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Friday, 17 June 2011

Tawakul and Tareq Karaman- Kidnap and Threat!- Released!

Tareq Karman was released at dawn, on his facebook page he said:

Suddenly without any warnings, they released me at dawn today after I was abducted by unknown people and detained in an unknown place for a couple of days. They interrogated me for systematic planning to overthrow the province of Taiz by taking over the Radio Building, and broadcasting a statement on behalf of the youth revolution to form a transitional council and to declare Taiz to be the capital of Yemen temporary until the toppling of the regime in Sana'a. They released me but also threatened me of liquidation if I went by to any revolutionary activity.

A threat letter that was received by Tawakul Karaman:
"Revenge Brigades of Yemen and President Saleh" were able to kidnap Tareq Karaman, Tawakul Karaman’s brother and one of the traitors and he was taken to a safe place. After investigating with him, it was clear that the whole family-Karaman- had direct connection with foreign forces against Yemen and Yemenis. The only way to deal with traitors is to kill them so people learn from their mistakes.

"Revenge Brigades of Yemen and President Saleh" are asking Tawakul Karaman, in order to release her brother, to appear on TV and to tell the Yemeni people the truth and the conspiracy that she is participating in and explain all the plans very clearly without keeping any details out. This is only if she wanted to see her brother alive and if he meant to her more than money. If not, then we will kill him and send his head and you will see all that on TV. We have warned you.

Dated, June 14th

Tawakul's house was broken into yesterday June 16th by Saleh's militias

Tawakul Karman: My brother Tareq has been forcibly hidden for the past four days. He was last seen on Friday in Freedom Square of Taiz, his colleagues say that he has been kidnapped by National Security in Taiz.

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