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Monday, 24 October 2011

Oct 25

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Are women being targeted? For the past week we have 5 women kidnapped. 3 shot in the head, two dead.

Here are photos of the first woman targeted in Taiz's funeral.

On Oct 23rd, a woman was killed in Sanaa, shot blank in the head in Hayel Street, Sanaa

After the United Nations vote Saleh began heavy shelling, and the transcript of the following phone call has been leaked where his son is stating that they can commit crimes against humanity, killing civilians as part of the strategy and that the United States will back them.

NYR Exclusive | Statement of the forces supporting the revolution about a leaked phone call between Saleh and his son Ahmed, Commander of the Republican Guards forces.

The statement says:

"After the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution calling on Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down and sign the GCC initiative, Saleh called for an urgent meeting Saturday at 1:00 AM. He met with his sons, brothers, nephews and four other close relatives. The meeting lasted 2 hours, until 3:00 AM. In the meeting, Saleh urged them to be on the highest level of alertnesss and to wait for a sign from him to start the fights. At exactly 5:40 AM, a phone call was intercepted between Saleh, his son Ahmed, and his brother Ali Saleh. In the phone call Ali Abdullah Saleh said "start attacking and use all kinds of weapons, clean Al-Hasaba and Sofan and destroy everything, there is no difference between a military location or a citizen's house, men or women, a child or an elderly, feast over their blood and dead bodies. The UN security council, GCC's, Americans and Europeans won't help them. I don't care who lives or who dies, even if we lose all the Republican Guards, Security and Special forces, let them build a new army and create new forces if we lost them, I want to take revenge even if the whole country is burned down. The people who the Americans are watching will support you, they are strong and I told them to coordinate with you"

After the phone call, fierce clashes erupted between forces loyal to Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh and forces supporting the revolution, a day after the UN urged the embattled leader to hand over power.
Saleh's forces shelled Al-Hasaba area where the house of tribal leader Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar is located, shelling also targeted Sofan and headquarters of the First Armored Division, and targeted residential neighborhoods close to Change Square.

The statement added "With this dangerous development in which Saleh challenges the Yemeni people, the international community and the world, we find ourselves responsible of letting our people and the world, know that this man is not and will not stop the killing unless there is an urgent and firm position of the international community. This man is seeking revenge of his own people and will lead the country into a civil war, which he already declared in many of his statements in which he threatened of war and to break-up the country into four parts."

The statement appealed to the international community to do their humanitarian part towards "These irresponsible acts by Saleh and his gang", it also appealed to the Yemeni people and the youth of revolution to remain steadfast on the principle of peaceful revolution.

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