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Friday, 10 June 2011

June 9th updates

MasdarOnline: Hodeidah: The outcome from yesterday's "celebrations" by Saleh's thugs resulted in 10 injured- one child in clinical death situation and 5 females.
AJA: Wounded in Taiz after confrontations took place between Republican Guards and Saleh supporters near the airport.
Special Source in Riyadh to MarebPress: After five days in ICU, Saleh leaves the intensive care unit and is still in the hospital expected to get some plastic surgeries.
Mass march in the streets of Taiz right now demanding the formation of a Transitional Council.
Ibb: Three armored vehicles and crews belonging to Central Security in front of Al-Odian roundabout in front of the gas station. Unknown if they will be stationed in Ibb or heading towards Taiz that is witnessing armed clashes between Saleh's militias and revolution supporters tribes.
MasdarOnline: Renewed clashes in Abyan, 4 soldiers and 9 gunmen were killed. 
Yesterday in Aden, CID released a 16 year old child named AbdulHakeem Ahmad Qais Al-Hoederi, one of Abyan refugees after they detained him for several hours when he entered Badr camp accompained by two people to ask about one of his relatives salary. They suspected him to belong to the armed groups in Abyan; how unfortuante, a child is suspected to belong to armed groups where he actually escaped from them.
MasdarOnline: Hodeidah: A man in his 40s was killed yesterday in Bajil city after he was shot by a stray bullet by Saleh's thugs during their celebration.
Huge explosion in the northern western side of Sana'a.
Clashes between tribes supporting the revolution and the dissidents from 33 Armored Brigade in Ber Basha Market in Taiz. 
Military Sources: The ammunition that Saleh's thugs fired yesterday in Sana'a and the other cities are enough to manage a real war for several months. 
Taiz demands transitional council
Two martyrs in Taiz 
Alarabia : Spokesman of JMP parties ,Mohammed Qahtan, announces approval of the transfer of power to Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi.
Alarabiya correspondent : 3 supporters of Sheikh Sadiq Alahmar killed by snipers in Alhasabah area, Sana'a.
The elder brother of President al-Hamdi in an interview with the Masdar Online: Ali Abdullah Saleh himself fired at Ibrahim Al-Hamdi
NYR reporter::Yesterdays flights where all canceled due to the shootings,todays flights are resumed. 
Aircrafts fire missiles on Abyan
NYR reporter::Sanaa city is witnessing several weddings;many say that the presidents good health and well being gave them a reason to celebrate again;the sky is being lit with fireworks in celebration.
heavy random gunfire is being heard in the capital Sanaa .
Abdu Jenadi::I like many other high ranked officials did not know or plan yesterdays gun firing by the people;rather spontaneous by the people themselves.
Abdu Jenadi::I advise the JMP to leave there weapons and learn the lesson from the Houthi militants.
Abdu Jenadi::I have no information regarding President Salehs health,im not his doctor,I only know that hes doing very well.
Abdu Jenadi::I have been told that the youths have said that they will prevent the President from entering the capital Sanaa ever again,how are they gonna stop the president from entering Sanaa.???,I thought they were peaceful youths,you cant call yourself peaceful and carry a weapon.
Marib press: Radfan: heavy artillary shelling on the villages and mountains of Radfan by troops stationed in the western sector of the city
The political analyst Azmi Bishara said: Saudi doesn't want a poor Yemen , but sure it doesn't want a strong Yemen too 
Dhala: Gunmen strike military barracks of the army and the Central Security after a siege for days in Dhala.
Aden : one was injured today in the random shooting by pro Saleh supporters celebration for the success of president Salehs operation .
Habilayn: heavy shelling on the mountains surrounding the city and powerful explosions were heard there
Dhala | continuation of the violent clashes in Dhala and sounds of shells are shaking the houses there
Hadramout : Al-Qatan: One soldier was killed in a shooting by unknown gunmen by a patrol of central secuirty forces this afternoon; two others were injured: Bassam Namiri and Hadi Hussien.
Sporadic gunfiring in different parts of Taiz.
Explosion rocks the city of Taiz right now- unknown location
Sporadic gunfire in Al-Kawthar district near Freedom Square of Taiz.
Eyewitnesses: The explosion that just happened in Taiz was in Al-Qoba area in Al-Ajenat.
Al-Quds Al-Arabi: Saleh's family has been transfered to UAE in preparation to transfer power.
Revolution Supporters: Friday, The Demands of the Revolution.
Saleh Supporters: Loyalty to the Country and the Leader
According to witnesses: Around 20 armed crews-security forces- are heading from Aden to Taiz.
MasdarOnline: The elder brother of former President Al-Hamdi: Ali Saleh himself was the one that shot Al-Hamdi. 
An ammunition convoy that was heading to Taiz and was blocked by Ibb tribes. This happened two days ago when we spread the news of the explosion in Al-Qeada district in Taiz.

Dead and Injured in Taiz

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