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Thursday, 3 November 2011

HOOD concerns the transfer of 17 detainees to Military Prison

HOOD concerns the transfer of 17 detainees to Military Prison

HOOD expressed its deep concern on the lives of 17 detainees who were transferred late Tuesday from the 17 security administration detention facility to the Criminal Investigation Department on the grounds of their release, according to the testimony of their parents.
HOOD wondered about the transfer of detainees from the CID to the mi...litary prison despite the directives of the Attorney General to immediately release them for more than two weeks.
HOOD expressed its deep concerns on the lives of detainees, particularly after receiving confirmed information of the transfer, accompanied by armed civilians who are called "People's Committees for the protection of the constitutional legitimacy," and visitations are denied.
The organization considered this transference of prisoners to the military prison contrary to the provisions of Article (48), paragraph (b) of the Yemeni Constitution, which prohibited the imprisonment of any citizen at any places other than those stated under the Prisons Act.
Moreover, relatives of detainees were subject to blackmailing by officials of the security administration of the 70 area of Sana'a, who asked them to pay 100 thousand Yemeni riyals for each detainee in return for their release, as HOOD quoted from the relatives. Some parents said that they had paid a part of the amount to rescue their sons, who were at risk of torture and death.
The security forces have arrested hundreds of young people since Sept.18 in which the fate of the majority of them is still unknown.
In spite of the release orders of the Attorney General, prosecutors who visited the prison, the district security administration refused to obey these judicial orders.
Therefore, HOOD calls on the UN Office represented by the OHCHR and its international human rights organizations and agencies, media outlets and all freedom callers of the world to move quickly and urgently to save the lives of hundreds of detainees who the whereabouts of some of them is still unknown.

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  1. The UN is a world organisation who should take steps to free these illegal detainees from the prison. They have not done anything wrong but stil they are suffering this fate.