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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

August 3rd Updates!

MasdarOnline: Alliance of Bakil Tribe General Conference annouced its complete support to Arhab tribe, north of Sana'a against forces loyal to Ali Saleh that has been shelling villages in Arhab for the past weeks leaving dozens dead and injured.

The statement from the tribal alliance said, "We emphasize our full support with out brothers in Arhab tribe with everything we own defending the honor andsupport brotherhood." They called all Yemeni to stand against what they called "gang" which they said was "seeking to subjugate the people with weapons".

The statement also said that "what is happening in Arhab tribe from brutal massacres against the citizens is a henious crime and cannot be tolerated because it is out of all the legal and customary framworks, particularly with regard to represenation of martyrs bodies." Adding, "How can you be slienced on a regime that killed women and children and bombed residents houses with missiles without regard to blood, view or honor."

The alliance statement said that the relatives of Ali Saleh who are holding the security and military services are "as if they are holding personal property or a private farm" keeping in mind that he called them "remnants of the regime" that is trying to drag the country into internal war "through the imposition of military power on all revolutionaries of Yemen under any name."

Assistant Secretary-General of GCP Sultan Al-Barakani said "What is happening in Yemen from protests is only copying wha thappened in Tunisia and Egypt."

Al-Barakani praised President Saleh saying "He is an honest faithful man to this country; I swear, there is no other President of this country that gave anything from what Ali Saleh did to Yemen." He also added, "President Ali Abdullah Saleh is agood, honest and innocent man, which makes me defend him. I wish that everyone that knows him to be faithful in dealing with him because he is not hateful, not sectarian, not hungry for blood and not a serial killer, he has distinctive features from others."

When he was speaking about Major General Ali Mushen Al-Ahmar, he said "Ali Muhsen was strong only with President Ali Saleh and after he left, he became small in his style, statements and the way hes dealing in an attempt to deny the past." 


Government spokesman Tareq Al-Shami denied any confirmed news about the possibility of President Ali Saleh signing the Gulf Initiative in the coming 72 hours.

He also said that the President cannot transfer power without revealing the killers who tried to assassinate him on June 3rd, because if he did, it means that he is handing power to the murderers. "We must uncover the truth about who is behind them, the implementation, planning and funding of this criminal incident, whether JMP political leaders or from outside Yemen." With regards to the developments of the investigation on the assassination attemp, he said "investigations are ongoing, we appealed to cadres and experts from friendly countries to uncover the circumstances of this major terrorist act."

He indicated that his party will transfer power through the means of democracy, ballot boxes, explaining that "GCP has no problems with the Gulf Initiative, but the problem is with the mechanisms of implementing it, as it does not relate to reality." 

MarebPress: Yemeni students in Algeria appealed to the competent authorities to intervene to stop the abuses practiced by the Cultural Attache in the Embassy of Yemen against them for political and personal reasons. 

March went out this morning in Mansoura, Aden to condemn the intensive and continunous power cuts in the city as well as lifting the accumulated waste "trash" in different parts of the city. After the march, people carried out a clean-up campaign in Mansoura.

Mass march came out in Attaq, Shabwa demanding revolution resolution and the departure of the remnants parts of the regime, they chanted, "Oh God Oh Merciful, Give us Victory Over Tyranny" 

Assassination of Sheikh Ali Yahya Al-Qatrani, one of the Sheikhs of Nihm tribe and the injury of his wife and his children with a shell that targeted his car when he was hospitalizing his daughter in Bani Harith today.

National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedom (Hood) concluded today the training session which lasted four days on the new tactics in monitoring human rights abuses. It targeted 20 trainees from activits in the organization teams in Sana'a, Mareb, Hodeidah, Lahj, Dhala and Hajjah

Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi met on Wednesday the US ambassador to Yemen, Gerald Feierstein. During the meeting, al-Qirbi and Feierstein discussed aspects of joint cooperation between the two countries as well as the latest developments in Yemen.

Sahwa Net- Three civilians were killed and dozens were wounded on Wednesday morning as the Yemeni regime continued its attacks against Arhab villages, using missiles and artillery.

Taraweeh prayer from Taiz Freedom Square

Chants by Taiz's youth after Taraweeh prayers to the army which joined the youth revolution to protect the peaceful revolution and revolutionary slogans reflecting the persistence of the protesters themselves and their determination to continue their struggle till their goals are achieved. 

Taraweeh prayer in Sana'a Change Square

Continued indiscriminate bombardment on areas and villages of Arhab by Republican Guards forces from Al-Fareeja and Bait Dahra camps.

Sahwa Net- A Yemeni human rights centre, the Law Centre, has appealed the international community to shoulder its responsibility and end crimes committed against civilians in Taiz, pointing out that 500 families were displaces as a result of constant bombardment of the regime.

Violent armed clashes in Al-Sa'ada district in Khormaksar, Aden right now- no additional information

MasdarOnline: Two killed and three injured in Al-Shahr in Hadramout during clashes between protesters and Central Security

Martyrs in Shahr, Hadramout today after clashes between protesters and Central Security forces:
- Jubran Abdurabo Al-Sa'adi
- Salim Saeed BaMaebed

Ahmad Yaslim Bin Haidar, 10 year old child injured by a live bullet in his lower back by Central Security forces in Shahr. 

Al-Berka Bakery located in downtown Al-Shahr, Hadramout was burnt today and smokes are covering the sky due to burning tires.

MasdarOnline: A truce will be signed tomorrow, Thursday of the final agreement to clam the situation in Taiz after the previous ones were violated. The parties that will be signing the agreement to cease-fire are the tribes protecting the revolution and forces loyal to Ali Saleh. The agreement will take effect immediately after signing it. It includes the termination of all armed manifestations in the city and the withdrawal of Republican Guards troops including those deployed in 60th Street, 50th Street and others in the outskirts of the city. Those troops are scheduled to withdraw within five days from signing the agreement.

MasdarOnline: Many Yemeni Tribes have announced, that they have renewed their alliance this Wednesday with the Army, in their attack against Islamists south of Yemen, after they withdrew earlier this week due to an accidental airstrike that killed 15 men. The tribe leader, Mohammed Al-Ja'adanie, warned that any other similar airstrike would only draw the Tribes, which are considered a very important elements in the success of this attack, away. He also added that he advices the Government Forces of being more cautious in launching future airstrikes, since this would end the Tribes inclination in helping the Army.

Tribal men have declared that from 15-40 of their men were killed in an airstrike a few hours after the Tribal fighters have taken over a strategic point outside the city. Al-Ja'adani told Reuters on the phone, that the tribal fighters withdrew from the field for two days, but returned after the tribes contemplated the importance of fighting the Islamic radicals, and freeing Zenjibar from their grip.

YemenPost: A senior security official in Arhab district, 40 kilometer northeast of the capital Sana’a, said that governmental warplanes attacked governmental soldiers who refused to fight pro revolution tribes in the district.

The official said that more than 240 republican guard forces in Sama’e region of Arhab refused to attack tribes with heavy artillery and were negotiating with them on surrendering the Sama’e military base of the republican guards.

In retaliation, government air forces attacked the gates of the camp killing more than 200 republican guards and at least three-dozen fighters.


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