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Sunday, 7 August 2011

August 7th Updates!

Marebpress: A preliminary statistics revealed that the war between the Republican Guard forces and Arhab tribes killed 40 people and injured at least 120 over 4 months of bloody clashes.

The villages of Ahrab directorate were bombed by 30 air strikes by 7 brigades of the Republican Guard and the Air Defense using various types of heavy weaponry.

The survey revealed that 18 villages had been shelled since fighting broke out on March 30, and the death toll is 40 civilians, most of whom were killed at the checkpoint of the Republican Guard 62 brigade. A total of 120 number of wounded during the bombing while they are in their homes. In addition to 13 civilians abducted by the Republican Guard brigades.

More than 1500 families were displaced from their homes and lived in the caves the mountain caves seeking refuge after more than 95 houses were destroyed by the bombardment. In addition 150 houses were partially destroyed and 28 citizens cars.
16 wells of water and 10 farm valleys were also destroyed in Arhab in addition to 4 mosques bombed by the Republican Guards.


Marebpress: Sources revealed that the international mediation, led by the United Nations, to settle the political crisis in Yemen was hindered due to sharp differences between the ruling party and the JMP on some points of the road map suggested by the delegate of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Jamal Ben Omar

The sources pointed out that the main point preventing reaching an agreement to accept the UN initiative is the insistence of the leaders of the ruling party (GCP) to confine and limit the delegation of powers of President Saleh to his deputy to represent the ruling party, and to negotiate with the parties and sign the agreement document which concludes the results of the negotiations, which is rejected by the leaders of the JMP who insist that President Saleh should fully transfer his presidential powers to his deputy, Abed Rabbo Mansur Hadi.

Khaleej Times newspaper, quoting these sources, said that the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Jamal Ben Omar, gave the leaders of the ruling party and the JMP a time limit not exceeding one week to reach a compromise and agree on a formula to the differences between them otherwise the United Nations will withdraw it's initiative which aimed at resolving the political crisis in Yemen.


MarebPress: Egyptian security arrested 2 members of the Yemeni National Security Intelligence. The members, caught in Cairo, were within a group and planned on targeting Yemeni opposition figures.

The Egyptian security succeeded in arresting two Yemenis in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. Information said that they were from the Yemeni national security and that they were assigned to target many Yemeni opposition 
figures in Egypt.

A source also told Marebpress that a number of opposition figures, starting with Ibrahim Al-Jahmi, head of the Yemeni community in Egypt, and Dr. Abdlalmalek Mansour,the former delegate to the Arab League who were bribed with money, positions, and improving their living conditions, at first to change their stand but they refused. The source also revealed that the Office of the famous Egyptian lawyer, Consultant Sami Al-Manoufi volunteered in the light of the investigations to present a request to lift the diplomatic immunity of the rest of the national security group who are 9 undercover of diplomatic status, after they detected their suspicious actions and dangerous phone calls.

The legal appeal submitted to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign affairs, according to the source, includes requests to promptly lift the immunity, arrest and start an immediate investigation, on the grounds of espionage, disrupting security and conspiring against Egyptian security. And also requests of deportation, banning them from ever visiting Egypt, and registering them as spies.
News of a new agreement for truce in the province of Taiz after a meeting between Brigadier / Sadiq Ali Sarhan and the Governor Hamood Alsoofi; who have agreed to a number of points among which, the withdrawl of all Republican Guard units stationed in Althowra hospital and 60th street, replacement of these forces by General security Forces. No interception is to be done to the protesters in Freedom Square, peaceful marches, in any form, removal of all forms of military presence from the streets of the city, and to not object to public security forces in their line of work. Among the points agreed upon was that tribal militants will have the right to defend themselves if there is a violation to the terms of this agreement.

MarebPress: The Yemeni Scholars Association expressed there condemnation of what they called a irresponsible attack unleashed by the state media, against its president, Sheikh Abdul Majid al-Zindani

The Yemeni Scholars association confirmed, in a statement today that Zindani has in every effort tried to reunify the country, since the beginning of the political crisis in Yemen, in order to preserve the country and its people, and said that all fair-minded people are observing that.
The Yemeni Scholars Association also condemned in its statement, the incitement that they described as the «ugly» to discord and appraise the fighting between the Muslim Yemeni people, by the state media, which said that it has become a primary threat to security and stability and the unity of Yemen.
The Yemeni Scholars Association called upon the state media to refrain from incitement to discord and strife among the people of Yemen,that this behavior is a crime and illegally moral, placing them under the threat of legitimacy and accountability for such actions
AdenAlGhad: Abyan’s refugees in Aden conducted a demonstration in Rimi Neighborhood in Mansoura City on Saturday to protest about the continuous war there and about their miserable situation in Aden.

The banners raised condemned the military operations in Zanjibar, the provencial capital of Abyan, and others wondered about the destiny of the financial allocations for them, estimated 200 millions Yemeni riyals.

“We’ve come down here to condemn the war in Zanjibar, demanding to stop it immediately,” a refugee said to AdenOnline. “We will increase our protests until our demands are met,” he added, stating, “next week we will organize another protest, and it will be very widely attended; in coordination with all the active organizations in Aden.”

Human rights organizations estimate Abyan refugees in both the neighboring provinces of Aden and Lahej at 90 thousands due to the severe armed conflicts between Ansar Al Sharia armed groups that is loyal to al Qaeda and the Yemeni army.

YemenPost: The Yemeni Tribes’ Alliance warned on Sunday against any new military aggression in Al-Hasaba district in downtown the capital Sana’a, saying that the tribes will not stay idly and that response will be a duty upon every tribesman through available means.

Aggression against the tribes, the tribesmen participating in the popular youth-led revolution, the revolution supporters and defenders or their areas will be an aggression against all Yemeni tribes that will require a strong response with souls and funds, the alliance said in a statement.

The statement came days after the army deployed more forces and vehicles to Al-Hasaba, which was the battlefield for deadly clashes between the forces and the tribal fighters loyal to sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmer of Hashid in June. The deployments raised fears battles could erupt soon, especially after the forces attacked the houses of two of Sadeq Al-Ahmer’s brothers.

The attacks on the two houses were revenge on Al Al-Ahmer and the people who are still suffering from the June battles, the statement said.
Furthermore, the statement urged the officers and soldiers of the republican guard to ignore the orders of their leader, the son of President Saleh, to kill the people and involve them in more crimes against the people.

“We call on the republican guard officers and soldiers to leave their positions as they realize that the Saleh family is using them, and to avoid legal accountability for what is happening in the country,” the alliance said.

The Yemeni Tribes’ Alliance was declared almost a week ago inside Change Square in Sana’a.
At the declaration ceremony, sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmer vowed that Saleh and his sons will not rule the country as long as he is alive.


The Yemeni state oil committee has announced that the country increased the price for October shipments of Masila Blend oil, cutting the grade's discount to 93 cents a barrel less than European benchmark Brent crude, from a $1.47 discount in September, Reuters has reported. The committee has added that Yemen will sell all 3 million barrels of Masila Blend available for October to Arcadia. Aden Oil Refinery Co. will buy all 2 million barrels of Marib Light production planned for October and all output for August and September. 

U.S. sources said that President Ali Abdullah Saleh decided, finally, not to return to Yemen, because of U.S. pressure brought to bear, and because of his fear of prosecution, such as those conducted by the Egyptian Revolution of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Abdul Hafeez al-Nahary Vice President of Information Services for the GPC:: President Salehs refusal to not return to Yemen is an American desire, but the president is insisting to return to install the foundations of a peaceful transfer of power so as to avoid fratricide by Yemenis

Taiz : a mass march will begin after Taraweeh prayer gathering place is Freedom Square and it will move towards Al-Qadi Valley .

A house of a citizen in Al-Rouda Neighborhood which was exposed to bombardment

Mareb Press : Two men on a motorcycle threw two sound bombs near the building of the Political Security in Al-Houta - Lahj province, on Saturday evening.

Masdar Online : Foreign Minister Dr.Abu Bakr Al-Qerbi said on Sunday that the solution to the political crisis in Yemen will not be a military solution but a political one, and the Gulf initiative continues to be a platform for dialogue to end the current crisis in Yemen. 

Masdar Online | Shabwah : One person was killed Sunday afternoon in the city of Ataq southeast Yemen when a guard of the Yemeni oil company building shot him dead for a dispute over diesel. 

Ahmed Alsoofi ::President Ali Saleh is expected to lengthen his stay in Saudi Arabia after his release from the hospital

Masdar Online : The Public Electricity Corporation said on Sunday that it had completed the work of reform in the power transmission lines of Marib - Sanaa 400 kV. "Marib gas station returned to normal in feeding the national grid with a capacity of 220 MW in two units, while the third unit will start functioning in the coming hours." An official source for General Electric Corporation said to Yemen News Agency "SABA"

Power outage in many areas in Sanaa after statements for an Official at the Ministry of Electricity that the gas network has entered the station

Hearing the sound of explosions from the northern sides of Sanaa, it is believed to be shelling on the villages of Arhab from the air base in Sanaa airport

Mareb Press : Republican Guards forces stationed in the vicinity of Althawrah hospital, shelled the house of Sheikh Saeed Hammoud Mikhlafi, the houses next to it, and Freedom Square of Taiz last night.

Video for Martyrs Mohammed Ahmed Radman 17 years old and his brother Akram Ahmed Radman, who were killed when they were on their car and tried to overtake a military vehicle in Aden on Friday.

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