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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Haitham Al-Jayefi, Saleh's voice imitator telling his kidnapping story.

In the Name of Allah,

On Satuday June 18th 2011, at 10:30 pm, I came out to go to my uncles house from near Asma School and I was surprised people covered me with a blanket and took me into a car. I didn't see the car, I was blind folded. I knew I was kidnapped, why would I scream? We drove for about an hour and half, and I felt ups and downs as if we were going out of Sana'a. Then we walked for half an hour while I was still blind folded. Then we went down the stairs and I felt like it was a basement. I sat on a chair and they took off the mask. They were asking me nicely, how are you? I said I'm fine, why did you bring me here. They said wait a bit until the leader comes. I said okay, I'm waiting. The leader came and told someone to go bring the letter, it was a long letter, and they were talking about it. Then they said that they heard that I can impersonate the presidents voice and some other voices. We want you to read this letter using the Persidents voice but in a tired kind of voice. I refused, I denied knowing how to imitate the President. They said no you can, go bring the video of the imitating. They showed me a video of me immitating the President on a phone; I said even if I knew how to imiate the President, I won't do it, especially since its something that will harm us. Suddenly all I could hear was a slap on my face. They beat me up and they put my hands on a table that had some iron electrocuted cuffs, and I was electrocuted. The people there said leave him alone to think, they left alone, I couldn't tell if it was morning, night, I didn't know the time. I was in a basement and the light was on the whole time. It was so quiet, I couldn't hear a thing. They didn't bring me breakfast, lunch or dinner, nothing at all except for water. They came the second time asking me if I thought about it, and I said think about what? They said what is wrong if you imitated his voice? We won't do anything to you. I said no. Same thing again, beating and electrocuting. One of them said, leave us alone and I will convince him by myself, let us leave both of us. They covered me again and we left, on a car and I was covered the whole way -long way. When the car stopped, they took off the mask and I was near Amran roundabout, between Amran roundabout and Al-Thawra stadium. He said, why don't you imitate him? We will even give you money. I said I won't do it. Then he started thanking me for my way, and that when they first kidnapped me, I didn't scream, you are different. I said well I was kidnapped already why would I scream. Then he said, you know if I take you back, they will torture you more, maybe with something more than what happened. They won't let you out, and they will kill you. You will never leave if I took you back. So I will let you escape, but do not say that you were kidnapped in the first place. I asked him what his name was, and he said Khaled Al-Jaradi. Then he said you leave, and I wont go back to them because if I went back they will ask where you are and they will kill me, so I will travel to my village. This was on the third day on Monday at 10:00. I was hungry and thirsty, 3 days without anything. I left and walked and it was an SUV car, I walked to Change Square and arrived at 11:00am. They were ready, they had a laptop and recordings so I can read the letter. The beginning of the letter was directed to "the great Yemeni people and security forces, we are fine and we will come in the coming days."

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