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Friday, 3 June 2011

June 3rd- Loyalty to Taiz Friday!

After silence that lasted a couple of hours, explosions and gunfire resumed in Sana'a coming from Nuqom Mountain!
A mass march just started in Sa'ada on Friday, Loyalty to Taiz to be the first city to demand the fall of the regime on this day. 
As people are gathering for Friday prayer in Taiz, Security Forces are shooting them in lower Tahrir St right now.
MaribPress Chief Editor: The weapons that the US gave to Ali Saleh to fight terrorism were used by Saleh to bomb civilian neighborhoods these day; there are mass exodus from all regions of Sana'a due to the sounds of gunfire and bombings.
Ali Saleh's forces occupy the place in which prayer was scheduled to take place in and violently attacks the protesters in Taiz. 

Power outage in almost all areas of Taiz.
Shooting protesters as they are on their way to attend Friday prayers
abdulkader alguneid

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