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Monday, 1 August 2011

Ramadan: August 1st updates + Taiz under attack!

Two explosions heard in Taiz- unknown source or location.

Six explosions were heard right after people started fasting in Taiz moments ago. 

Powerful explosions are heard in 60th Street of Taiz and heavy clashes are taking place between Republican Guard forces and tribes supporting the revolution. 

Very powerful explosions shaking Taiz continuously along with heavy clashes in 60th Street

Explosions are still very powerful and continuous in Taiz at the moment

Journalist Zakaria Al-Kamali: Is what happened in Hama, Syria yesterday going to repeat itself in Taiz, today? Sounds of Explosions shaking the city on the first day of Ramadan. 

Journalist Zakaria Al-Kamali: Medical Source in Al-Rawda Hospital: Three injured arrived to the hospital due to the heavy shelling on 60th Street in Taiz at these moments

Continuous heavy shelling on 60th Street of Taiz by Republican Guards forces along with sounds of planes flying over Taiz.

It is Dhohr -afternoon- Prayer in Taiz now and shelling is still continuous since dawn prayer by Republican Guard forces. 

Very heavy and continuous artillery shelling since dawn prayer in Taiz today with jet fighters flying continuously in the skies of the city and a number of casualties in the first day of Ramadan. This comes after a call made by Saleh to forget the past and make the month of Ramadan an opportunity for dialogue.

Reports of destroyed houses in Al-Hashma in Taiz due to continuous heavy shelling by Republican Guard forces and injured arriving to Al-Rawda Hospital.

Renewed aritllery shelling on Al-Rawda district and 60th Street in Taiz.

Arhab is being exposed to heavy shelling at the moment; very powerful explosions are heard in Arhab, north of Sana'a right now

16 Al-Qaeda members were killed and 17 others were injured in three air strikes that targeted two checkpoints and Al-Khamela area, south Zanjibar in Abyan today.

Dhamar | three people dead and 4 injured in renewed tribal war between Al-Hadam and Bani Ahmad in Hadda. 

Continuous bombardment from Republican Guards camp in Al-Jund on 60th Street in Taiz from dawn until the moment

MarebPress: 5 wounded due to helicopter bombardment on 60th Street in Taiz. 

Five injured in Taiz including a girl in the heavy bombardment of Republican Guard forces on 60th Street from dawn hours until now.

Republican Guards targeted the ambulance in 60th Street, Taiz that was transporting the injured by heavy gunfire and a number of shells.

Military reinforcements for Republican Guards forces from Khaled camp arrive to 60th Street of Taiz.

More than 100 shells from Republican Guards forces on 60th Street in Taiz in 12-hour continuous bombardment in the first day of Ramadan.

Number of injured rises to 8 including a woman and a child as a result of the heavy bombardment by Republican Guard forces on 60th Street in Taiz.

Closure of Traffic Management Office in Mareb by traffic police protesting for not receiving their salaries for the past four months and all the deductions they got. 

Taiz | One dead and one injured in the ranks of Mikhalf and Sharab tribes that are protecting the revolution.

Taiz | Brigade Sadeq Ali Sarhan forces [First Armored Division] storm on the base of where the Republican Guard tank that has been shelling them is located at. 

First Day of Ramadan: One dead and ten injured in the continued bombardment of Republican Guards on 60th Street in Taiz; Republican Guards forces are denying access to Doctors Without Borders to hospitalize the injured. 

Taiz : in clashes this morning with security forces and militants pro-revolution, four tanks were disabled and a number of military vehicles were destructed.

Sahwa Mobile : official source in electricity ministry: we have commands to cut the power breakfast time and Sahour time during Ramadan

Khaleej Times: Washington and London, requesting immediate action to start transferring power procedures in Yemen

AJE : At least two tribesmen were killed and three wounded in fierce clashes with the Yemeni army on Monday near the strife-torn country second city of Taiz according to witnesses.

In a meeting with military and tribal leaders, Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar calls the remains of the Republican Guards to join the revolution

MasdarOnline: Saleh's political adviser Iryani heads to Riyadh after a request by President Saleh and expectations to sign the Gulf Initiative.

MarebPress: Republican Guards forces develop a new military checkpoint in BeerBasha, west of Taiz.

Powerful explosions shaking Sana'a as a result of missile bombardment on Arhab. 

MasdarOnline: Germany has rejected a Yemeni request to receive Saleh for treatment as a President and agreed to receive him as a citizen.

Number of victims of the Republican Guards bombardment on Taiz rised to five martyrs and a number of wounded. 

A young girl, one of the injured civilians in Taiz due to the heavy bombardment on 60th Street by Republican Guards forces.

March in Taiz this afternoon on the first day of Ramadan condemning the collective punishment policy that is used against the Yemeni people.

Taraweeh prayer in Freedom Square of Taiz on first day of Ramadan.

Mass march in Ibb on the first day of Ramadan

Recitation of Quran verses along with Dua'a and prayers currently in Change Square of Sana'a until the time comes to break their fast and perform Maghrib prayer together.
(Saba) –UK is following what is happening in Yemen with a great concern and it stands with Yemen's security and unity, UK diplomat has said.

This came at a meeting gathered Vice President Abdo Rabu Mansour Hadi with the UK deputy ambassador in Yemen Fiona Gibb on Sunday.

Hadi and Gibb talked about the latest political developments and the outcomes of the visit of the UN Secretary General's Envoy Jamal Ben Omar.

They also reviewed the two friendly countries' relations and ways to promote them.

Hadi briefed the UK official on the results of meetings and negotiations carried out during the past period, wishing to achieve the desired results to ensure Yemen's security, stability and unity.

For her part, the British diplomat noted that the UK supports the security, stability and unity of the country in order to overcome the ongoing political crisis peacefully.


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