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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

August 2nd- Power Outage Turns to a Disaster in Sana'a

Four children died and a fifth child was injured on Monday evening due to a fire breaking out in a house in Safya district in Sana'a casued by a candle that was used by the family as a result of the continuous power cuts in the various cities of Yemen.

According to sources related to the family, the parents left the house at night to the hospital leaving five children at home under candlelight because of the power cuts in the capital, relying on the oldest girl, aged 13 to protect the other children.

When the parents returned home at approximately 1:00am they found two of the children charred bodies, Ola'a 13 years old and Nora 6 years old, in the room that had the candle in. They found the other two children Mohammed 4 years old and Ayman 5 years old dead of asphyxiation from fumes that leaked from the burning room around the rest of the house. Miraculously, the fifth child, Shaima 9 years old survived but still in the intersive care unit at one of the hospital in Sana'a.

The sources also indicated that the parents were married last Thursday, three children who died were children of the man from another woman, and the fourth child of the women's ex-husband.

Neighbors did not know about incident of this house although the girl who survived said that she screamed but no one heard her until she passed out. Her family had to break the door of the house to be able to get in and see the disaster that was awaiting them.

Source: Masdar Online

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