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Monday, 19 September 2011

Sept 18-19 massacres Sanaa video + news

How it started: (videos below)

Youth protesters reach army base after Saudi Prince's editorial -

Saudi leaders would be forced by domestic and regional pressures to adopt a far more independent and assertive foreign policy. Like our recent military support for Bahrain’s monarchy, which America opposed, Saudi Arabia would pursue other policies at odds with those of the United States, including opposing the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in Iraq and refusing to open an embassy there despite American pressure to do so. The Saudi government might part ways with Washington in Afghanistan and Yemen as well. 
 There were rumours and unconfirmed reports since saturday that Saudi was sending troops to Yemen. On Sunday, so protesters seize a small base of the Republican Guard without weapons. The response was snipers shooting them with rocket propelled grenades and anti-aircraft. This continued until the next day, were a sniper shot a 10 month old girl directly into the head in her mother's arms as the family was going shopping while they were still in the car. Photos of the girl are in the image post. They also shot dead an Al Arabiya camera man. Most injuries were reported to be head or chest injuries in the field hospital. 50+ dead, on Sept 18 - 24 names of the dead were released from the field hospital.

On the 20th - the army began to shell the protest square, killing two.

protesters went to Zubary street

Families reunite with loved ones

The violence

Field hospital dead and injured

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