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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

UK welcomes Security Council focus on Yemen crisis

UK welcomes Security Council focus on Yemen crisis

Statement by Chargé d’Affaires and Deputy Permanent Representative, Ambassador Philip Parham, following the adoption of a UN Security Council Press Statement on the situation in Yemen

I welcome the Security Council’s clear message on achieving a peaceful and orderly transition in Yemen. It is evidence of the growing sense of alarm of the international community at events in Yemen. Security Council members have expressed their grave concern at the serious deterioration of the economic, humanitarian and security situation. We welcome the Council’s assessment that a Yemeni-led political transition is a first step towards meeting the needs of all Yemeni people. We also welcome the call for the respect for the obligation to ensure access for the provision of humanitarian assistance. We support the continuing work of both the UN Special Adviser and the GCC to help facilitate peaceful and inclusive political transition.

The continuing crisis is setting Yemen back by years. Key food costs have dramatically increased, and coupled with fuel shortages, this is having a severe impact on the Yemeni population and humanitarian operations. The on-going conflict in the south in Zinjibar has also generated significant humanitarian needs.

The crisis is also of particular concern to the Security Council because of its wider implications for international peace and security.

There must now be full engagement in negotiations by all parties in Yemen aimed at achieving a swift political transition. There should also be a swift end to the conflict in the south, and access for humanitarian agencies.

The UN has a key role to play. It should continue to engage with Yemen’s neighbours, the GCC Secretariat and the international community, all of whom continue to offer their assistance in order to achieve a swift and peaceful transfer of power.

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