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Friday, 5 August 2011

August 5th: Peaceful Until Victory Friday + Hasaba Clashes

MarebPress: Spread of Sheikh Al-Ahmar militants in Hasaba closing the main roads and sub-barriers preventing passage. Also, Republican Guards armored vehicles in Jerraf close down Amran and Jerraf Streets from the other side directing their weapons towards the barricades of Al-Ahmar militants; situation is expected to flare at any moment.

Hundreds of thousands are gathering in the different Squares of Yemen to revive Peaceful Until Victory Friday

Hundreds of thousands of protesters in Taiz assure that they will stay peaceful until victory despite the shelling, killing and fabricating crises by the regime. They chanted "We are holding on, either victory or martyrdom" today.

Peaceful Until Victory Friday in Al-Baydah

Peaceful Until Victory Friday in Hodeidah

Peaceful Until Victory Friday in Taiz

Peaceful Until Victory Friday in Sana'a

Peaceful Until Victory Friday in Ibb

Peaceful Until Victory Friday in Rada'a

Peaceful Until Victory Friday in Sa'ada

Peaceful Until Victory Friday in Dhamar

After the tensed situation in Sana'a, violent clashes in Amran Street in Hasaba between Republican Guards and Al-Ahmar Supporters right now

Explosion in Hasaba in Saylah near the bus stop and gunfire with light weapons; signs of another war in Hasaba, Sana'a. 

Republican Guards are stationed near Yemen Mobile building and Al-Ahmar supporters are near Rural Electricity and Water in Amran Street near Seyana area in Hasaba; clashes are still ongoing. 

Ambulances are located near Saba roundabout belonging to Republican Guards forces along with military reinforcements.

MarebPress: Clashes using heavy and light weapons north of Hasaba and the eastern regions; fears of the return of confrontations after Republican Guards broke the terms of the agreement and penetration to areas near Sheikh Al-Ahmar's house.

Witness to MasdarOnline: Outbreak of sporadic clashes between Republican Guards and Hashid tribe leader supporters in Hasaba, north of Sana'a.

Sporadic light gunfire between Republican Guards and Sheikh Al-Ahmar supporters in Hasaba area in Sana'a; calm yet tensed

Clashes right now taking place in Al-Habari roundabout, airport road

Powerful explosions shaking Hasaba neighborhood after Republican Guards used artillery twice

Suhail: Republican Guards are firing shells from Nuqom Mountain on Hasaba; reports of injuries.

More powerful explosions shaking Hasaba from how strong they are using aritllery and heavy weapons. 

MediaCenter: Clashes in Andalos district in Sana'a between First Armored Division and gunmen.

Artillery shelling and heavy explosions are still continuous in Hasaba until the moment by Republican Guards.

MarebPress: Clashes are spreading towards TV St and Amran roundabout; Republican Guards are shelling First Armored Division areas near Amran roundabout in 60th St.

MasdarOnline: Explosion near a market in Hasaba; wide extensive spread of Republican Guards and Rescue Police near the Habari intersection north Sana'a. 

Powerful explosions and violent confrontations near TV Building and Amran Street right now 

Three powerful explosions shaking Hasaba and clashes taking place in different areas of Hasaba right now 

Republican Guards are shelling First Armored Division by a number of artillery shells.

Very powerful explosions shaking the region and violent clashes taking place right now in Amran Street.

MarebPress: Flights are stopped in Sana'a International Airport; passengers are stuck in some flights for the past several hours, most of the flights arriving to Sana'a are transfered to different airports outside the capital. 

Continued artillery shelling on Hasaba by Republican Guards forces

Two shells fell inside Al-Eman University that belongs to Sheikh Al-Zandani. 

SahwaMobile: Republican Guards are shelling Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hamiar Abdullah Al-Ahmar's house in Sofan district moments ago.

Tribal militant told MasdarOnline that Republican Guards fired RPG missiles on them, no reports of casualties. He also stressed that Republican Guards forces were harrassing Hashid militants since yesterday because they want to ignite war in Hasaba. 

After a few minutes of calmness to break the fast, clashes resume in Amran St. now as heavy gunshots are heard in Sanaa

Republican Guard division commander killed after clashes broke out in Amran st. today between tribes & forces of Yemeni Army in Sanaa

Hadramout: 5 dead, 4 wounded in renewed clashes between the central security forces and youth in Shahr.

Hodiedah: Because of the continuous power outage on most areas of Hodeidah angry youth cut several streets in the province and security forces dispersed them 

Sounds of loud and powerful explosions in Arhab resonates in the capital Sanaa. 

Suhail channel: Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar considers what happened today in Al-Sofan district a provocation and violation of the truce by the Republican Guards, which he has warned about them spreading in the neighborhoods and allies.

Okaz News: A high ranking official source in the GCP said that President Saleh's bodyguard & 3 of his relatives who were injured in the June 3rd attacks returned yesterday to Sanaa after their injuries healed. They are Sinan Dweid, Essam dweid and Ahmed Noman.
Sanaa's governor Noman Dweid is due to return in a week and President Saleh plans to return to Yemen before Eid al-Fitr holiday.

Violent and random missile strikes and artillery shelling by Republican Guards on the village of Yahis North Arhab. 

Iftar and Taraweeh from Freedom Square of Taiz

Sounds of explosions in the direction of First Armored Division in Sana'a

Artillery and missile random bombardment by Republican Guards forces on Yahees village in Arhab, north of Sana'a.

Sporadic clashes using medium and heavy weapons in 60th Street in Taiz along with sounds of explosions

March went out in Crater, Aden on Peaceful Until Victory Friday.

Masdar Online : The suffering of tens of thousands of displaced people from the city of Zanjibar, the capital of Abyan province, increases as they try to escape the ongoing war for two months between the Yemeni armed troops and armed groups that the authorities allegedly say are from Al Qaeda.

The total number of displaced people from the city of Zanjibar and the adjacent areas of Abyan, according to the latest statistics announced by the government last week amounts to more than ninety thousand displaced people distributed in each of the provinces of Aden and Lahj.

Displaced people in Aden and Lahj complain from the poor living conditions and the scarcity of the humanitarian aid of food and medicine provided by local and international organizations


AdenAlGhad : Two people were killed and two injured, early on Friday after units of the Yemeni army fired live bullets on a car owned by a man from Sheikh Othman area as it passed through the road that links Mansoura and Khormaksar.

According to sources, the army units fired heavily on the car as the driver tried to overtake a troop carrier on its way to Badr camp, which resulted in the death of two people and injury of two others.

"There were 5 people in the car, Abdullah Ali and two of his sons, Hamdi 14yrs old and Abdulnoor 12 yrs old, and another 2 people who were killed and couldn't be identified until the moment" a relative to the car's owner said.

Injured civilians were transferred to Al-Boraihi Hosplital in Mansoura for treatment. 


MarebPress: Shiekh Sadeq Al-Ahmar said in a statement issued by his office that the bombing on the houses of his brothers Hussein and Hemiar is considered to be a breach of the truce.

He added that there has been provocations on him by the Republican Guards forces for several days through the spread of forces in the lanes and streets in the area, pointing out that he had warned of these provocations which are considered a violation of the truce.


MarebPress: Sources indicated that First Armored Division was exposed to bombardment by Republican Guard forces this afternoon, especially the division headquarter where Major Ali Muhsen Al-Ahmar is located at.

Sources noted that the bombing on the headquarter stopped only after Major General Ali Muhsen threatened to bomb the Presidential Palace if they continued


A fire broke out in one of the shops in Osaifera Street near Al-Nur Mosque in Al-Salakhana district, Taiz. Store is owned by business man Abdulwahed Al-Majeedy, hardware wholesaler. The incident took place this morning at exactly 8:00 AM and the cause of the fire is still unknown. Losses of the fire are expected to be in tens of millions

Interview with the owner of the shop that was burnt in Taiz, Abdulwahed Al-Majeedi. 

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