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Friday, 17 June 2011

Revolutionary Legitimacy Friday, June 17th!

Suhail: Sources in the Yemeni navy reveals that the Saudi oil aid were sold on foregin ships in Al-Seqya area in Bab Al-Mandab by brokers who belong to Saleh's sons.
MasdarOnline: Hameed Al-Ahmar is calling Hadi to transfer Power, and Saudis and Americans to stand by the Yemeni people.

Despite all the violent attacks on Freedom Square of Taiz, the people of Taiz are determined enough and are performing Friday Prayer in Freedom Square.
Mass marches on Revolutionary Legitimacy Friday in Dhamar and Sa'ada to emphasize the demands of the revolution and demands the immediate departure of Saleh's relatives and to form a transitional council to run the country.

AJA: Demonstrations in 17 cities of Yemen on Friday: Revolutionary Legitimacy demanding the immediate formation of a transitional council.

Dhala: Tens of thousands and performing Friday prayers in Freedom roundabout in Damt, following prayers, a mass march demanded a formation of a transitional council. A massive march also went out in Juban.

President Saleh will not return to Yemen: Saudi official quoted by AFP

Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Emad, Friday preacher in 60th St is calling humanitarian organizations, associations and the Yemeni people for an emergency relief to Abyan displaced families who left their homes and are living in a dire humanitarian situation.
Abdu Al-Janadi: Presidency confirmed to me that President Saleh will return in the coming days.
Shabwa: Thousands demonstrating in Ataq demanding the formation of a transitional council to manage the affairs of the country.
AFP: Witnesses: The number of Saleh's suppoters are less than the past Fridays in Seventy Square. It was only limited inside the mosque and not outside like previous cases.
AFP: Diplomatic sources: Abdulkarim Al-Eryani meets with Yaseen Saeed Noman in Europe to discuss "a compromise solution to output Yemen from its crisis."

Marib Press | confrontations with gunmen resulted dead and wounded:Lahj : The army used helicopters to evacuate the injured from the military sector in Radfan .
 Yaman News Agency:Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi VP met with the leader of the Republican Guard: Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh at the headquarters of the Republican Guard forces in Al-Sawad Camp in a secret and a special meeting day
Yaman news Agency:Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh is putting a pressure on Saudi authorities and especially the military hospital where his injured father stays to deliver him next Tuesday regardless of his healthy situation
UPI : 6 People were wounded during a raid by U.S. aircraft targeted a suspected Al-Qaeda elements in Abyan. 
  Marib Press::explosions heard and violent clashes with various types of weapons in Taiz city.
 Sana'a Change Square, march against the Organizing Committee- JMP- and against holding the youth hostages.

Silent demonstration against the parties and the Organizing Committee


Revolutionary Legitimacy Friday in Ibb

Revolutionary Legitimacy Friday in Dhamar

Revolutionary Legitimacy Friday in Sana'a

Revolutionary Legitimacy Friday in Taiz

Revolutionary Legitimacy Friday in Sa'ada

Revolutionary Legitimacy Friday in Hodeidah

Revolutionary Legitimacy Friday in Al-Baydah

Revolutionary Legitimacy Friday in Hadramout

Revolutionary Legitimacy Friday in Aden


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