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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Who is the National Council, Yemen's National Transitional Council

Who is the National Council?

They will be launching a website - link will be placed here [ link].

New York Times says,

(August 17, 2011) "Seven months after demonstrators first took to the streets in Yemen calling for democracy, opposition leaders formed a national council on Wednesday to act as a government-in-waiting, a provocative step the government condemned even before it was announced.

The council consists of 143 members recruited from a broad array of tribal sheiks, protest leaders, southern separatists, military commanders and former members of the governing party. It was created to unite a fractured opposition and reinvigorate an uprising that has ground to a virtual standstill."

National Council's website states who they are in their own words in their mission statement,
Yemen's National Council seeks to meet the aspirations of Yemen's youthful peaceful revolution.
To do so, the priority list is:

1. End Saleh's family rule

2. Bring Saleh regime members to justice

3. Build a modern country

Each of the above requires a series of steps. For the first, the NC believes that Saleh's regime will end through peaceful activities such as raising awareness of the regime's ills, rallies, sit-ins, protests, etc. Furthermore, we believe that the international community should boycott the regime, freeze its assets and have travel bans on it.

Secondly, the NC is against amnesty for Saleh or his family or regime elements, as this stands in total contradiction to the revolution's objectives. Therefore, the second highest priority is to have a fair trial for all of them. This could be achieved after the regime's downfall through a fair and well-established national judicial system and through the ICC.

Thirdly, the NC would be acting as a safe-guard during the transitional period to construct the institutions needed to rebuild Yemen based on principles of democracy, human rights, rule of law, accountability and gender balance

Their spokesperson is Mrs. Hooria Mashoor. Follow her on twitter @Hooria_Mashhour
She is the former Vice-Chair of the Women's National Committee of Yemen

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