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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Names of Injured and dead in Presidential Palace Mosque Attack

Names as they were revealed by Septemeber 26th Newspaper- Government paper.

The names of the people that died in the Presidential Palace Mosque attack:
- Ahmad Ali Ahmad Al-Daneen
- Abdullah Mohammed Al- Mohamadi
- Mohammed Abdulraham Al-Khateeb
- Abdulhakeem Yahya Ghalab
- Nabeel Mohammed Al-Sharafi
- Adel Ahmad Tamish
- Saleh Mohamed Al-Rashde
- Abdullah Mohammed Eskandar
- Ali Ahmad Atboor

Names of Special Security Forces that were injured in the Presidential Palace Attack + 3 of Saleh's grandsons:
  1. Mabkhoot Saleh- injury in the head
  2. Ali Munasr Al-Mahaqir- spread of fragments
  3. Ali Ali Khalel- ear injuries and hand burns
  4. Mohammed Hassan Al-Bahloli- bruises
  5. Abdullah Al-Ma’amri- injury in the leg
  6. Hussien Najee Al-Rayemi- injury in the face
  7. Najee Al-Sayad- spread of fragments
  8. Abdulwasii Maqola- fragments in the leg
  9. Ali Abdu Faraj- injury in the back
  10. Najee Al-Masri- injury in chest and arm
  11. Mohammed Saleh Al-Manhami- injury in right arm and chin
  12. Muhsen Mohammed Ayed- injury in the face
  13. Khaled Abdulqadir Abdullateef- critical case, transfered to Saudi
  14. Mohammed Ali Al-Samawe- minor injuries
  15. Ahmad Saleh Abdo
  16. Mohammed Ali Zaid Al-Matari- broken leg
  17. Abdullah Ali Saleh Al-Khlqi- minor injuries
  18. Mohammed Zaid Al-Akwa’a- critical case, transfered to Saudi
  19. Sinan Dowaid- medium case, transfered to Saudi
  20. Ahmad Mashli Al-Hamedi- ICU
  21. Ali Muhsen Al-Matari-
  22. Saleh Ali Al-Sayani- minor injuries
  23. Abdullah Ahmad Al-Maqoli- minor injuries
  24. Mohammed Ahmad Al-Anesi- minor injuries
  25. Yahya Ahmad Al-Qasmi- minor injuries
  26. Mohammed Ahmad Al-Adari- minor injuries
  27. Ali Ahmad Dhabyan- minor injuries
  28. Abdo Saleh Jabir
  29. Abdullah Ahmad Al-Qadi- minor injuries
  30. Yahya Mohammed Jirad- minor injuries
  31. Hamoud Hussien Al-Qahm- minor injuries
  32. AbdulKareem Hussein Maeeth- minor injuries
  33. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Qademi- critical case, transfered to Saudi
  34. Mujmil Saeed Qassim Muthash- minor injuries
  35. Abdul Rakeeb Mohammed AbuTahir- minor injuries
  36. Nasser Mohammed Al-Mosemi- needs urgent surgery in eye
  37. Saleh Mohammed Al-Qademi- minor injuries
  38. Mohammed Sa’ad Habajir- needs vien implementation in left hand + fragments
  39. Ali Hussien Al-Hadri- needs new cornea + burns
  40. Ameen Mohammed Mawatha- minor injuries
  41. Ammar Ahmad Salah- minor injuries
  42. Mujahid Abadi Al-Dalali- minor injuries
  43. Nasser Ahmad Mulqi- minor injuries
  44. Ahmad Ali Al-Nazeli- bruises in the body and burns in the face
  45. Haroon Mohammed Al-Kahlani- injured in the face and head
  46. Ahmad Muslih Al-Amri- injury in the hand and bruises in the body 
  47. Yahya AbdulRazaq- several injuries and burns 
  48. Ahmad Qaid Al-Muradi- injuries in the hand and ear 
  49. Ahmad Al-Selmi- bruises
  50. Ali Ali Al-Mudraba- head injury
  51. Abdullah Ali Amer- spread fragments
  52. Yahya Mohammed Yahya- spread fragments
  53. Yahya Saleh Hussien- bruises
  54. Ahmad Mohhamed Al-Tam- spread fragments
  55. Mohammed Mohammed Al-Fateni- spread fragments
  56. Ahmad Farhan Al-Masori- head injury
  57. Adel Abdullah Al-Wahedi- ear injury
  58. Al-Ezi Mohammed Al-Yafei- hand and chest injury
  59. Ahsan Ali Saylah- head injury
  60. Mohammed Ahmad Hazib- foot injury
  61. Nabeel Ali Sa’ad Badeer- hand injury and ear burns
  62. Saleh Sa’ad Jahmos- head injury
  63. Abdullah Saeed Rukn
  64. Essam Ahmad Dowaid
  65. Mahdi Mohammed Al-Haleli
  66. Ahmad Hussien Abdo
  67. Hussien Ali Al-Ramadi
  68. Affash Tareq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh
  69. Mazen Tawfeeq Saleh Abdullah Saleh
  70. Kana’an Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh

Names of the injured from Presidential Pilots during the Presidential Palace Mosque attack:

  1. Abdulrahman Taha Ismael- spread fragments
  2. Fawzi Salah Ahmad Al-Matari- injuries and burns
  3. Abdulrakeeb Ahmad Ahmad Al-Ga’adabi- injuries
  4. Nidal Mohammed Al-Zayedi- spread fragments
  5. Nabeel Ahmad Rizq Al-Dura- burns
  6. Mamoon Iskandar Saif Al-Wajeeh- injuries
  7. Firas Mohammed Ali Moneef- injuries
  8. Ali Mahdi Al-Obedi- injuries
  9. Sameer Sa’ad Issa- injuries
  10. Hani Abdulaziz Al-Adali- burns
  11. Abdullah Ahmad Attieh- burns

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