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Friday, 10 June 2011

Demands of the Revolution Friday, June 10th

Violent clashes at dawn in Aden, a number of dead and injured were transferred to Sabir Hospital- Central Security forces raided the hospital and took their bodies to an unknown location.
‎16 year old Hisham Mahfod was injured by a stray bullet fired by Saleh's loyalists in Aden while he was in front of his house in Sheikh Othman. 
MasdarOnline: Two females killed in an aircraft missile that struck a house this morning in Ja'ar, Abyan.
MarebPress: Five gunmen killed in clashes between military and gunmen in Habliayn.
MarebPress: Arhab tribes destroy three tanks and several armored vehicles while Republican Guards are trying to enter their troops to Sana'a.
MarebPress: Republican Guard forces retreat to their camps and reports of injured and death between them.
Millions are gathering in Freedom and Change Squares around Yemen to participate in The Demands of the Peaceful Revolution Friday.
Suhail Channel is apologizing for not being able to broadcast Friday prayers because of a technical difficulty in their broadcasting device.
Mushen Al-Sohaibi, father of martyr Dawod Muhsen Al-Sohaibi passed away today in Radfan.
Crowds in 70th Square are chanting loudly, "Allah loves Ali Abdullah Saleh."
Violent clashes between army and gunmen in the western side of Al-Hayblian in Lahj.
Continuous air raids since dawn until noon on Khanfar, Ja'ar, October 14th Factory and the Project area by regime forces aiming at what they called "Al-Mujahiden"
Yaman News Agency: One of the air raids in Abyan struck a house of one of the leaders of what they call "Mujahiden" which led to the death of his mother and seriously injured another three members of his family.
Hundreds of thousands of people perform Friday prayer in Victory Square in Taiz.
AJA: The Yemeni youth are refusing to revive the Gulf Initiative and will be protesting until the formation of a Transitional Council. 
Ali Al-Emad to AJA: Demands of the youth are to establish a presidential council from different people, we did not put Abdurabo Mansour Hadi's name in this because of his weak position.
Mohammed Qahtan to Arabia: We are still giving the Gulf Initiative time to be activated by our brothers in the Gulf by pressuring the other party; otherwise, we will form a revolutionary transitional government instead of the Gulf Initiative.
Mohammed Qahtan to Arabia: The coming revolutionary government will bring justice to Saleh of those who attacked him, and will bring justice to the youth of who shed their bloods in the streets of Yemen.
Khatab Al-Rawhani to AJA: We do not count on Hadi or anyone else because the youth have already started consultations to form a transitional council that is made up of five people. The youth will have the supervision role; the elections will be in 6 months after the council is formed. Then the government will be a technocratic one, and we call the JMP if they wanted to participate in the consultations to come; the council will be announce after two days or possibly after hours.
Political activist, Mr. Abduljaleel Al-Zuraiqi was arrested by National Security in Sana'a airport today. He was traveling to receive medical treatment abroad.
Some of the names of the dead and injured during the clashes between 35 Armored Brigade troops and tribal gunmen in Radfan:
- Mohsen Toera: Dead
- Mohsen Al- Suhaibi: Dead
- Yousef Al-Shoaibi: Injured
- Abdulnasser Al-Shair Al-Daeri: Injured
- Abdulhakeem Al-Jumhori: Injured
Aljanady in a press conference : The attempt of assassinating president Saleh was a conspiracy planned for and funded by Qatar
Riyadh Newspaper | warnings of a cholera outbreak in Abyan
Masdar Online | Abyan : Violent clashes renewed today between troops and gunmen in the city of Zanjibar
Marib press: Zindani callls on the yemeni people to consider Vice President Hadi as the new president until elections as constitution states. 
Almasdaronline: One civilin dead after continuous shelling & boming by The Republican guards on Arhab. 
A huge fire broke out late Friday evening around military forces camp who are loyal to Saleh in Bair Fadl area in Aden. Flames were rising in a very wide area around Defense Air Force camp. No cars put off the fire, the reason of the fire is still unknown because some of the soldiers did not allow anything to go close by.
Demands of the Revolution week is continuous in Taiz where they are organizing a massive march tomorrow at 9am starting from Victory Square to emphasize the demands of the revolution and to demand the formation of a transitional council to lead the country.
Ibrahim Yahya Jareed and his daughter passed away today and the rest of his children were injured in Al-Dafif house when Republican Guards shelled his house in Hamdan. Hamdan people hold the leaders of the site the full responsibility.
Mass march tomorrow at 4pm starting from the old university to the Change Square platform condemning the US and Gulf positions in Sana'a.
Demands of the Revolution in Dhamar
Demands of the Revolution in Ibb 
Demands of the Revolution in Al-Baydah
Demands of the Revolution in Hodeidah
Demands of the Revolution in Taiz
Some of the martyrs bodies enter Change Square of Sana'a today.
Demands of the Revolution Friday in Sa'ada
‎70th Square-mistake in broadcasting.





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