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Friday, 24 June 2011

June 24th: Aden casualities - funeral for Ahmed Darwesh, tortured to death

Today will be the funeral of martyr Darwesh, one of Al-Sa'ada district, Khormaksar residents in Aden. He died on June 25th 2010, in the CID in Aden after he was tortured to death and not allowed to have his medications. He will be buired a year after a full year of his death 

Aden: Security forces are shooting on the funeral of Martyr Ahmad Darwish now in Caltex roundabout.
Army are using medium weapons to shoot on the funeral procession of Martyr Ahmad Darwish in Aden right now.
Continuous and heavy gunfire on the funeral procession of Martyrs Ahmad Darwesh and reports of injuries in Aden.

Types of weapons that are used at these moments against the funeral procession of Martyrs Ahmad Darwesh are: Armored vehicles BMB, sound bombs, Klashnikov bullets, Machine guns, and some loud explosions that are unidentified
Arrival of three wounded people to Al-Jomhori Hospital in Aden due to the attack on the funeral procession of Martyr Ahmad Darwesh
The arrival of a martyr and a number of injured to Al-Naqeeb Hospital in Aden right now
The car that was carrying the body of Martyr Ahmad Darwesh was able to reach Abu Harba Cemetery with the participation of Boreqa and Mansoura mourners
Dr. Jayab Al-Sa'adi resident of Sa'ada district in Khormaksar was killed by army attack today in Aden during the procession funeral of Martyr Ahmad Darwesh. He is in Al-Naqeeb Hospital along with 6 injured protesters
Ahmad Darwesh was buried in Abu Harba cemetery despite the security forces attack; one dead and over 10 injured in Aden 
Martyr Dr. Jayab Ali Muhsen Al-Sa'adi from Al-Naqeeb Hospital, shot during procession funeral of Ahmad Darwesh

Activist Ahmad Al-Robaizi giving out the names of casualties in Aden today:
- Dr. Jayeb Ali Mohammed Al-Sa'adi

- Nasser Mohammed Muthana
- Abdulfatah Al-Jaberi
- Akram Muhsen Al-Hur
- Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed
- Majed Ali Thabet
- Wael Abdulhakeem Saeed Al-Yafai
- Hussien Abdullah Ahmad
- Mazen Hussien Al-Shaikh
Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed, one of the injured today due to army attacks on the procession funeral of Ahmad Darwesh in Aden
Hussien Abdullah, injured in Aden today due to army attack on Ahmad Darwesh funeral
Video of it
6hours ago
heavy shooting in Caltex roundabout, Mansoura, and in the vicinity of Abo-Harba Grave Yard in Aden City in the "Funeral March" event of "Ahmed Aderweesh" who was tortured and killed in the Criminal Investigation's Prison by the Security Forces under "Abdalla Qairan's" Administration a year ago..
Powerful explosion shaking Mansoura in Aden
RPG hits a tank in Caltex roundabout and heavy clashes are taking place between unknown gunmen and army in Aden
Four dead soldiers in Caltex roundabout where the explosion happened in Aden.
Eyewitnesses: A roof of one of the houses in Reemi neighborhood fell on its residents because of the powerful explosion in Aden
MasdarOnline: A very large explosion shakes Sheikh Othman and Mansoura in Aden, dense smoke is rising

Breaking of many windows and glass of houses and shops in Remi district near Caltex roundabout due to the powerful explosion in Aden. 

The official version of the explosion in Mansoura: The explosion in Caltex roundabout was caused by an ambush car near the Administration Building of Hurra area; 7 injured soldiers, 3 of them died along with a civilian
MasdarOnline: The explosion that happened in Aden was caused by an ambush car that exploded near the army troops and killed four soldiers and one civilian along with wounding 15 others

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