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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Yemen updates 20-18 sept

Egypt votes against UN human rights investigation on human rights violations in Yemen

2 videos on taiz on 20th - two reported dead in taiz on the 19th. today in Taiz!/photo.php?v=10150298525678920

Tuesday sept 20 - 11 dead 7 by heavy artillery like RPGs in Sanaa. Hurriaya correspondent alive recovering

20th protestors still protesting

From Aljazeera the 11 dead in Sanaa

Protesters tried to gain more ground by putting sandbags. This has been overtaken. 19th

graphic video from 19th of part of heavy artillery victim

Field hospital sunday sept 18 -24 dead. monday 19- recorded 28 dead. today recorded 6 dead so far. Now the government republican guard forces are shelling unarmed protesters in change square. On the evening of the 18th - protests erupted in aden, taiz. 19th- taiz protesters attacked some casualities reported. Across the country protests flared up.

Aden protest on 19th

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