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Monday, 13 June 2011

June 13th updates!

Yemeni opposition urges Gulf states to move quickly towards the formation of a transitional council
AJE : Five people have been arrested over suspected links to the bomb attack that wounded President Ali Abdullah Saleh on June 3, a diplomat in Yemen told AFP on Sunday.About 50 people have so far been questioned, the source said by telephone, requesting anonymity and declining to provide further details 
AlArabiya | Yemeni opposition: The expected meeting with the Vice President will highlight power transfer in Yemen
Ibb : Massive march starts now from the Bay of freedom in Ibb; to emphasize the need for a transitional council
Masdar Online : woman killed and 5 wounded including two women in the indiscriminate bombing by the Republican Guards on the Directorate of Al-Haimah west of the capital Sanaa.
Abyan | Two hours | Aircrafts bombing Je'ar district of Abyan 
March in taiz demanding transitional council 
Security source to MasdarOnline: Assassination of colonel in the army in Aden by planting an explosive device in his car.
MarebPress: Total losses for Al-Ahmar in the 12 days of fighting with Saleh's forces resulted in 100 dead and 325 injured.
Arabia: Youth Revolutionaries in Yemen assert their determination to form a transitional council to fill the vacuum resulting from the absence of the President.
MarebPress: France 24 Channel: Israeli Mossad Chief: Our sources confirm the death of Yemeni President of his wounds; I expect Saudi to announce this news today.
Ibb's mass march demanding the formation of a Transitional Council
MasdarOnline: The meeting between JMP and Hadi to discuss transfer of power ended an hour ago. 
MarebPress: Major-General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar met the French Ambassador in Sana'a and Regional Director of the Democratic American Institute to discuss the transfer of power.
Two unidentified rotted bodies were found behind Al-Safwa Hospital in Freedom Square of Taiz between the trees from the victims of May 29th Freedom Square Holocaust.
March in Sa'ada today
After Major-General Ali Mohsen appointed Sadiq Makram Al-Hashedi instead of Jubran Al-Hashedi to lead 33 Armored Brigade "Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Camp" in Taiz, Jubran Al-Hashedi refuses to hand over the camp to Sadiq. Him and a group of people from his village are in the camp located at the old airport.  
Heavy gunfire around Al-Rawda Hospital in Taiz by Republican Guards; distribution of papers to the residents of that area to evacuate their homes.
Taiz: Heavy military deployment og tanks and armored vehicles along the 60th stree
Hodeidah | thousands demonstrating in front of the power station in Hodeidah due to power outages on parts of the city for the second day respectively.  
Clashes in Taiz continue , "in Al-Thakra junction " to "Sharhab junction". 
Organizing Committee of the revolution youth is calling all the Yemeni people to participate tomorrow in a the mass march to reject any initiatives. 
AFP: European, US and Gulf pressure to push for dialogue "to secure the transfer of power quickly in the light of the health status of the President."
Gunfire near the intersection on 20th St and Diari road- extension to Change Square.
Saba News Agency: Medical escort with Saleh: President is in good health and continuous improvement.
CCYRC: Massive mach tomorrow on Tuesday June 14th around all cities of Yemen to express their rejection to any initiative and to assure the demands of the revolution.
Masdaronline: Agreement in Taiz to end armed manifestations and the withdrawal of Republican Guard from the city
Marib press: Governor of Lahj has been in his house for 6 days until today as a result of pressure against him to handover the province to the armed groups.
Same as what happened in Abyan, Lahj governor is staying at home for the past 6 days as a result of pressure against him to handover the city to gunmen.
Sounds of continuous explosions from 60th Street in Taiz.
Powerful explosion in Sama'a area, echoed in Taiz and clashes are increasing violently.
Taiz: Clashes that are taking place in north Taiz in 60th Street because Republican Guards developed new points after hours of agreeing to withdraw the Republican Guards and to cancel the armed gunmen stay in the city.
Explosions are increasing violently and some damage of a Republican Guard tank as well as clashes with medium and light weapons in Taiz.
MasdarOnline: Clashes are between gunmen and Republican Guards in Al-Berehi area in Taiz although they announced to cease-fire.
Clashes are continuous in 60th Street extending from Hawban upto Sharab junction; powerful explosions reaching the range of City Center as a result of using tanks in the clashes.
Taiz: Guards are shelling by artillery and tanks on the areas that are being attacked and clashes are still continuing even now.
The clashes that took place at dawn on Monday between the forces of Ali Saleh and the tribesmen in the area of Almakhlaf Sharhab had led to the the destruction of tanks T-55, death of 9 soldiers and the destruction of several crews. On the other hand is tribesmen are still surrounding now in Almakhlaf 6 tanks and 12 military crews belonging to the Brigade 33 of Gibran Hashedi . Who changed his supportive attitude to the revolution
After a calm moment, a powerful explosion rocks Taiz- no information on losses. 
MasdarOnline: Director of the UN Information Center in Sana'a: Targetting civilians and preventing humanitarian assistance consititutes a serious violation of international law.
Death of Sheikh Sultan AL-Samaai's bodyguard near Freedom Square in Taiz by a gunman fire who was on a vehicle with a Saudi number, after an hour of renewed bombing on the neighborhoods of Taiz and confrontations in 60th street and Sharhab entrance north of Taiz.
Aden:Hearing sporadic gunfire in these moments in Al-Muaala. 
Aden:sounds of gunfire is believed to be next to the Saudi Project buildings in Al-Muaala. 
MarebPress: Islam Times: Death of AbdulAziz AbdulGhani, head of Shura Council this morning after a painful struggle with his wounds from the Presidential Palace Mosque blast.
MasdarOnline: Reports of death and casualties from Republican Guards and military tanks have been damaged; ongoing clashes with armed tribes men on the outskirts of Mikhlaf, Taiz.
MasdarOnline: "The Anti-Terrorism Units"- Forces that were used by Saleh's regime are anti-everything but terrorism. 
March in Ibb

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