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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

August 10th Updates + Saleh's appearance!

Hundreds of bus, car and motorcycle drivers went out in a protest late on Tuesday night cutting Sana'a Street and stopping traffic in Hodeidah to demand the lowering of gasoline price to 1,500YER per 20 liters instead of current price (3,500YER). They said that the current price is very costy to them and their customers who refused to ride buses was because of what they called the high price of transportation.

After the protesters cut the main street, five military crews reinforced with machine guns and tear gasses arrived and dispersed the demonstrators with batons, they randomly damaged all the cars and busses that were parked, which led to breaking a large number of windows of many buses and private cars.

Violent clashes took place between demonstrators and security forces.

Major General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, Commander of the North-West region and Commander of the First Armored Division met with the German ambassador, Michael Klor-Berchtold, in Sana'a on Tuesday discussing the latest developments in Yemen.

Major General Ali Mohsen stressed the peaceful youth revolution and that it will not retreat bakwards and will continue until all the demands are met. He also affirmed that its very important to accerlerate the process of transfering power in Yemen in order for the country to come out of its crisis, according to the contents of the Gulf Initiative.

Major Gerneral Ali Muhsen called the international community to play a more effective part to contribute in exiting Yemen from the situation it is living, to meet the aspirations of the Yemeni people in the change desired by the youth peaceful revolution. To fulfill all the goals that the revolution came out for and protested for over six months and still holding on in the Squares; he also invited him to deal with the revolution as fait that cannot be undone

MarebPress: Sheikhs and tribal leaders of Al-Awad tribe in Al-Baydah denounced the kidnapping of Colonel Ali Mohammed DaifAllah Al-Awadi, head of training in North-West military area and First Armored Division by National Security and Republican Guard forces in Sana'a. They demanded his quick release, warning of any intact and held the remnants of the regime fully responbilie for his life and anything that he may be exposed to.

Officers and members of the North-West military area and First Armored Division also denounced his kidnapping incident demanding his immediate release and threatening to take similar actions that may affect some officials which they called "remnants of the regime" if he wasn't immediately released.

National Security and Republican Guard forces kidnapped him and his car from in front of his house in Al-Rawda area in Sana'a on Saturday afternoon and hid him. His fate was unknown until three days later where he was abducted and still is until the moment.


Sources said that President Saleh's Advisor Dr. AbdulKarim Al-Eryani, Minister of Foreign Affairs Abubakr Al-Qirbi, Secretary General of the Ruling Party Sultan Al-Barakni and Assistant Secretary General of the Ruling Party Dr. Ahmad Bin Dhaghr headed to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia yesterday evening in a new attempt from the Yemeni authorities and the ruling party to convince Saudi Arabia to accept the amendments to the Gulf initiative after Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Eryani failed in a similar task during his recent visit to Riyadh. 

MasdarOnline: A Yemeni government official said on Wednesday that the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to reconsider reviving the Gulf initiative to resolve the crisis in the country and to ensure the peaceful transition of power in the country. He also said that Saleh met members of the people congress party in Yemen, in Riyadh. The official also told Reuters, that Saleh after meeting with members of his party has agreed with them on seeking ways of reviving the Gulf initiative and finding a mechanism that includes the peaceful transition of power." 

Gulf diplomat: the Gulf states including Saudi Arabia rejects any amendments to the GCC initiative and emphasizes on the immediate transfer of power.

Taiz march today after Taraweeh prayer assuring holding on and not giving up until their demands are met and supporting the Transitional Council.

Mass march in Sana'a started from Change Square of Sana'a this evening after Taraweeh prayer.

Yemen TV broadcasts images of President Saleh in Riyadh,  meeting with government officials and GCP leaders, the images also showed Yahya Alraie and Ali Mujawar in the meeting.

An invitation to all the revolutionaries to participiate in "Together Against Terrorism" event which will be prepared and planned during the coming days in Freedom Square of Taiz. Therefore, we call upon all the youth to express their opinions on Facebook in the following topics:
1. The Position of the Revolution Regarding Terrorism.
2. The Threat of Al-Qaeda on the Revolution.
3. The International Position on the Yemeni Revolution and the Relationship of Terrorism.

Note that this event will be prepeared and planned by the Revolution Legal Advocacy Center in Taiz in coordination with some of the youth movements in the Square.

For more information or any inquires, please call these numbers,

First one took place on Wednesday August 10th.

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