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Saturday, 4 June 2011

May 31st updates

Sounds of police cars getting louder as the time of the march approaches that was planned by the youth since last night to restore Freedom Square.
Numbers of security forces are still stationed on the outskirts of Change Square from Kentucky Round and Agriculutre St at the moment.
Two explosions in Sana'a now in Hasaba again after calm moments that lasted 30 mins
Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar supporters control Police Department in Hasaba after violent clashes with Saleh's forces that lasted 4 hours- some soldiers gave up and some escaped.
Shelling hit the top of Ibrahim AbuLohoom's house that is located across from Qotaybena house in Jaraf resulted in one injured-not serious
Abyan: shelling is still contiuning until the meantime in Zanjibar.
Discovering two burnt disabled people with their wheelchairs inside the burned tents in Freedom Square of Taiz after Republican Guards attacked them on the 29th of May
Abyan: Warplanes yesterday were using cluster bombs in its bombardment of the areas controlled by the gunmen.
Violent clashes taking place in western camp in Radfan led by Major General Mohammed Haidar and armed groups.
Saleh's security forces are opening fire -heavy and light weapons- on the protesters in Jamal St in Taiz to prevent them from marching; reports of injuries.
Reuters: Al-Ahmar supporters regained control of the GCP building in Hasaba -where the fighting occured.
Disperesing demonstrations in Al-Qadi Round in Taiz by firing live ammunition and heavy weapons; reports of dead and wounded.
Violent clashes right now near the Permanent Committe of GCP by Al-Ahmar supporters and Security forces in Sana'a
Secuirty reinforcements of 14 military troops, armored vehicles and soldiers are spreading widely in Jamal St to attack the protesters in Taiz
Very heavy gunfire on the protesters in Taiz right now
Security forces are following and sniper-shooting directing at the youth in the neighborhoods and internal streets in Taiz
Reports of the first person dying today in Taiz by security forces live bullets
Witness: Heavy gunfire with continuous explosions and smoke rising from near Al-Ahmar's house
MasdarOnline: Sheikh Al-Ahmar supporters controlled The Permanent Committee building of GCP, Police Department of Hasaba and advanced towards TV Station and reached Water Corporation.
Arabia: Female Yemeni Activist: Five martyrs fell in Taiz today by Saleh's security forces live bullets so far.
Name of first Martyr is Esam Ahmad Noman, a lab technician in Republican Hospital.
An urgent charging file against Ali Saleh moved towards the International Criminal Court.
Photo of the rising smoke in Hasaba now due to mortar shelling 
Fire outbroke near House of Representatives in Sana'a and smoke is rising.
Saleh's security forces are separating protesters in Deluxe and Sinan Rounds; they fire heavly on the protesters directly aiming at them killing and injuring a number- it is unknown due to the seriousness of not being able to access to them.
Smoke that is rising in Hasaba is as a result of Saleh's security forces bombing a fuel statioin inside The Permanent Committee.
Witnesses to MasdarOnline: Security forces are preventing thousands of protesters from entering Taiz through Al-Thabab entrance.
Republican Guards and Military Police are stationed on the roof of Al-Thawra General Hospital in Sana'a
AFP: 4 Yemeni soldiers were killed by gunmen near Zanjibar in Abyan
Warplanes bomb October 7 Factory that was targeted before -ammunition factory: death of over 200 in Ja'ar Abyan
NYR Reporter: 13 soldiers killed in an armed ambush including 6 senior officers in Abyan
Security forces's live bullets are transferring from Wadi Al-Qadi to Jamal St and the youth are blocking them with bare chests.
Journalist Ghamdan Al-Yousfi: Death toll in Taiz today rises to 7 protests shot by live bullets and they are confusing security forces in gathering in more than one place
MasdarOnline:Sadiq Al-Ahmar Office Manager: We controlled the Survery Department, The Permanent Committee and Police Department in Hasaba in Sana'a.
AbdulQawee Al-Qaisi, Office Manager of Sheikh Al-Ahmar announces that Al-Ahmar supporters control Ministry of Interior.
Deputy Prime Minister of Kuwait demanding the withdrawal of the Kuwaiti diplomatic mission from Yemen
Abyan : Names of officers and soldiers who were killed from the beginning of Friday's clashes till today:
- Colonel Fadel Abdul Jabbar Dammaj.
- Colonel Mohammad Ali Salih Mahdi.
- Sergeant Abdalrguib Mohammed Suleiman.
- Sergeant Ali Ahmed Saleh Al-Ashwal.
- pilot Mohamed Saleh Ghabsi
- Captain AbdulRazzaq Abdullah Homi
- Assistant Mohammed Ahmed Zaid Alsabahi.
- Assistant Hadi Saleh Saeed Ahmed.
- Assistant Muhammad Mosawa Ali Mohsen al-Hassani.
- Assistant Ahmed Saghier Mohamed Kotaiaan .
- Sergeant Sufi Mohammed Ali Zeid.
- Sergeant Dahan Abdo Saleh Wahshan.
- Sergeant Nabil Mohammed Saeed al-Sabri.
- Sergeant Mohammed Nasser Mohammed Jabr.
- Sergeant Akram Mansoor Ahmed.
- Master Abdo Mohsen Rajeh.
- Soldier Ali Naji Massaad Ahwaili.
- Soldier Saddam Saleh Naji Mansoob.
- Soldier Suhail Ali Suhail.
- Soldier Walid Mohammed Hussein Alheshaishi
- Soldier Fare'a Ali Yahia Fare'a Aldayani
Heavy firing continues in Taiz at the moment
Protesting infront of the Dean of Education office in Hodeidah today 
Dean of Med in Hodeidah University annouces they won't teach and if some teachers teach there won't be any exams! 

Protesting in Ibb to support Taiz today
Ibb today supporting Taiz- With our souls and blood we sacrifice for you.
Dhamar protesting today to support Taiz 
The UN for Human Rights condemns the killings carried out by the Yemeni government against the protesters in Taiz and says that it is checking reports of the death of more than 50 people by government forces bullets.
Reuters: Human Rights Organizations, Hood Organization and ten other humanitarian organizations gathered files will all the crimes committed by Saleh with photos and videos and will present them to the International Criminal Court.
MasdarOnline: Continued protesting in lower Tahrir St, Al-Markazi, Wadi Al-Qadi, 26th St and upper Tahrir. Sources indicate that the number of martyrs is up to 11, 7 of them in Wadi Al-Qadi, 2 in Markazi and 2 on Misrakh Road in Taiz.
Al-Qirbi is in UAE and Al-Alemi is in Saudi to revive the Gulf mediation and to prevent transfering Saleh's file to Security Council.
Security forces shooting protesters in Wadi Al-Qadi in Taiz today 
Youth pray the afternoon prayer (Dohr) in Wadi Al-Qadi despite the live bullets and the chases by security forces in Taiz. 
Martyr Essam Ahmad Noman, Lab technician - shot directly in the chest.
Directly shooting on the protesters in Wadi Al-Qadi right now from all directions reports of injured by dozens -cannot tell if people are dead.
Saleh's forces are artillery shelling Hamza Mosque in Ja'ar near MTN and the girls school, Abyan
Female protesters refuse to leave ''Wadi Al-Qadi'' neighborhood and security forces are surrounding them in Taiz.
Saleh's forces artillery shelled Tareq Al-Fadli's house in Zanjibar
Anees Mansour to AJA- Situation in Zanjibar: Navy forces fired missiles at the city while civilians wave white flags. The people that fleed Zanjibar broke into schools in Aden to find themselves a home; hospital is full of injured and appeals to address the humanitarian situation. All attemps to take out the gunmen have failed because of the inistence of the gunmen on rejecting, all calming attemps have been refused by the gunmen. The victories that the regime is announcing are imaginary vitories and civilians are paying the price; military enhancements that the regime is talking of, did not arrive until now.   
Witness: Firing live bullets near the female protesters that refused to leave Wadi Al-Qadi in an attempt to intimidate them and make them leave- they assualted some of them.   
Abyan: Shelling Hamza Mosque in Ja'ar resulted in the fall of many injured civilians, and shelling reached some of the houses nearby.
Abyan: Warplanes are shelling gathered gunmen near one of the farms in Al-Makhzan village in Ja'ar
Al-Jaradi to AJA: Al-Qeda in Yemen is led by a very known man in Yemen and it is Ali Abdullah Saleh.
Martyr Nazeeh Abdulmoeen Qassim, 34 years old, father to 4 children- shot directly in the heart.
Hasaba clashes today
 Renewed attacks in Jamal St and chasings in the streets is still continuous; sounds of heavy weapons around the city of Taiz now. 
Al-Hada tribe in Dhamar condemns the genocide committed by the regime in Taiz and calls for cohesion in order to fall Saleh's criminal regime and trial it.
MarebPress: Shiekh Mohammed Hameed Abu Hatim was targetted by artillery shelling near Interior Ministry this morning.
Bakazim and Modeya tribes are vowing to protect the military and security insititutions in Abyan and to maintain security of the region and stand in the face of anyone who tries to form sedition and tamper security.
About 80 dead from both sides in Al-Azraqin; people are unable to reach the bodies due to raged fighting in Sana'a
Witnesses confirm that there is acid presence mixed with water in the water cannons that spray the protesters in Taiz which causes severe inflammation at the time of spraying.
Chasing protesters in the streets in Taiz 
MarebPress: Arresting Dr. Saleh Mohammed Mahyob Al-Abil, a surgeon from 22 May Hospital in Taiz by security forces.
Appeal: All the youth of Taiz should go towards to Wadi Al-Qadi to lift the siege on the women there by security forces.
Witnesses: White 4-Runner Saudi with plate 4145, Silver 4-runner plate 4/26987 are distributing weapons and shooting protesters in Taiz.
Ms. Nooriyah Wabel, a female activist in Taiz was humiliated by Saleh's forces; They took her head dress out and pushed her around.
Heavy gunfire on protesters in Jamal St especially in Al-Tharba district
MasdarOnline: Yemeni opposition informs the GCC the end of the Gulf Initiative and holds the President responsible for that. They urged the International Community to take a firm stand by the Yemeni people's peaceful revolution.
Abdullah Ghurab BBC: Guided missile hits the house of Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar, the house is now burning and plumes of smoke rising
Witness: An apartment building that I live in was bombed today afternoon in Hasaba using five shells which outbroke a fire in some of the apartments and others destroyed; the building has people living in 3 flats and it is 33 flats.
The owner of the building is one of Hashid's people and he was guarding the building with members of his tribes to prevent Al-Ahmar from stationing in it- He has put up some barriers around the building which made Saleh's forces think that it is an Al-Ahmar location and they shelled it. Thank God no loses in lives.
Aljanady to BBC : Yesterday in Taiz only two people were killed and today there is no news about a single person killed. News about a massacre in Taiz is just an exaggeration
Sana'a : Heavy explosions heard in Alhasabah now
Marib Press | Abyan : Mass displacement of families in Ja'ar and Mahraq after they received threats of burning their homes by thugs of the regime
The CCRYC report of the lastest events in Taiz so far:
Outcome of Sunday:
103 martyrs
300 abducted
1000 + injured
20 charred bodies

Outcome of Today:
7 martyrs
14 wounded

6 Freedom Squares in Taiz
- Wadi Al-Qadi
- Al-Thebab Point
- Al-Hawban
- Naqeel Al-Ebl
- Jamal St
- Tahrir
Taiz : Forces of the corrupt regime arrest at least fifteen women in Taiz, they are now detained at the Department of Aljahmaliah.
High heavy plumes of smoke from Al-Hashedi station in front of Qat market near President house in Hasaba
MarebPress: Saleh expels commander of Al-Sama'a camp-Republican Guards- in Arhab after he refused to take orders to bomb villages in Arhab.
Map showing where clashes are taking place in Sana'a now 
Security forces and thugs assualt female protesters that wouldn't leave Al-Qadi Wadi area 
Sana'a : Hearing of heavy firing near the square of change in Sana'a
Witness: A bus just went on fire in front of TV Building
Basondwah hands over a memorandum to the UAE Embassy on behalf of the JMP and partners, the memorandum announces the end of the GCC initiative since Saleh rejected to sign.
MasdarOnline: Local sources in Taiz indicate that the death toll rises to more than 12 today and the number of injured are over 100; the protesters are still in protesting in 5 different sit-ins instead of the one they were in and got burnt.
MarebPress: Shell fell near Change Square of Sana'a near Saba round.
Mohammed Moqbil Al-Hemyari member of Parliament to AJA: You are talking about 52 martyrs and the ones that died are over than 150 in Taiz.
In Dabab checkpoint after afternoon prayer protesters were attacked, resulted in:
- Martyr Radwan Abdullah -From Shoaba
Two wounded:
-Moneer Abdulah Saeed, 15 years old - From Najd Qassim
- Unknow- From Bani Yousef
‎100 of the senior Sheikhs that are supporting the revolution decide to protect protesters of Freedom Square in Taiz.
Bushra Al-Maqtari to MarebPress: Security forces and thugs dressed in female uniform chased the females that went out in a march today in Taiz, they removed their viels and head scarves and some were sexually threatened.
Powerful explosions shake Sana'a from the northern side of it.
Sana'a : Clashes that are going on in Saba round right now are between Republican Guards and First Armored Division according to eyewitnesses
Sana'a | Eyewitness : Combustion of a gas station located in front of the Ministry of Local Administration.
Families that flee Zanjibar to Aden. 
Mareb Press : 100 Sheiks of Taiz vow to protect protesters in freedom square
Witnesses: Clashes that are going on in Saba roundabout are between Republican Guards & First Armored Division
Supporters of Alahmar bomb house of the president in "Qaryat Aldejaj" Around textile factory and witnesses assert seeing columns of smoke coming from it
Sana'a Now : Shelling on the First armored division from Mount of Mathbah
Heavy shelling with machine guns and heavy explosions in Hasaba towards TV and Maintenance building.
Heavy shooting from Agriculture St Blood Bank and 60th St. sounds towards Change Square of Sana'a
Continuous missle strikes on First Armored Division and they are denfeding themselves now.
Heavy explosions heard now in Sana'a from Hezyaz area, could be from Alsawad camp of the Republican Guards - Not confirmed
Republican Guards attempt to break into Change Square of Sana'a from Aijel Hotel side
MasdarOnline: Bombing First Armored Division from Asir side where Republican Guards camps are stationed.
Sana'a : Ali's forces are still trying to break into the change square from the side of Cairo St. and fierce clashes between them and the 1st Armored division now
Clashes in neighborhoods around Saba round and heavy gunfire reaches houses; people are panicing
Exodus of people in Shuoob and Sheba round after clashes arrived to it.
Heavy explosions in the direction of the First Armored Division
Situation is tragic and horrible in Sana'a- explosions and gunfire are continuous 
Sana'a : This photo was taken from the rooftop of a house in Sana'a. The pic shows a shell in Alhasaba area . Time the photo was taken 7: 42pm
Sana'a : Clashes continue between supporters of Al-Ahmar and the regime forces in the following areas :
- Mareb St Around the Ministry of Education
- Alhgazl walnaseej St Around President's house in Qaryat aldejaj
- Alhasabah area and Ministry of Interior
- In Shaba round, and now there is the fiercest clashes
- Behind the camp of 1st armored division with the Maintenance camp
- Between the 1st Armored division and Republican guards in Alsonainah
- End of Cairo St. where the republican guards are trying to break into change square
Ibb: Armored vehicles and soliders are gathering in Ibb stadium - fear to break into Gulf Freedom of Ibb.
Quoting Mohammed Al-Emad who is in the Change Square right now: Heavy shelling close to Change Square- I believe its near First Armored Division and Hasaba.
Military source to MasdarOnline: Brigade 314 led by Brigadier General Mohammed Khalel is the one leading the confrontations against Al-Ahmar supporters in areas close to Permanant Committee and Saba intersection in Hasaba north of Sana'a
Arrival of four dead bodies to Khalefa Hospital from Al-Dibab valley -outskirts of Taiz.

People in Hojaria are getting armed with heavy weapons on their way to Taiz.
New York, 31 May 2011 - Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on Yemen
The Secretary-General is gravely concerned about the reports of excessive use of force by Yemeni security forces against unarmed demonstrators in Taiz and the escalating fighting in Sana'a and other cities leaving scores of civilians dead, wounded and displaced. He urges the Government and tribesmen engaged in violent confrontations in Sana'a to return to an immediate cease-fire allowing negotiations to take place.

The Secretary-General believes that all Yemenis should work towards defusing tensions and come together in a spirit of national unity for the sake of peace and stability in Yemen. 
AJA : Yemeni forces bomb the headquarters of the First Armored Division from the east side.
Very heavy explosions heard now in Sana'a 
Taiz conflicts:
Sudden cut of power now from change Square in Sana'a and fears from any attack soon
Media Center of the youth of the revolution | Heavy presence of thugs, Central Security and Republican Guards forces in the entrances of change square. New enforcement of First armored division to enhance the protection of the square.Youth of revolution vow to protect the square by any means
Republican Guard forces renew Indiscriminate bombing of villages and areas of Arhab in Sana'a governorate
Nas Mobile : First Armored Division receives new enforcements to enhance security of the protesters in change square - Sana'a
Almost a full Power outage on the city of Taiz now
Sana'a | Change square today 
Reports of fire in Ministry of Transportation in Airport Road & another fire in a building in Hasaba followed by explosions.
Protest in Shabwa to condemn crimes and massacres that happened in Taiz 
Abdo Aljanady on the BBC Arabic denies any burning to Liberty Square in Taiz and says that the entire city is living in complete tranquility and that the youth activists have left Liberty Square and not a single drop of blood was shed in Taiz! 
Photo taken at (10:10pm) describes the fire as a result of the bombing of Alhasaba in the city of Sanaa, which is believed to be next to the Shura Council and the Ministry of Transportation
Civil disobedience in Taiz today
Suhail: Violent confrontation inside the Presidential Palace in Sana'a and reports that Saleh and his sons have left the capital city. 
The students of Dhamar movement to change | armored vehicles approaching the entrance to the eastern side of the city of Dhamar
Reports of several fires in the residential neighborhoods of Alhasaba due to the indiscriminate shelling by the Republican Guards, and a huge fire devoured the Ministry of Transportation
Al-Jazeera: Shiekh Sadek Al-Ahmar forces control of several security and government headquarters including the Ministry of Interior and the headquarters of the ruling party and the the Advisory Council
Military source to Masdar : military units loyal to the revolution, go to Zanjibar to impose security and expel armed groups
Secretary-General of the International Union for Muslim Scholars: Appeals the Yemeni people to uphold its unity and patience to to let go of the attempts to drag the country to civil war; they call on the army to follow the Egyptian army and to protect the people.
EUROPEAN UNION Brussels, 31 May 2011
A 217/11
Statement by the High Representative, Catherine Ashton on the situation in Yemen
Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, issued the following statement today:
"I am shocked and condemn in the strongest terms the use of force and live ammunition against peaceful protesters in the city of Taiz. Reports of attacks on medical facilities are appalling. The continued repression by the Yemeni regime and grave violations of human rights and international humanitarian law cannot be accepted. Those responsible for such deeds must be held accountable. I repeat the call for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to launch an independent
assessment. I have already made clear that the President and the security forces are responsible to protect all citizens in Yemen.
I urge again President Saleh to address the legitimate demands of the Yemeni people regarding political transition, to refrain from violence and to end abuses of Human Rights. It is now time, without further pretexts, to sign and implement the GCC initiative on political transition."
Gunfire resumed in Sana'a from the north west of Change Square
Witnesses: flames are rising from the Rural Water Building in Amran St. 
MasdarOnline: Large military forces reinforcements with tanks, armored vehichles, artillery and military crews beloning to Al-And camp withdrawing from its position where it was patrolled on public entrance in southwest Habelayn city near Jamal Mountain and Technical Institute building -it was stationed there since mid-January this year.  

MasdarOnline: 4 people injured in bombing by security forces west of Al-Habelayn city in Lahj - the injured belong to one family from Taiz used to live in Merchant Ahmad Hamoud Al-Habsh building.

Heavy confrontations with machine guns around maintenance camp.  
Live bullets reach the protesters tents in Change Square of Sana'a  
Ibb: News about clashes between Maytam tribes in Ibb and a military camp stationed in Maytam area and includes units of Republican Guards- after families were prevented from moving towards the city.  

NYR reporter::Cannon Blasts are heard from Nukum mountain-Sanaa..!! (Nukum mountain lies around Sanaa and has a military camp which basically is the first line of defense incase of any invasion to the city) 

Republican Guards shooting an ambulance that was trying to transfer a citizen who got injured in Saba roundabout.

Huge escalation in fire in maintenance camp in Sofan district in Sana'a

One of the youth got injured in his leg near Eagle Hotel in Change Square Sana'a

Safer station burning in Taiz

Very heavy bombardment from Al-Ahmar supporters on maintenance camp which was bombing Al-Ahmar supporters and the 1st Armored Division yesterday.

Car burning in Taiz on May 29th
MCRY: 2 of the youth got injured by bullet fragments inside Change Square while in their tent that is in front from Eagle Hotel due to the violent clashes that took place near Shaba roundabout that is close to Change Square between Al-Ahmar supporters and Republican Guards- they have been transferred to the field hospital.

Groups of Republican Guards in civilian clothes led by Sinan Dowaid and Saleh Taeman break into Al-Amodi Building in Shahran roundabout in 14 October St in Haddah, Sana'a to open up a new area of battles to attack opposition leaders houses.

Witness: Arrival of large numbers of armored personnel of Central Security now to Zubairi St in Sana'a at the southern entrance to Change Square.
Powerful explosions in north Sana'a, could either be in TV St or Airport St- followed by heaving gunfire.

Republican Guards forces renewed artillery shelling on a number of villages in Hayma in Sana'a

Dhamar: Military crews armed with RPG's and gunmen in civilians clothes in front of Brigadier General Yahya Al-Amri's house near the sit-in; news of accumulation of medium weapons in some government installations including CAC bank.
Sounds of gunfire close to 1st Armored Division
Hasaba today

Sounds of huge explosions around Freedom Square in Taiz now and sounds of other explosions coming from north Taiz (Osayfera)

A military crew in Kalaba area is targetted; fierce armed confrontations between armed groups and Saleh's forces- tribal reinforcements are arriving to Taiz and clash with the Republican Guards crews in different streets.

The most violent confrontations now taking place in Hasaba, explosions consecutively shaking homes; this developments come after military units arrived to support Central Security and Republican Guards-estimated more than ten personnel carriers with their equipment. Clashes are still continued near Sheba roundabout, described as street war as all kinds of weapons were used to control the location.

With martyrs blood writing promises in Taiz

Al-Safwa Hospital in Taiz was converted into a military elite after the destruction and looting of all its contents; the soldiers were seen dragging money treasury out of the hospital.

Martyr Bassem Al-Absi shot in the chest today in Taiz

Letter to the international community (For Immediate release and action)
31 May, 2011

Nouria Wabel, a women leader (40 years) in the Yemeni peaceful revolution, was beaten brutally by women's police and security forces in Taiz around 4 pm today which leads to enforcedly abortion of Nouria's five-months pregnancy .
The women's police with the help of the security men forces also beat another activist on her head and put her unconscious.

Nouria and another 60 women were gathered in Taiz City from morning to commence a peaceful march through Taiz streets. When they started marching in 03:30 pm, the security forces encountered them with live bullets, yet women continued their march. Later on, the security forces called upon the intervention of women's police who physically attacked the women protesters.

This women march came as a positional action against the excessive attack of May 29th against the peaceful protestors in Taiz when the Central Security Forces and the Republican Guards led by Saleh's son and nephew, stormed Al Huria (Liberty) Square in Taiz with heavy weapons. The attack killed more than 50 protesters, injured more than 120 and arrested other hundreds some of them were injured. The forces, as well, burnt the protestors' tents. According to human rights organizations in Taiz, some of those tents had disabled protestors who were unable to run away and thus burnt to death.
Watan Coalition- Women for Social Peace urges International civil society groups, women’s networks, citizens' forums and media to demonstrate your support and solidarity to Yemeni people to realize their dreams to freedom. We particularly urge you to hold demonstrations in your own locations, cities and towns and send petition to your governments to stand by Yemeni people and to help realize their dreams.

Watan Coalition- Women for Social Peace,

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