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Thursday, 4 August 2011

August 4th Updates!

MarebPress: A local source in Nahm directorate, Sana'a said that with the intervention of a number of Sheikhs and social figures, the equipment and car stolen from Ministry of Electricity were returned on Wednesday, August 3rd. The source added that the people who stole the equipment had personal demands, stressing that they are not following any political party.

Sheikh Abdullah Mohammed Al-Farje, Sheikh Ali Yahya Ma'asar, Shiekh Yahya Bin Mohammed Al-Hatemi and a number of Al-Sayad Sheikhs provided security protection for the technical team that was sent to Bani Ghailan in Nahm to repair the damage done to the electrical towers, noting that electricity is expected to resume in Sana'a on Thursday.

Saba News Agency claimed yesterday that armed militants from Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda terrorists allegedly led by Sheikh Hamoud Saeed Al-Mikhlafi and Sadeq Ali Sarhan (who have been protecting the protesters) attacked the Health Center and Mail Office buildings in Zaid Al-Mosheki district in Taiz at evening. The source indicated that this "terrorist" act injured two security men, one of which is in serious condition as well as some buildings were destoryed.

On the other hand, a close source to Sheikh Hamoud Saeed Al-Mikhlafi denied the accusations that were directed at them. The source also said the rhetoric change and accusing "Al-Qaeda terrosits" of being behind this incident, is a serious indicator of a scheme, seeking to maintain the security in the city by bomb residential areas in Al-Rawda, under the pretext of "Al-Qaeda" search.


MasdarOnline: For the first time Ali Al-Obali, like many others living in one of the schools in Aden, receives Ramadan this year away from home, and without the intimate family quality time, due to the violent clashes between Army force and "Al-Qaida" in Abyan south of Yemen. Al-Obali, father of three all living in schools in Aden governorate, tells Xinhua news agency " This is the first time my kids and I receive Ramadan outside of our home, we feel as if we're orphans, and homeless" He continued saying " I now live in a school in Aden with my three kids and my wife, while the rest of the family are in another school in the city".

Meanwhile clashes are still violent and at their peak between armed men who are believed to be connected to "Al-Qaida", and Army forces supported by tribe men in Abyan, large number of families are moving out of Abyan. Director of Emergency and Services, a sector of the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Hatmi, says that " Movements of migration from Abyan is still going increasingly, especially with the continuation of the clashes between the Army and Al-Qaida, and this has also intensified with the month of Ramadan which is considered to be the "month of jihad" by Al-Qaida, which has escalated the clashes and their intensity.

Al-Hatmi went on to say that the number of displaced that has been recorded in the camps has reached more that 62,000 till now, pointing out that hundreds of others were taken in by relatives in many other Yemeni governorates. That is as The Executive director of the management of the refugee camp affairs , Hashem Al-Hamly had told Xinhua last saturday that the number of refugees from Abyan is over 90,000 refugees, and form about 16,000 families, indicating that they are spread either in the public schools or taken in by some families in Aden and Lahaj south of the country. Al-Hatmi also complained of the scarcity of aids given to the refugees, saying " The material and financial support that is given to the refugees isn't enough…..there are international organizations which are supporting the refugees, but this support isn't enough and tens of refugees suffer from the unavailability of some basic needs most of the time."

In a meeting held by the Minister of Health and Population, Dr. Abdalkareem Rasa'a, and attended by UN representatives working in humanitarian aid, they discussed the conditions of the refugees throughout the ongoing events in many of the governorates and how to provide services and humanitarian aid was discussed in the meeting according to Saba news agency.

MasdarOnline :Sheikhs of the middle regions condemned detaining Sheikh Nasrallah Al-Shaheri, demanding his quick release. This came during an extended meeting held on Wednesday in Yarim by sheikhs of the central regions in which they warned of hurting Al-Shaheri.

The Republican Guard had detained Al-Shaheri late July when military crews intercepted his car in 50th St,in Beit Boss in the capital Sanaa.  According to close sources, he was taken to 70th security area and then he was transferred to the central prison in Sana'a.

It is believed that his arrest came as a result of his support to the popular revolution in which he joined early.Meanwhile , tribal Gunmen cut the road in Yarim the road between Sanaa and Taiz for hours protesting the arrest of Sheikh Al-Shaheri.


IRIN: “Yemen’s political leaders have two options: either to reach an agreement accepted by all to start necessary steps for a practical transition period, or to face collapse and `Somalization’ of the country,” UN Envoy to Yemen Jamal Bin Omar said at a Sana’a press conference on 29 July.

Military reinforcements belonging to Central Security, Republican Guards, Rescue Police and regime gunmen in Hasaba, Sana'a along with a wide spread of military vehicles in neighboring districts and entrances. The situation is very tense in those areas.

The arrival of three tanks to the backyard of CAC Bank near Saba roundabout in Sana'a. 

MaribPress:Republican Guard brigades resume their bombing on Arhab using Katuosha rockets and heavy weapons, while explosions are rocking the capital, Sana'a.

Yemen: More than 30% is the rise's rate of the supply goods prices since the beginning of the protests.

MaribPress: Tension in Hasba while the regime is deploying armored military vehicles in a number of entrances.

Hadramout: resignation of the director of security in Shahr after yesterday's chaos that led to the death of two and injuring six

Head of Supreme Judiciary Council Essam Al-Samawi : Yemeni President Saleh is considered resigned and illegal President according to the Yemeni constitution from today.

Mass march in Al-Baydah today demanding the departure of the remnants of the regime. 

International report: Yemen ranked sixth globally among more than 20 countries vulnerable to extreme threat of terrorism.

Mareb Press : In accordance with Article 116 of the Constitution, Minister of Legal Affairs denies that the remaining outside the country for more than 60 days would mean the end of the legitimacy for President Saleh, and he stressed that those who say this do not rely to any constitutional text. 

Taraweeh Prayers in Taiz

Chants in Taiz after Taraweeh Prayers

Mass march in Taiz on the fourth of Ramadan after Taraweeh prayer assuring that they will continue the revolution until their demands 
are met.

Al-Hodaida: Protesters cut the road Between Sana'a and Al-Hodaida complaining on the constant power cuts. 

Hadramout:Shooting in Shahr between young protesters and security in the dark after the power was cut during the clashes

Chief of General Staff, Major General Ahmed Ali al-Ashwal met on Thursday US Assistant Secretary of Defense Michael G. Vickers. 

Yemeni Tribes Alliance are warning the regime and Republican Guards from attacking Hasaba residents and condemns Republican Guards gathering in Hasaba which will bring dire consequences

Youth are calling everyone to attend and participate on the first Friday prayer in Ramadan, Peaceful Until Victory, tomorrow in 60th St in Sana'a and in the different Squares of Yemen. 

Heavy bombardment from Al-Jamemah camp in Bani Hushiah on areas and villages of Arhab.

Protesters in Al-Baydah close down the roads and burn tires protesting against continuous power cuts.

An official of the General People's Congress (GPC) said on Thursday President Ali Abdullah Saleh will return home when his treatment period finishes. "President Ali Abdullah Saleh is still Yemen’s legitimate President until presidential elections are held. A authorization to Vice President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi does not mean the transfer of power", head of the GPC’s Political DepartmentAbdullah Ghanim said in an interview.

Taiz: Heavy shelling in the city's neighborhoods and violent clashes in 60th street now

Fears started to grow again early Thursday after forces had deployed to Al-Hasaba district in downtown Yemen's capital Sana'a where tribal fighters loyal to sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmer of Hashid fought the army killing tens of troops and taking over and looting several public offices in June.

YemenPost: At least six people were injured when the security forces fired live bullets at a demonstration in Yemen's western Hodeida province on Thursday.

Thugs threw three bombs near Kentucky roundabout in Sana'a now and injured two soldiers from the First Armored Division in addition to one of the youth. 

After the attack that took place, First Armored Division reinforcements reached the scene and the areas near Change Square of Sana'a

The attack which took place near Kentucky roundabout was carried out by two thugs who threw bombs randomly, one of them landed on the Old University fence.

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