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Friday, 17 June 2011

June 16th updates- Taiz attack!

Sources to NassPress confirm that Republican Guards detained 8 Petroleum and Diesel tankers that were coming from Hodeidah towards Sana'a.

Al-Baydah demanding formation of a transitional council

MarebPress: Suhail Channel dismisses announcer Ahmad Al-Musebli from working.

MasdarOnline: Yemeni retired officer denies clashes between government forces and "Qaeda" militants in south of Yemen.

MarebPress: Aden: Heavy spread of security forces, and development of new military points after infiltrators from Abyan took control over the other ones.

MabresPress: Aden: Director of Security announces the arrest of ten suspected militants belonging to "Al-Qaeda" after their infiltration to Al-Aend point in Aden.

MarebPress: Dr. Mohammed Qayzan, GM of Suhail Channel: Ahmad Al-Musebli is not an employee to be dismissed, he only provided some programs in the channel for cooperation with us.

AJA: Yemeni opposition parties ask to stop the escalation in the Squares in order to transfer authority to the acting President.

AJA: March in Sayoon calling for an immediate formation of a Transitional Council.

AJA: Yemeni opposition is asking the youth to stop the "violence" in order to transfer authority to acting President.

AJA: Opposition: The US ambassador asked to stop what he called violence in the Square and to calm with the revolutionary escalation.

MarebPress: In the assassination attempt of Saleh, two tanks of type T82 and T72 were stationed in Al-Nahdain Mount and withdrew hours after the attack.

Hamid al-Ahmar to AJA| I call on the Vice President to take into account the interests of the Yemenis, before taking into account the feelings of some people and I do not think he does not want the transfer of power. 

Hamid Al-Ahmer to AJA: Yemen's security is the security of our brothers in Saudi Arabia and Yemen's security should not be tampered with by criminals and people with mental illnesses. 
 Reuters: Yemen receives a shipment of oil from Saudi Arabia, but fuel shortages worsen

Taiz: one dead during the withdrawal of tribes according to the truce agreement, and continuing marches demanding the formation of a transitional council, and the revolution youth resume sit-in Freedom Square
Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi VP meets with leaders of the revolution, and demands for two weeks to start of "drawing a new page to Yemen
Hamid al-Ahmar to AJA: the Americans do not have the right to transfer power .. who have this right are the people of Yemen and the revolution youth who toppled the regime from the first month
 Hajja : Killing one person and wounding 11 in an attack by militants loyal to Saleh on the Headquarter of Hajja Brigade 

Tariq al-Shami from GPC to "Quds Press": talking about the transitional council in Yemen is a coup and it will not be recognized by anyone
 Sources to Maribpress : Saudi Arabia pledges to support Yemen after Saleh by one billion dollars and international schemes to save the Yemeni economy
Martyrdom of Mr. Bashir Mahyoub Haider Al-Dubaae who was wounded by a bullet in head by Qiran forces on Friday, June 3 after Friday prayers in Taiz
Al Jazeera TV | U.S. ambassador in Yemen told the Yemeni opposition about the necessity to stop the violence in the squares and the revolutionary escalation
 Now march with candles in change square in Sanaa in loyalty to the martyrs heading to Sawad cemetery
violent clashes in these moments moments between the Western military sector forces and gunmen in the western side of Al-Habilain city in Radfan, Lahj province, reports of injuries, while the sound of bombing and loud explosions is rocking the city
 Marib press :Explosion of a stun grenade next to judicial compound in Al-Muaala, Aden 

Al-Saaeda Channel: A mysterious explosion near the embassy of Saudi Arabia targeting the Saudi ambassador in Sanaa
Candle vigil in change square in Sanaa in loyalty to the martyrs heading to Sawad cemetery 

  Washington Post: President Saleh is a volatile ally for America and who will Succeed him does not seem better tha him ,and revolution youth lack organization. 

Emirates News Agency: President Saleh pledged to get over the crisis during a telephone call he received from the king of Bahrain
 one martyr today in Habileen his name is Salim Saleh Awadh 45 years , when he was shot by snipers from the western sector of the Republican guards in Lahj . 

MasdarOnline: Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar: The assassination attempt of Saleh reflects a conflict in the wings around him and I don't advise him to return because he will cause dissension.

An explosion heard with some gunfire around Freedom Square of Taiz.

Very heavy shooting from the Republican Guards base near Al-Thawra Hospital towards Freedom Square in Taiz.

EyeWitness: Security forces shot one of the houses in Masbah, as he said "The building above Makhratat Sinan, in the vicinity of Dakkaf" in Taiz.

Residents of the building that was shot were not hurt, loss is only materialistic.

Taiz: Violent clashes taking place in Oseyfera now.

Taiz: News of armored vehicles gathering as well as soldiers near Al-Thawra Hospital now.

Renewed clashes in Freedom Square of Taiz and reports of military movements from the western port of Freedom Square- Al-Taiziya directorate port.

Taiz Youth: We are protecting the city and Freedom Square, have no fear or worry, tomorrow, we will pray in Freedom Square despite what they do. Victory for the Revolution and Glory to the Martyrs.

A blend of dawn call of prayer with the sounds of bullets in Taiz.
Taiz showing destruction from todays' bombing


MasdarOnline: Saleh receives a call from Bahrain King and says, "Yemen is able to overcome the crisis."

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