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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

June 7th: Sana'a march to VP house- Demanding Transitional Council

Media Council of the Youth Revolution- Change Square of Sana'a

The moment to resolve has come. This was the slogan that the youth in the Change Square use when organizing a mass march this afternoon on June 7th 2011. Many of the male and female youth participated in this mass march where it started from University of Science and Technology girls’ branch and headed to 60th Street towards the acting President AbduRabo Mansour Hadi's house. They demanded to start forming a Transitional Council that consists of national figures, urging Hadi to meet all the youths' demands and the goals of the peaceful revolution by starting to release all the political and journalists that are poisoned immediately.

The participants chanted slogans such as, "The People Want a Transitional Council" and "Oh Mansour We Will Stay until You Form the Council" and "Oh Mansour Oh Hadi, Do Not Go Against the Revolutionaries" as well as many other chants that demand the departure of all the regime symbols and to form a modern civil state.

Mr. Ahmad Al-Masebeli read out the statement written by the Youth that demanded:

1. The immediate announcement of starting a transition stage that will meet the ambitions and aspirations of the revolution.

2. Announcing the formation of a Presidential Council to lead the country, formed by civilians that are efficient and have integrity, values and believe in the objectives of the peaceful revolution. Exhorting the consensus of all the national forces where this council does not include any of the symbols of the former regime. The members of the Transitional Council have no right to run for presidency in the first election cycle to come.

3. The youth revolutionaries have confirmed their readiness to provide an integrated vision of the procedures and mechanisms of the transitional stage and what is after it, and if necessary impose it in order to achieve the Yemeni dream of the civil state.

They later declared to sit-in in front of Hadi's house for a 24-hour period of time as a deadline to achieve their first goals, confirming their intention to immediately escalate targeting the remaining strongholds of the former regime.

They have also asked Hadi to listen and follow the voices of the youth since he is the only one remaining from the dying regime that would maintain security in the country and open up the way to start building the modern civil state. To start the prosecution of the murderers and the perpetrators of the massacres against the youth from the government who are still exercising their criminal acts without being trailed.

The youth are still protesting in front of the acting President AbduRabo Mansour Hadi's house.

The following is the text of the statement that was issued by the protesters in the 60th Street, as a 24 hour deadline to meet their demands.
To all the political and national forces that believe in the revolution and its goals,
After nearly four months of the start of the peaceful youth revolution, with the fall of the head of the regime and the country entrance in security and constitutional absence, the responsibility in the current and historical situation regarding the nation necessitates to continue working in order to see a full success in the revolution that so long you expressed your faith in it and worked to achieve its goals and objectives. As a fulfillment to the martyrs, what is required of you is the demands of all the Yemeni people that are represented by the following: 

1. Declaration for an immediate start in the transition period that lasts one year, begins by a constitutional announcement that will identify the features of the transitional stage to meet the ambitions and aspirations of the revolution. 

2. To form a Presidential Council consisting of integrated and effective civilian members who believe in the values, principles and objectives of the peaceful youth and peoples' revolution and receive a popular consensus of all the national forces, and so that:

- The Council does not include any of the former regime symbols.
- The members of the Presidential Transitional Council are not entitled to run for presidential elections in its first cycle after the transitional period. 

To follow that and to be loyal to the martyrs that have died for the revolution and its goals, we will not accept procrastination or reduction in the achievement of these demands and we do not think that you will accept it as well. 

Therefore, we will remain in our place for 24 hours starting now, hoping that you will do your part in this regard during this period of time. In case our demands were not achieved, we are determined to immediately escalate and target the remaining of the strongholds of the dying regime.

As the youth revolutionaries also confirm that they are ready to provide an integrated vision for the actions and mechanism of the transitional phase, and to impose it if necessary in order to reach the dream of all Yemenis in building the modern civil state.

Glory to Yemen, Immortality to the Martyrs, Victory to the Revolution.
Youth of the Change Square in Sana'a
June 7th 2011

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