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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Name of crucified Yemeni from Abyan in earlier post and story

Nasser Arabye, Yemeni journalist says

"Al Areeki was being beheaded by the sword, in Mafrak Azzan, in Shabwa."

(those who had family who were killed by the drones where cheering at this Saudi's execution. This means drones aren't a great way to moblize public support on the war on terror)

"For the second, the 28-year old Yemeni, Saleh Ahmed Saleh Al Jamily, was executed and crucified close to Khanfar Stadium, Jaar, the southern province of Abyan."And for the second executed in Jaar, Al Jamily, he said in the confessions that the Yemeni intelligence officer Mueed Nasser Abdullah recruited him to collect information about nine Al Qaeda operatives including three prominent leaders who were killed by US drones in Zinjubar Abyan and Mareb.He gave the information that led to the killing of Ali Bin Saeed Bin Jamil, and Abu Osama Ali Mubarak Feras in Zinjubar late last year.

 Jamil from Abida tribe of Marib province, and Feras from Jehm tribe from the same province. (for more on the three killed)


Bomber targets Yemen election committee office and kills only himself 

Source: Reuters, 14/02/2012

ADEN-A suicide bomber blew himself up in front of a Yemeni election committee office in the southern port city of Aden early on Tuesday, a security official said, one week before an election to replace outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The official said the unidentified bomber was wearing an explosive belt that detonated before he reached the election committee building in the Crater district of Aden, killing him instantly but injuring no one.

The attack was the latest sign of opposition to the February 21 vote, rejected by southern separatists, northern Shi'ite rebels and Islamist militants emboldened by political upheaval that has weakened central government control over swathes of Yemen.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the name of the crucified Yemeni. Terrorist deserve to be punished severely. The act of terrorism can't be tolerated. May Allah keep us all safe.