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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

August 9th Updates + House burnt in Aden

The death of four members of the same family when their house got burnt after Fajr prayer today in Algeria St in Sheikh Othman, Aden.

The fire broke out in a domicile that is located in the second floor in one of the antique buildings in Algeria street, causing the death of the parents and two children, the family's last name is Al-Majeedi.

Neighborhood residents criticivzed the Civil Defense Department in Sheikh Othman because it is located only a few meters away, however, fire trucks did not put the fire out under the pretext of lack of water. 


MarebPress: Former South Yemen President Ali Nasser Moahmmed, took over presidency between 1980-1986, said that "what is happening today in Abyan is the making of the regime, we strongly condemn it" pointing out that Abyan and many other provinces cannot be a place for terrorism "after the fall of the regime."

He indicated that "there are attempts by the regime and extermist elements to terroize the residents of Aden as they did with Zanjibar" adding "they should know that Aden is a red line which is a resistant to tyrants and invaders throughout history."

Ali Nasser Mohammed , spoke in a speech that was directed to Martyrs Square in Mansoura, Aden on Monday where he stated "that the demonstrations, sit-ins and protests and all forms of struggle are the inspiration of the national historical role of the valiant city of Aden."

He said that Aden "has always been the cradle of struggle in the north and south, bastion of resistance and revolution, a beacon for education and enlightenment and a cradle for the emergence of trade unions, political parties, NGOs, civil society, and a pioneer of civilization and modernity not only at the Yemen level but at the entire region level, as it was also embodied real national unity, still is, and will remain so forever."

He also called on the youth to continue the great revolution and stick to its peaceful character until victory and the fall of the remnants of the regime and all symbols of corruption

Masdar Online : U.S. Ambassador in Yemen, Gerald Firestein said "What matters to Washington is the transfer of power from the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to his deputy AbduRabbo Mansur Hadi, and giving up his post according to the GCC initiative."

"Yemeni president should begin the peaceful transfer of power immediately, whether he is inside or outside Yemen. We are confident that Hadi can complete the transition of power, and we are waiting for President Saleh to sign the initiative and begin the transfer of powers immediately." Firestein added. 

The United States of America expressed it's astonishment today at Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh's refusal to sign the Gulf initiative,to resolve the political crisis in Yemen.

A spokeswomen for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Victoria Noland, said in a press conference today " The case in Yemen is moving forward in it's democratic transitional phase, as given in the agreement proposed by the Gulf Cooperation Council, and which the president himself has stated that he supported."

"I think the most important question is why is President Saleh finding all that difficulty in signing this initiative, so that his country could move forward" she added. Noland also pointed out that, " The democratic process in Yemen should not depend on anyone, and needs to continue…..We encouraged by the Yemeni Vice President And Rabo Mansour Hadi, to continue dialogue with the opposition". 

Taiz Governor Hamoud Al-Sufi has said that the First Armoured Division is supporting the insurgents in the city of Taiz financially and with weapons.

He considered that the conversion of the battle to Taiz threatens regional and international peace as Taiz locates on the coast of the Red Sea and the Strait of Bab al-Mandab.

Al-Sufi also said there were negotiations and a truce between the authorities and the insurgents who were depicted by the governor as "warlords", accusing them of violating the truce


Masdar Online : Resumption of power cuts in Sana'a, and authorities announces that the transmission lines from Sanaa to Marib were damaged by two attacks, and requests citizens to appreciate these "exceptional circumstances"

Hodeidah: motorcycle and bus drivers close most of the main streets in the city protesting against the price of oil 

Suhail | Brigade 62 of the Republican Guards in Alfrejah bombed villages of she'b Arhab with tanks and artillery, and news of the destruction of a number of houses and properties.

Military Sources: Transferring a battalion of the Republican Guard from Taiz to Al-Samaa Mountain in Arhab

Taiz : Firing heavy gunfire using machine guns next to the governor house stationed in Saber Mountain , the firing is still on until this moment 

Abyan: Violent clashes and heavy artillery bombardment in Zinjibar now between the militants and brigade 25 Mika . 

Sanaa: Sporadic clashes now in Amran St, believed to between supporters of Sheikh Al-Ahmer and Republican Guard

Representatives of States members in the Security Council heard a briefing on the situation in Yemen 

MasdarOnline| A fight with stones and sticks between the Somali refugees in front of the UNHCR while security forces were watching .
People in Neighborhood intervened to stop fighting between hundreds of Somali refugees, some Somalis were wounded and the glass of three cars was smashed 

People are protesting in Al-Mena'a Street in Moala, Aden because of cutting water from the area. 

An unknown person throws a sound-bomb on the Governor of Aden's building in Moala and security forces are firing live bullets hysterically. 

Protests are still continuous in Moala, Aden until this moment accompained by acts of burning tires and closing down streets to demand the re-port of water to the area after it was cut of since before Maghrib prayer yesterday.

Powerful explosions in the skies of Sana'a, missiles are heard very clearly from Al-Dailami air-base which seems to be heavily shelling on Arhab areas and villages right now.

Youth of Taiz in Freedom Square chanting for escalation and freedom. 

Taraweeh Prayer from Change Square of Sana'a

March in Taiz supporting the Transitional Council

At 12:00am, security forces arrested three people:
- Ammar Al-Hazmi
- Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Hadi
- Ayman Al-Qairi
They were taken to the Security building of Sana'a along with their car. Youth in the Squares hold security forces full responsibile for their safety and demand their quick release. 

Martyr Salah Abdullah Ali Al-Johari was shot by Republican Guard forces in his heart this morning in Hawd Al-Ashraf district in Taiz while he was driving an SUV with his father Sheikh Abdullah Ali Al-Johri and five of his sisters children

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