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Saturday, 6 August 2011

August 6th updates!

Warplanes are violently bombing the Heatlh Institute in Ja'ar, Abyan right now. 

Powerful explosions shaking Ja'ar after shells that were used for the first time resulted in an unprecedented explosion

Helicopters were seen flying in Sana'a believed to be heading to Arhab

A press conference to be held on Saturday, August 6th at 1:00pm in Change Square of Sana'a discussing the "Comical trial" of the accused in committing Dignity Friday, March 18th massacre in Sana'a. 

Sana'a: Violent clashes between Republican Guards and Al-Ahmer armed men in Al-Sa'a roundabout, and Television street

Heavy shelling by the Republican Guards camp in Alsama and Beit Dahrah on the villages of Alsheb and Bait Al-Ethari and Shera'a. 

The release of Sheikh Nasr Al-Shaheri who was detained by the regime after pressure form Sheikhs of the central region.

MasdarOnline | Basondwah : Saleh's relatvies are ruling Yemen now and Vice President Hadi doesn't have any real power. 

MarebPress : Republican Guards brigades bombed a number of villages in Arhab using the Katyusha missiles

Mareb Press : AlRawda area of Taiz witnessed violent clashes and hearing sounds of guns and heavy artillery. 

MasdarOnline :Government Source:President Saleh is going to leave hospital soon and will move to stay in Riyadh for the time being.

MasdarOnline | Government source: Ali Mojawar left the hospital on Saturday to a residence of the Saudi government in Riyadh.

Xinhua: At least one opposition militant was killed and four others, including a government soldier, were wounded in fresh clashes in Yemen's southern Taiz province on Saturday, eyewitnesses said.

Taiz | Video for Martyr Ali Ahmed Alqumairi who was shot this afternoon by the Central Security forces in Jamal Street. 

One of the injured during the clashes that took place in Taiz

Sana'a: Heavy shelling of Arhab now, with rockets from Al-Dailmy military air base next to Sana'a Airport,which is considered the most violent ,heard from the capital Sana'a with the hovering of fighter jets. 

Deputy Secretary-General of the Preparatory Committee for National Dialogue, Sakhr Alwajeeh, denied what was confirmed by the US ambassador in Sana'a on undisclosed negotiations between the ruling party and the opposition. Alwajeeh confirmed that there are no negotiations at all for the transfer of power between the opposition parties (JMP) and the ruling party (GCP). 

Aden: A missile fell on the Political Security building in Aden, by unknown gunmen, and unknown gunmen attack into the Local council in Al-Mulla and station themselves there.

Taiz: Reports of clashes that broke off a few moments ago in different parts of Taiz and they are:
- Next to the Local Security military camp
- 60 street north of the city

MarebPress:5 Brigades are currently shelling Arhab 

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh left hospital Saturday, more than two months after he was wounded in a bombing at his Sanaa residence, but he will remain in Riyadh, a Saudi official told AFP.
"The Yemeni president left the military hospital this evening at 9:00 pm (1800 GMT) after receiving the necessary treatment and was taken to a temporary residence for a recovery period," he said.

Protesters in Taiz chanting in solidarity with Syria, Arhab and Abyan
Taraweeh in Taiz

Despite the rain, independent youth in Change Square of Sana'a went out in a march

Taiz: Violent clashes are now taking place now between gunmen pro-revolution and the Republican Guards in Al-Akhoua roundabout downtown Taiz

Families of the martyrs of Dignity Friday -March 18th- in Sana'a announce boycotting the trial and demand an independent judiciary. "The main suspects in the case did not attend, no actions were taken against them because they are security forces. The judiciary in actually under executive authority, the foundation, which hindered a fair trail. It became that all the results from the judiciary are justifications to the executive authority positions." said the families in a press conference. 

Regime thugs in Wadeah port, Saudi-Yemeni border, burn a locomotive containing 630 boxes of dates as charity provided by Al-Rajehi in Saudi to over 5000 families in Sana'a, Yemen. 


Marebpress: A preliminary statistics revealed that the war between the Republican Guard forces and Arhab tribes killed 40 people and injured at least 120 over 4 months of bloody clashes.

The villages of Ahrab directorate were bombed by 30 air strikes by 7 brigades of the Republican Guard and the Air Defense using various types of heavy weaponry.

The survey revealed that 18 villages had been shelled since fighting broke out on March 30, and the death toll is 40 civilians, most of whom were killed at the checkpoint of the Republican Guard 62 brigade. A total of 120 number of wounded during the bombing while they are in their homes. In addition to 13 civilians abducted by the Republican Guard brigades.

More than 1500 families were displaced from their homes and lived in the caves the mountain caves seeking refuge after more than 95 houses were destroyed by the bombardment. In addition 150 houses were partially destroyed and 28 citizens cars.
16 wells of water and 10 farm valleys were also destroyed in Arhab in addition to 4 mosques bombed by the Republican Guards.

Marebpress: Sources revealed that the international mediation, led by the United Nations, to settle the political crisis in Yemen was hindered due to sharp differences between the ruling party and the JMP on some points of the road map suggested by the delegate of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Jamal Ben Omar

The sources pointed out that the main point preventing reaching an agreement to accept the UN initiative is the insistence of the leaders of the ruling party (GCP) to confine and limit the delegation of powers of President Saleh to his deputy to represent the ruling party, and to negotiate with the parties and sign the agreement document which concludes the results of the negotiations, which is rejected by the leaders of the JMP who insist that President Saleh should fully transfer his presidential powers to his deputy, Abed Rabbo Mansur Hadi.

Khaleej Times newspaper, quoting these sources, said that the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Jamal Ben Omar, gave the leaders of the ruling party and the JMP a time limit not exceeding one week to reach a compromise and agree on a formula to the differences between them otherwise the United Nations will withdraw it's initiative which aimed at resolving the political crisis in Yemen.

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