountable.

    Many Yemeni sources and reports affirmed that the Secretary General of the Capital Secretariat Abdul-Rahama Al-Akwa personally headed and supervised the kidnapping and tortures.

    Meanwhile, the Organizing Committee of Popular Youth Revolution denounced the continuation of killing peaceful protesters by the Yemeni regime, pointing out that the Yemeni regime killed 150 protesters and wounded 1300 by one month.

    OCPYR affirmed that the Yemeni regime used heavy weapons in killing protesters, stressing that the killing intensively increased following the return of President Ali Abdullah Saleh from the Saudi Arabia.

    OCPYR said that Yemen forces used killings torture and enforced disappearances on peaceful protesters, pointing out that the Yemeni regime still hold hundreds of protesters in many prisons detention centre.
    Amnesty International criticized the idea of endorsing a GCC plan that would guarantee Saleh, who has ruled Yemen with an iron fist for three decades and those close to him immunity from prosecution for rights violations. #Yemen


    From Ain News - Update on the situation today on the Ground

     Aden Unprecedented security reinforcements around the presidential palace in Aden , and at Al Twahi, Crater and the around of Aden airport.
    Hmiar Al Ahmanr confirms that the outcome of Saleh attack on his house, are"19" martyrs and dozens were wounded .

    The most heinous crimes of butcher of Yemen, the first part 1.3gp

    Tuesday, 25 October 2011

    clashes in Aden

    Sources AinYemen  Aden | clashes broke our in residential area in Aden and  security is been tighten at the airport and the road Leads to  presidential house

    HOOD: Detainees illegally detained underground

    Translated by: Radhia Khairan

    with a number of journalists, artists, poets, former detainees and survivors of torture, HOOD launches a popular campaign to advocate for the arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance of Yemeni citizens.

    Hundreds of innocent citizens of Yemen are experiencing now unlawful detention conditions and are subject to physical and psychological torture which violates the basic human rights which is unfair to overlook such suffering.

    Meantime, more than fifty detainees have been on an open hunger strike in the security administration of the capital secretariat since two days ago to protest the continued detention in violation of law and in places which are meant not for prison without any charges or commission of any criminal acts in an attempt by the authorities to dissuade them from exercising their right of expression and peaceful assembly.

    HOOD team notices the detention of more than 35 Yemeni nationals in the police station of Allayh, Alsabeen area-Sana'a, being held in a small place underground without ventilation and are deprived of water for four days. Some of them are suffering from skin diseases and others from amenti, and deprived of proper nutrition and being held without legal charges where some of them are hostage on grounds of crimes suspected to be committed by their relatives.

    A 13-year-old child who is believed to be tortured seeing fresh marks of torture with electricity on his body is imprisoned because he was involved in a trade dispute with one of his relatives; although a prosecutor's release order of 17 people of them, the prison administration did not release any of them until this moment. Moreover, in the detention facility of the CID, a number of citizens with no charges against them are arrested by the national security after their houses has been raided by military forces leaving behind a massive destruction.

    The police Administration of Alamri apprehends four persons among which is an Egyptian, Mr. Salah Safwat Alshandweli who was among the Arab Doctors Union delegation in a visit to Yemen in a humane mission. The Security Administration of Bani Alhareth more than 40 people in the background of their participation in the peaceful popular protests. More than 150 young men hand-cuffed to their back and blindfolded are moved into three large military trucks to the yard of the military justice department downtown the city of Sana'a under strict security measures, eyewitnesses confirmed to HOOD.

    HOOD expresses its deep regret for the continuing detention crimes of citizens committed by the authorities and calls upon all rights activists in Yemen and the world as well to pressure on the Yemeni authorities to abandon its policy of human rights infractions. 9

    Monday, 24 October 2011

    Oct 25

    For up to the last minute news see @yusraala on twitter based in Yemen
    Are women being targeted? For the past week we have 5 women kidnapped. 3 shot in the head, two dead.

    Here are photos of the first woman targeted in Taiz's funeral.

    On Oct 23rd, a woman was killed in Sanaa, shot blank in the head in Hayel Street, Sanaa

    After the United Nations vote Saleh began heavy shelling, and the transcript of the following phone call has been leaked where his son is stating that they can commit crimes against humanity, killing civilians as part of the strategy and that the United States will back them.

    NYR Exclusive | Statement of the forces supporting the revolution about a leaked phone call between Saleh and his son Ahmed, Commander of the Republican Guards forces.

    The statement says:

    "After the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution calling on Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down and sign the GCC initiative, Saleh called for an urgent meeting Saturday at 1:00 AM. He met with his sons, brothers, nephews and four other close relatives. The meeting lasted 2 hours, until 3:00 AM. In the meeting, Saleh urged them to be on the highest level of alertnesss and to wait for a sign from him to start the fights. At exactly 5:40 AM, a phone call was intercepted between Saleh, his son Ahmed, and his brother Ali Saleh. In the phone call Ali Abdullah Saleh said "start attacking and use all kinds of weapons, clean Al-Hasaba and Sofan and destroy everything, there is no difference between a military location or a citizen's house, men or women, a child or an elderly, feast over their blood and dead bodies. The UN security council, GCC's, Americans and Europeans won't help them. I don't care who lives or who dies, even if we lose all the Republican Guards, Security and Special forces, let them build a new army and create new forces if we lost them, I want to take revenge even if the whole country is burned down. The people who the Americans are watching will support you, they are strong and I told them to coordinate with you"

    After the phone call, fierce clashes erupted between forces loyal to Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh and forces supporting the revolution, a day after the UN urged the embattled leader to hand over power.
    Saleh's forces shelled Al-Hasaba area where the house of tribal leader Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar is located, shelling also targeted Sofan and headquarters of the First Armored Division, and targeted residential neighborhoods close to Change Square.

    The statement added "With this dangerous development in which Saleh challenges the Yemeni people, the international community and the world, we find ourselves responsible of letting our people and the world, know that this man is not and will not stop the killing unless there is an urgent and firm position of the international community. This man is seeking revenge of his own people and will lead the country into a civil war, which he already declared in many of his statements in which he threatened of war and to break-up the country into four parts."

    The statement appealed to the international community to do their humanitarian part towards "These irresponsible acts by Saleh and his gang", it also appealed to the Yemeni people and the youth of revolution to remain steadfast on the principle of peaceful revolution.

    Wednesday, 21 September 2011


    . Blogger Woman From Yemen - Atiaf says that her friend who was shot in the foot on sunday only had the bullet removed today on wednesday because the hospitals were so crowded.

    Here is a video of the past three days from el ein news

    Urgent List of Medicines Sanaa Taiz Aden

    A list of key medicine and medical needs needed there urgently:

    Taiz list same, so please double the order due to carnage in Taiz and violence in Aden according to Taiz field hospital.

    A-(high usable Medicines):
    1- diclofenac amp 10,000
    2- diclofenac tablets 2000 pack
    3- diclofenac gel 2000 tube
    4- buscopan tablets 2000 pack
    5- buscopan amp 2000
    6- loratidine tablets 500 pack
    7- fusidine cream 100 tube
    8- cough suppressant&expectorant;syrup 1000 bottle or tablets
    9-Zantac amp 1000

    B( other medicines):
    1- cefurexime 500 mg vial (300 vials).
    2- Mebo ointment 200 tube
    3- clexan 20&40mg;amp 300
    4- Tri B amp 500
    5- Tri B tablets 500 packs
    6- Methycobal tablets 500
    7- Methycobal amp 300
    8- Augmentine 1000& 625 mg tablets 500 packs
    9- Thiotex 600 mg capsules 500 packs
    10- Calcium+Vit D tablets or effe 500 packs
    11- Multivitamins caps 300 packs
    12- Tramadol (amp & caps ) 500 pack each.
    13- Epanotin tablets 50 packs.

    C-Anaesthesia & operative Meds:

    1- pethidine amp 300
    2- propofol amp 300
    3- suxemethanum (succinylcholine) amp 300
    4- Tracium amp 300
    5- Medazolam amp 300
    6- Lidocain 2% 50ml vial (100 vials )
    7- Lidocain + adrenaline vials (100 vials)
    8- Lidocaine Gel 500
    9- Cidex Solution 5 liter bottle (50 bottles)
    10-Spirit(alcohol solution)5 liters bottle (1000 bottles)
    11- Povidone Iodine Solution 5 liters bottle(1000 bottles).

    D- Intravenous Fluids :
    1- Normal Saline 9% (10,000 drips).
    2- Ringer Lactate (10,000 drips).
    3- Dextrose + Normal Saline (2000 drips).
    4- Dextrose 5% Solution (1000 drips).
    5- Dextran 40% Solution (1000 drips).
    6- Hestrile Solution (2000 drips).
    7- Ciprofloxacine Solution (2000 drips).
    8- Metronidazole Solution (1000 drips).

    E- Instruments & supplies:
    1- Syringe 5ml (1500 box).
    2- IV canulae ( 16-20-22-24 size) 100 box for each size .
    3- Bandages 1200 big rolls.
    4- adhesive plaster 5cm 1000 pices
    5- Non Surgical Gloves Large & midium size (1500 packets).
    6- Sterile Surgical Gloves 7&7.5 (2500 packs from each size ).
    7- Elastic Bandage (7.5 , 10 , 15 cm ) 1200 from each size.
    8- lumbosacral & thoracic support brace(belt) 500 pices different size .
    9- chest Tube underwater seal bottle (500 bottles).
    10- Disposable Operation Gown (1000 packages).
    11- Medibore abdominal adhesive plaster (small & medium & large)500 each.
    12- Suction tube (14-16) 1200 pice each.
    13- Sterilization Drum (medium) 100 pices.
    14- Ultrasound gel 100 big bottle
    15- Broad arm Sling 1200 pices
    16- Crutches (underarm & forearm )750 each
    17- Plaster of Paris (cast) 15cm (1000 pieces).


    1- External Fixator devices (200) different size.
    2- Operation Troley (50).
    3- Oxygen Regulator inlet (50 pieces).
    4- Oxygen Regulator outlet (50 pieces).
    5- Ambu Bag (100 pieces).
    6- Sphigmomanometer (BP Kit) 100 Pieces.
    7- Stethescope (200 pieces).
    8- Laryngoscope Kit (3 Kits).

    Tuesday, 20 September 2011

    updates 20th sept

    Below shelling of tazi al masabah area non-graphic 20 of sept

    List of medicines - URGENTLY Needed !!!

    Sanaa Field Hospital is requiring the following medicines:

    please email us if you are large corporate donor or pharmaceutical company. Otherwise for small donations - see

    Translation also needed so please message @al_masani

    عين اليمن

    نقلاً عن صفحة المستشفى الميداني بصنعاء

    نرجو من جميع الأخوة الأعضاء نشر هذا على كل المستويات:

    عاجــــــــــل :

    الى كل الشركات الدوائية والمنظمات الصحية وجمعيات الإغاثة الإنسانية نناشدكم توفير

    الطلبات الضرورية في المستشفى الميداني ساحة التغيير (صنعاء) : نظراً لوجود عجز كبير واحتياج هائل لها وبشكل مستعجل , شاكرين لكم تعاونكم سلفاً .

    ... الادوية

    م - اسم الصنف الكمية

    1 ديكلوفيناك صوديوم اقراص / شريط 2000

    2 ديكلوفيناك صوديوم جل 2000

    3 ديكلوفيناك امبول 10000

    4 بسكوبان اقراص 2000

    5 بسكوبان امبول 2000

    6 لورا تيدين أقراص (أي نوع ) 500

    7 فوسيدين مرهم (أي نوع) 100

    8 اشربة سعال 1000

    9 رانتيدين امبول 1000

    ادوية الطوارئ والجرحى

    م اسم الصنف الكمية

    1 سيفوروكسيم (500) مج اقراص /باكت 300

    2 افومب السعودي حق الحروق(ميبو) 200

    3 كلكسان امبول او هيبور 300

    4 تراي. بي اقراص (أي نوع) /باكت 500

    5 تراي. بي أمبول (أي نوع)/ باكت 500

    6 ميثوكوبال اقراص (اي بديل) / باكت 500

    7 ميثوكوبال أمبول (اي بديل) / باكت 300

    8 اوجمنتين (625 ،1 ) جم (أي نوع) اقراص 500

    9 ثيوتكس 600 ملجم كبسول / باكت 500

    10 كالسيوم + فيتامين د اقراص او فوار 500

    11 كينجوفيت كبسول (أي بديل) 300

    12 ترامادول امبول 500

    13 ترامادول كبسول 500

    14 ايبانوتين اقراص / علبة 50

    ادوية التخدير والعمليات

    م اسم الصنف الكمية

    1 بيثيدين أمبول 300

    2 بروبافول أمبول 300

    3 سكساميثنيوم أمبول 300

    4 تراكيريوم أمبول 300

    5 ميدازولام امبول 300

    6 ليدوكايين جل 500

    7 ليدوكايين + ادرناليين فيال 100

    8 سيدكس 5 لتر 50

    9 اسبرت 5 لتر 1000

    10 بوفيدين ايودين 5 لتر 1000

    المحاليل الوريدية

    م اسم الصنف الكمية

    1 محلول ملح / مغذية 10000

    2 محلول رنجر لاكتيت / مغذية 10000

    3 محلول مخلوط /مغذية 2000

    4 دكستروز 40%/ حبة 1000

    5 ديكستران 40%/مغذية 1000

    6 هيس (بلازما اكسباندر)/مغذية 2000

    7 سيبلوكس محلول / مغذية 2000

    8 ميترونيدازول محلول/مغذية 1000


    م اسم الصنف الكمية

    1 سيرنج 5مل /باكت 1500

    2 كانيولا 16و20و22 و24/باكت من كل نوع 100

    3 شاش طاقة 1200

    4 بلاستر 5 سم / حبة 1000

    5 جلفز عادي /باكت 1500

    6 جلفز معقم 7 ،7.5 /باكت من كل نوع 2500

    7 اربطة ضاغطة 7.5،10،15/درزن من كل نوع 1200

    8 احزمة ظهر احجام مختلفة 500

    9 بوتيل شيست تيوب / علبة 500

    10 جاون عمليات / شدة 1000

    11 لصق ميديبور (صغير ومتوسط)/باكت من كل نوع 500

    12 سكشن تيوب 14،16/ من كل نوع 1200

    13 درم تعقيم متوسط 100

    14 التراساوند جل / دبة كبيرة 100

    15 حامل يد 1200

    16 عكازات من كلا النوعين (ابط + يد) 1500

    22 جبس كبير / حبة 1000


    م اسم الصنف الكمية

    1 مثبتات عظام خارجية 200

    2 ترولي عمليات 50

    3 منظمات اوكسجين انثى 50

    4 منظمات اوكسجين ذكر 50

    5 امبوباج 100

    6 اجهزة ضغط الكتروني 100

    7 سماعات طبية 200

    8 لارينجوسكروب (كبار

    18-20th Red Cross Assaulted -equipment confiscated - AFP&Now Lebanon

    Yemen, ICRC says
    September 20, 2011   share
    The International Red Cross said Tuesday that some Red Crescent teams have been threatened and assaulted in Yemen and that violent confrontations were reportedly taking place in one of Sanaa's main hospitals.
    "The ICRC delegation is receiving very worrying reports of armed confrontations taking place in Al-Gomhori Hospital and placing many innocent lives at risk," said Valerie Petitpierre, deputy head of the International Committee of the Red Cross' delegation in Yemen.
    An ICRC spokesperson said that the relief agency has "received calls and allegations from a lot of people who live around the hospital or who have been in the hospital," claiming there were confrontations there.
    In addition, "over the past three days, Yemen Red Crescent Society emergency response teams have been threatened and assaulted," said Petitpierre.
    "In some cases they have had equipment confiscated, and there have also been incidents in which they were denied access to people in need of first aid," she added.
    The ICRC urged all parties in the conflict to "respect and facilitate" the efforts of the Red Cross to help those in need.
    "Anyone injured or wounded must be able to receive life-saving health care without undue delay," said Petitpierre.
    "Medical staff, vehicles and facilities must be respected and protected," she added.
    Gunfire and shelling rocked Sanaa for the third straight day on Tuesday as the toll from the worst outbreak of violence in Yemen's capital in months spiraled to 60 dead with hundreds wounded.
    -AFP/NOW Lebanon
    To read more:
    Only 25% of a given NOW Lebanon article can be republished. For information on republishing rights from NOW Lebanon:

    Yemen updates 20-18 sept

    Egypt votes against UN human rights investigation on human rights violations in Yemen

    2 videos on taiz on 20th - two reported dead in taiz on the 19th. today in Taiz!/photo.php?v=10150298525678920

    Tuesday sept 20 - 11 dead 7 by heavy artillery like RPGs in Sanaa. Hurriaya correspondent alive recovering

    20th protestors still protesting

    From Aljazeera the 11 dead in Sanaa

    Protesters tried to gain more ground by putting sandbags. This has been overtaken. 19th

    graphic video from 19th of part of heavy artillery victim

    Field hospital sunday sept 18 -24 dead. monday 19- recorded 28 dead. today recorded 6 dead so far. Now the government republican guard forces are shelling unarmed protesters in change square. On the evening of the 18th - protests erupted in aden, taiz. 19th- taiz protesters attacked some casualities reported. Across the country protests flared up.

    Aden protest on 19th