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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

August 2nd Updates!

News Yemen: Some 28 Yemeni anti-regime protesters who were wounded in protests and taken to Saudi Arabia for treatment last June said they did not receive any medical care in the Kingdom's hospitals.

The injured protesters, who arrived in Sana'a from Saudi Arabia on Sunday, told News Yemen they received mistreatment by Saudi authorities at hospitals of Taif and Tabuk. They said that Saudi authorities prevented their relatives from visiting them, except parents.

Some of those protesters were seriously injured in the spine during peaceful demonstrations demanding the departure of President Saleh and his regime.

Saudi Arabia transferred President Saleh and senior officials to the Kingdom for treatment as they were injured in an explosion inside the Presidential Palace's mosque on June 3.

The Kingdom also transferred some protesters who were seriously wounded in protests demanding the overthrow of Saleh and his regime.


Sanaa | witnesses | The air base adjacent to Sanaa International Airport joined the fighting front lines and shelled Arhab villages this morning.

SahwaNet: Yemen's regime committed 27 crimes against humanity. President Ali Abdullah Saleh personally raised incitements against peaceful protesters and the regime was responsible for the attacks against protests in the squares in Sana'a, Taiz and other cities, while the Republican Guards led by Saleh's son still commits genocide's in Arhab, Nihm and al-Haimah.

MarebPress: The Bakil tribes' conference announced standing behind Arhab's tribe with all it's means and warns all military leaders who want to drag Yemen into a civil war and threatens Saleh's regime that it will not allow Yemen's men to be humiliated

AJE : For the first time since protests began in Yemen, a government official has accused the military of being behind a failed coup attempt. The Deputy Minister of Information has accused a high-ranking military commander, General Ali Mohsen Saleh, and opposition parties of trying to start civil war in Yemen.

March in Taiz today
Taraweeh Prayer in Taiz

Masdar Online | Central Bank of Yemen said that the country's reserves of foreign currency declined to $ 1.3 billion in the first half of the year due to the unrest in the country, and the country's economy will be negatively affected, but is expected that the inflation - which reached to about 15 percent - will be declining soon. 

Al-Sama'a camp belonging to Republican Guards are now shelling Al-Abuwa, Buwsan, Al-Saela villages and Al-Fareeja camp is shelling Yaheeh and Bakool villages in Arhab.

Suhail: Local sources: Qairan distributed snipers from the special forces on rooftops in Taiz and on a number of schools and educational officies in preparation to commit a new massacre against the people of Taiz

Abdo Al-Janadi: We agreed on a peaceful revolution and not a military confrontation. The campaign is now directed against the Republican Guard forces because they control all the sensitive areas in the country.

MasdarOnline: As soon as General Yahia Saleh - Commander of Central Security forces- arrived with his guards to the area of the camp where soldiers were protesting and chanting slogans to overthrow the regime, one of his guards fired two shots to disperse the crowd of the soldiers protesting, but many soldiers prepared their guns to shoot back which made General Yahia Saleh raise his hand up in the air and shout "Selmyah Selmyah - Peace Peace" trying to absorb the soldiers anger

Soldiers protesting in Central Security camp chanting to overthrow the regime today.

MasdarOnline: Arhab tribe accused the Republican Guards of withholding the bodies of 4 armed men that were killed during the confrontations in Al-Sama'a military camp

Sana'a | Saleh's supporters in Mosaik area cut the road protesting against the continuous power outage and the oil derivatives crisis.

Sahwa Net- Yemen Air Forces have recruited Iraqi pilots and used them in bombarding some Yemeni villages in Arhab after Yemeni pilots refused orders to attack the Yemeni villages, a military source revealed. The source affirmed that the Iraqi pilots committed brutal crimes against people of Arhab, outskirt of Sana'a governorate, pointing out that they carried out many air raids on Arhab. It also said that 400 Yemeni officers and troops who refused to attack Arhab villages were killed by the air raids, pointing out that a number of Yemeni pilots who rejected orders of bombardments are still held.

Local Sources: The abduction of Sheikh Saleh Haroun by the Republican Guards checkpoint in Al-Rahba area and tribes of Bani Al-Harith demand his immediate release and warns the government if any harm is to be done to him

Two days after the free officers Council declared there support to the revolution along with tribal support from Sanaa, seven thousand fighters are preparing to resolve the situation militarily in Arhab after tribal reinforcements arrived in the region

Spread of heavy security forces in Al-Habary, Al-Saila roundabouts and some of Hasaba neighborhoods.

Violent clashes on the fence of Al-Sama'a camp between Arhab tribal militants and Republican Guards.

Three martyrs and five wounded by the indiscriminate bombardment by Republican Guards on villages and areas of Arhab by artillery and Katyusha missiles this morning.
AdenAlGhad: Tribes in Abyan Province, where tribesmen are struggling to end the control of al Qaeda fighters over Zanjibar, accused the al Qaeda fighters of cutting off the head of a local tribal leader after taking him as a prisoner.

Tribal sources stated that the head of al Nakhain Tribe, that populates the western outskirts of Lawder District in Abyan, was found with his head cut off after being captured by al Qaeda militants in the eastern outskirts of Zanjibar as a result of bombing the tribesmen’s locations in the area by Yemeni warplanes.

The sources added that the tribesmen waded into a wild armed clashes with the al Qaeda elements in the eastern outskirts of Zanjibar before Yemeni fighters bomb their locations and enable the al Qaeda terrorists from waging a counter attack in which they could capture the head of the armed tribesmen, who allied with the government to fight al Qaeda.

“The ID of al shiekh al Nakhai was tied up to his body to enable the members of his tribe to recognizing him.” Tribesmen said.

The incident was widely condemned by Abyan’s tribes, while many considered it “an ugly act that has no ties with human behavior.”


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