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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Yemeni Human Rights organization Hood - Launched popular Media Campaign

A Yemeni human rights organization, Hood, has launched a popular media campaign to advocate detainees of enforced disseverment held by the Yemeni regime.

Hood said Yemeni journalists, poets, artists and talents are to take in its campaign aiming at shedding light on the issues and suffers of detainees in the prison of Yemeni prisons.

It affirmed that hundreds of Yemenis are illegally held in detention centers of the Yemeni regime and they are subject to tortures and violations.

Hood had estimated the number of kidnapped protesters by the Yemeni regime as 1500, pointing out that the security forces arrested at least 500 protesters on one day, on Tuesday, 18 October.

The Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights (YOHR) has said that the Yemeni authorities kidnapped hundreds of protesters and they were subject to torture, brutal attacks and threats of sextuple harassment, calling the world to take urgent actions for rescuing them.

YOHR said that the Yemeni authorities used live bullets, tear-gas, batons and knives killing at least 13 protesters and wounding dozens.

YOHR explained that the detained protesters were transferred to a number of government buildings including the building of the capital in which they were subject to brutal tortures.

It further called the international community to take its responsibilities and take urgent actions to rescue the kidnapped who suffers much, and hold the responsible officials accountable.

Many Yemeni sources and reports affirmed that the Secretary General of the Capital Secretariat Abdul-Rahama Al-Akwa personally headed and supervised the kidnapping and tortures.

Meanwhile, the Organizing Committee of Popular Youth Revolution denounced the continuation of killing peaceful protesters by the Yemeni regime, pointing out that the Yemeni regime killed 150 protesters and wounded 1300 by one month.

OCPYR affirmed that the Yemeni regime used heavy weapons in killing protesters, stressing that the killing intensively increased following the return of President Ali Abdullah Saleh from the Saudi Arabia.

OCPYR said that Yemen forces used killings torture and enforced disappearances on peaceful protesters, pointing out that the Yemeni regime still hold hundreds of protesters in many prisons detention centre.
Amnesty International criticized the idea of endorsing a GCC plan that would guarantee Saleh, who has ruled Yemen with an iron fist for three decades and those close to him immunity from prosecution for rights violations. #Yemen


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  1. Honesly i find it really despicable that even in the 21st century, people are fighting for human rights. They should be a given by now. What's wrong with the human race, after millions of years we are still not civilized enough. God help us!