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Monday, 23 January 2012

The Speech which came to late to Apologize

 President Ali Abdullah Saleh do not needs all this time and all this blood shed in the streets and the cities of Yemen, all, if he had listened to the voice of reason and did what he said yesterday in a effective fare well speech  , the speech was to the leaders of his party including his deputy Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi, when he asked for forgiveness from the people of Yemen for what mistakes was committed during his reign spanning 33 years.

Saleh said in his speech yesterday, before leaving the capital Sana'a for treatment abroad, and after a day of been granted  law of judicial immunity: "I ask pardons from each my own people, men and women for any failure occurred during my term of the 33 year, I ask forgiveness and offer apologies for all Yemenis and Yemeni citizens, and we now have to take care of our wounded and martyrs  "

Saleh Could have, and he is a  person who does not have lack of intelligence, to say what he said yesterday, long time ago, and immune  his people from destruction , rather than searching for the law gives him judicial immunity, and was able to work on reconciliation with all Yemenis , after feeling that the winds of change has blew, and avoids the country disasters and calamities.

Saleh wanted to avoid the position of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, when he sensed that the earth moving under his feet, and said his famous words "I have understood you."
Saleh . Begrudged on his people say that to them after 33 years of Ruling  "I have I have understood you " and it is time to apologize for all the mistakes committed in my era which is not few," if he said it would have been reason strengthening the internal front and make all the Yemenis who been divided by  political disputes stick together , particularly after the numerous "no's" from Saleh , And his insistence to face the "challenging the challenge," which was like a recommendation to violence and murder.

Will Not have been wrong for the President say to his people that his time is over, on the contrary, the move would lift his name in the hearts of many people, And history will record it in golden letters that he has prevented youth blood to be shed  in the squares ,who  went out looking  for change , He himself had recognized it, but years of wrangling was enough to Exhaust the country  and its people.

Saleh called  in his speech yesterday, all political parties to "get around each other, reconciliation and frankness, and restore and repair what was destroyed during the eleven months of last year," It is phrase sentence  enough to figure out to where Saleh led his people during the past year, a heavy legacy prompted Prime Minister Mohamed Salem Basendwah day before yesterday, to cry He wants MPs to pass the immunity  law immunity for Saleh  to avoid the risk of tearing the country into chaos situation

True the law has given Saleh immunity from prosecution, But hopes to be the immunity for the entire people from risks of chaos and destruction and civil war .

And When a comparison between "person" and "the people", the interests of the people strongest and most important, with appreciation for victims who have fell during the year of violence and destruction.

Most importantly, Saleh applies the content of his speech, and that turns into a stabilizing factor for Yemen, the country is desperate need of stability to rebuild what was destroyed during the past year, the government should begin now to achieve a comprehensive reconciliation does not exclude anyone.

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