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Sunday, 5 June 2011

June 5th:Statement of the Victory of the Revolution (First Phase)

Oh masses of the great Yemeni people,

We have truly achieved your serious sacrifices today which only arrived through the peaceful revolution that you rejected to use violence in spite of all the attacks and repressive practices that the regime performed. You have founded a new station of the history of the Yemeni people's struggle.

We are pleased so to call upon all the Yemeni people to celebrate the victory and the achievement of the first demand of the revolution which is the departure of Ali Abdullah Saleh, expressing to you on behalf of a number of different youth configurations in the Change Square. The end of Saleh's regime forever and the end of this stage and ugly era of Yemen's history and announce the entry of the national and political Yemeni life to a new phase.

In this context, we bury the stage of the political life of the country that was filled with corruption, underdevelopment, war and destruction.

We emphasize in this context that the fall of the regime is not just about the departure of Saleh and his family. It’s the fall of the regime along with the political, social, economic and cultural systems.

At this level, our understanding of the slogan "the people want to overthrow the regime", with the departure of Saleh and a number of symbols of his regime, the revolutionaries in all the different Squares around Yemen have accomplished one of the most revolutionary achievements. Thus, we have put ourselves in a new stage of the revolutionary process to immediately move to a transitional stage during which we will struggle to lay the building blocks and the foundations of a modern civil state that we desired.

The first demands of this stage are as follows :

- The formation of an urgent transitional, civilian presidential council that consists of various political and national parties which announced their affiliation to the revolution and which have the respect and appreciation of the forces of revolution, as well as capability to represent the project of building the modern Yemeni state. Creation of this council to be accompanied by a constitutional declaration of the Council to conduct running the affairs of the country during the transitional period and the preparation of a constitution which ensures the creation of a modern civil state.

-The formation of a technocratic government to run the general administrative life in the country.

- The formation of a national council from all political and national parties whose primary task is achieving and managing a comprehensive national dialogue aimed at drawing the basic essentials of the country "after the transitional phase" according to the aspirations and objectives of the revolution.

Oh masses of the great Yemeni people,

The aim of the above mentioned demands is to find political instruments that will lead the country during the transitional phase, and in this context we assure you that none of leaders and symbols of the late regime will participate in the configurations listed above.

We stress that the role of youth in this stage is to serve as a safety valve and to protect the revolution and its goals. We also stress that the Freedom and Change Squares are the places from which will correct the path of the revolution leading to our central and main goal of establishing a modern civil country.

Issued by the Change Square in Sana'a on: June 5th 2011
Media Council of the Change Square - Sana'a
Civil Youth Council
independent Youth of Revolution Council
Coordinating Council (Change)
Youth Revolution Civil Alliance
The People’s Will Alliance
Coordinating Council of the Forces of the Peaceful Revolution (Victory)
Student's and Youth Peaceful Revolution (Leave)
Civic Democrats Council (Madad)
Coalition of Peaceful Change (Selm - Yemen)
Youth and Change Coalition (Revolution First)
The Future Coalition
Coalition of Youth of Change

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