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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

HOOD: Detainees illegally detained underground

Translated by: Radhia Khairan

with a number of journalists, artists, poets, former detainees and survivors of torture, HOOD launches a popular campaign to advocate for the arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance of Yemeni citizens.

Hundreds of innocent citizens of Yemen are experiencing now unlawful detention conditions and are subject to physical and psychological torture which violates the basic human rights which is unfair to overlook such suffering.

Meantime, more than fifty detainees have been on an open hunger strike in the security administration of the capital secretariat since two days ago to protest the continued detention in violation of law and in places which are meant not for prison without any charges or commission of any criminal acts in an attempt by the authorities to dissuade them from exercising their right of expression and peaceful assembly.

HOOD team notices the detention of more than 35 Yemeni nationals in the police station of Allayh, Alsabeen area-Sana'a, being held in a small place underground without ventilation and are deprived of water for four days. Some of them are suffering from skin diseases and others from amenti, and deprived of proper nutrition and being held without legal charges where some of them are hostage on grounds of crimes suspected to be committed by their relatives.

A 13-year-old child who is believed to be tortured seeing fresh marks of torture with electricity on his body is imprisoned because he was involved in a trade dispute with one of his relatives; although a prosecutor's release order of 17 people of them, the prison administration did not release any of them until this moment. Moreover, in the detention facility of the CID, a number of citizens with no charges against them are arrested by the national security after their houses has been raided by military forces leaving behind a massive destruction.

The police Administration of Alamri apprehends four persons among which is an Egyptian, Mr. Salah Safwat Alshandweli who was among the Arab Doctors Union delegation in a visit to Yemen in a humane mission. The Security Administration of Bani Alhareth more than 40 people in the background of their participation in the peaceful popular protests. More than 150 young men hand-cuffed to their back and blindfolded are moved into three large military trucks to the yard of the military justice department downtown the city of Sana'a under strict security measures, eyewitnesses confirmed to HOOD.

HOOD expresses its deep regret for the continuing detention crimes of citizens committed by the authorities and calls upon all rights activists in Yemen and the world as well to pressure on the Yemeni authorities to abandon its policy of human rights infractions. 9

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