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Sunday, 5 June 2011

June 5th- Celebrations + Taiz Attack!

Sana'a Change Square protesters are chanting loudly "Wake up people its a new day.. Ali Saleh left today"
  Fireworks in the skies of Sana'a celebrating Ali Saleh's departure to Riyadh. 
First national anthem without Saleh in Sanaa
After dawn prayer, the youth in the Change Square started saying Takbeer -God is Great- to celebrate the happiness of the departure of Saleh.   
 Celebrations in Taiz
Ibb's celebrations
ِAden Celebrations
Hodeidah Fireworks

White House: Statement: Obama administration says that AbduRabo Mansour Hadi is positively viewed in Yemen.
Aden: exchange of gunfire midnight yesterday at the Alim checkpoint, Aden entrance from Abyan's side.
Abyan: Death of nine soldiers and 40 wounded in two ambushes carried out by gunmen
Abyan: Confirmed: Over one billion riyals was acquired by gunmen from Central bank in Zanjibar.
Arabia: Vice President did not go to the Presidential Palace although he is responsible for the position of President of Yemen
Masdar Online : Hundreds of thousands march in Taiz and express their happiness of Saleh's departure.
AJA | witnesses to Reuters : Heavy bombing and firing heard in Sana'a in Alhasabah area
Sana'a | U.S. ambassador in Sana'a meets AbduRabo Mansour Hadi, after taking the tasks of the president
The majority of managers working in the Yemeni channel escaped today, and refused to do their work, and the channel replaced its programs with national songs and documentaries.
Al-Masdar Online Reporter: the fall of the number of wounded in Freedom Square in Taiz in the absence of any first aid medical teams in the field hospital after its destruction last week
Renewed clashes in Taiz near Freedom square
News about clashes in Al-Alem area between Aden and Abyan .
Al-Arabiya :Yemeni President is undergoing surgery in the chest
Al-Arabiya :Yemeni opposition says it will work "with all its power" to prevent the return of Ali Saleh.
 Tanks are bombing Taiz's Freedom Square:
Yemeni rial regain 20% of its purchasing power after the departure of Ali Saleh.
Clashes in the north-west of Taiz in Al-Haogla area between gunmen and troops from the Guard stationed there.
Clashes between militants and Yemeni security near 22 May stadium in Aden and reports of deaths among the security
Reuters: Gunmen attacked a military checkpoint in the city of Aden.
AJA | Hamdi Albokari : There are violent clashes close to the presidential palace, on the other side of the city of Taiz with a continuous bombing on Freedom Square, protesters who are in freedom square are not the youth revolution, but armed groups from the military defectors from President Saleh's army and some tribesmen. Youth were prevented from entering to celebrate inn Freedom Square they were attacked by shells and bullets from Saleh's forces
NYR reporter::Sanaa witnesses a dramatic decline in its population after the departure of many of its residents oversea or to there villages where its safer for them,especially after rumors being spread that Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh is seeking revenge for the attack against his father..!!
Republican Guard soldiers to Marib Press: We have received assurances from our leadership that the President assigned his duties to his son Ahmad, and things will return as it was.
Government sources to Al-Jazeera: Military leaders and the president son Ahmed are still in Yemen
Republican Guard forces trying to get to 40M Street to the north of Taiz to besiege Osaiferah area.
CNN : Yemeni President is undergoing a surgery in the brain and nerves.
Arabia correspondent : Yemeni President descended from the plane walking on his feet
Arabia | Sources confirm that the Yemeni president's son Ahmed and the leader of the Republican Guard is running the affairs of the country
Marib press: groups of charred bodies were buried in the presidency today
Abdo Al-Janadi: The absence of the President will be short and he will return to Yemen soon by God's Safe , and i want to say to JMP if you want power let us go to elections and you can get it
Abdo Al-Janadi : the blast was inside the mosque , during the second part (raka'a) in the pray .
Organization of Islamic Countries: calls on the Yemeni parties to show restraint and for peaceful transition of power.
Bushra Al-Maqtari "female activist from Taiz" :Taiz pays always the price of resilience, while celebrating in Sana'a by Saleh's departure, Taiz lives a special horror, shot and missiles on the people in Freedom square, they did not leave us the opportunity to catch our breath, now shooting is still on and explosions in Jamal st,Tahrir and Bir Basha and fall of many Of martyrs and wounded.
Alhurra | Medical sources : Saleh needs at least 45 days recovery period after the operation.
AJA: three childern were injured in a shelling by Saleh forces in Taiz .
Organizing Committee of the People's Revolution in Yemen calls on people to celebrate the departure of the president to Saudi Arabia
Marib press: Vice president Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi directed to end all the military confrontations in Al-Hasba, Hadda and Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmer agrees to evacuate the government buildings
Reuters: Yemen acting president offers to withdraw troops from Sanaa neighbourhood with most fighting -
Reuters : Yemen Ahmar tribal group agrees to abide by truce
Sawa Radio : American sources are expecting that Ali Saleh will not back to presidency after travelling to Saudi Arabia
Sana'a now | NYR reporter : Celebrations are going on in change square, sky is lit with fire works that have just started and peoples hearts are filled with joy that can be clearly seen through the wide smiles on their faces
CNN quoted a Saudi source who said that the medical condition of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh is worse than what was previously though
Tanks randomlly shelled houses and Freedom Square from near Al-Thawra General Hospital in Taiz. Two martyrs fell with tens of wounded most of them are in critical conditions. The video shows the destruction on the houses in Taiz today. 
Sanaa: Youth of Revolution are now burning the flag of the ruling party GPC in change square.
Reuters: Yemen president Saleh is awake after successful operation, says medical source
Taiz Anti-govt activist: "Saleh won't have the courage to return to the country after being attacked by his own people"
MarebPress | URGENT | Republican Guard forces declare a state of maximum alert for all its troops stationed in all the mountains overlooking the capital Sanaa.
Yaman Agency News : Witnesses : huge replacement for Ali Saleh thugs especially those in Asr roundabout to their towns and villages after hearing the news of Saleh injury
Shabwa mass march today.
NYR reporter::Sana'a: 6 cannon blasts were heard being fired from the military camp stationed on Nukum mountain in spite of cease fire.
NYR reporter::Cannon blasts are still heard being fired from the military camp stationed on Nukum mountain.
Taiz: Forces loyal to Ali Saleh turn Al-Thawra hospital to a military barrack.
AJA : Speaker of the Parliament Yahia Al-Raai and the PM Ali Mujawer are in a critical health condition
AJA : Saleh regained consciousness, but he was not visited yet by politicians. 
Amr Jamal an activist from Aden to AJA : In front of Hadi, a heroic position to be made and it is to cease fire, end the insurgency ,the return of civilian life and hand over power to the revolution youth.
MarebPress: Clashes between 1st Armored Division and gunmen infront of Abdurabo Mansour Hadi's house- 1st Armored Division gets tanks reinforcements and impose a sercurity cordon around the house
Ibb: Clashes in Ibb are between armed thugs that are trying to break into the Square and tribesmen that are protecting the Square- near Gulf of Freedom. 
Ala'a Jabir, a witness to Rasd regarding what happened today in Taiz:

Today, we went out in a large crowd celebrating and chanting with victory the departure of the tyrant Saleh, "Oh Jazeera Oh Suhail, Ali ran in the middle of the night". The march started from the new Square, Victory Square, towards Jamal St, through Bab Mosa and reaching the burnt Freedom Square. As soon as we got there, they bombed us from Al-Thawra Hospital that the Republican Guards have transfered to a military base. They used heavy cannon bombardment and during the bombing, there were some clashes with gunmen which resulted in the death of two youths and an injury of others. One of the shells fell on one of the houses and three children were hurt, 2 girls and a boy. I was a part of the medical crew team. The older girl was 7 years old and she was injured from the back side of her loin, a surgery was performed on her. The second girl is 6 years old and she was injured by shrapnels in the head. The boy was 4 years old and was injured in his shoulder.

I have met their mother, she is one of the revolutionaries. The one thing she said that shocked me was, "God willing, my children are the redemption of his departure." 
Ibb: Pro Saleh gunmen are in the streets of Ibb firing live bullets to the air and celebrating the successs of Saleh's operation and chanting "The people want Ali Abdullah Saleh"
Heavy gunfire in Al-Odian St and Taiz St in Ibb right now
Heavy gunfire using various types of heavy weapons by Saleh's thugs led by Abdulwahid Saleh in most of Ibb's streets for the past hour. The purpose of this is to terrorize the citizens and news of arrangements to break into Freedom Gulf Square.
Witnesses to Yaman News Agency : Thugs in a car fired on the First Armored Division soldiers in 60th street near the house of Vice President, killing a Division soldier, but were later apprehended .
 Abdulellah Al-Domeni is the name of the First Armored Division soldier that was killed today by Saleh's thugs near AbduRabo Mansour Hadi's house
The student movement in Dhamar : hearing gunfire near the northern entrance of change square
European countries, calls on the parties in Yemen for reconciliation on the basis of the GCC initiative 
NYR reporter: With Sana'a almost empty of its citizens, the youth decide to take down the tents in Ribaat Street. June 5th 2011.
NYR reporter: First Armored Division set dirt barracades in 60th Street and made it a military checkpoint! June 5th 2011.
A distress call to the doctors in Aden:
There is a major shortage of medical services in the schools that hosted the refugees from Abyan. All the doctors and nurses are asked to contribute voluntarily in saving the lives of many of them.
Contact: Dr. Khaled Sufian: +967733924548
Moneer Abdullah Saeed Al-Wateri, 15 years old, shot in the head in Dibab checkpoint when he joined a march from Turbah to Freedom Square of taiz. Security forces attacked them by live ammunition and gas bombs.

 Martyr Abdulrahman Saeed Qayed, 27 years old, died in front of his house in front of Al-Taqwa Mosque in Al-Rawda district after he was injured by shrapnels from a shell that was launched by security forces there.
 Martyr Ammar Baghash Saeed Al-Mikhlafi, 30 years old, died by live bullets by security forces.
 A lady got shot three times while in her house, in her back and kidney.

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