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Thursday, 30 June 2011

June 30th Updates!

United Nations Mission arrives to Taiz and will start working and visiting people this afternoon.
MasdarOnline: Arhab tribe is asking Vice President Hadi to stop the attacks that killed 20 people there in north Sana'a.
Republican Guards are arresting people in Taiz according to their IDs, especially those from Shara'ab and Mikhlaf directorates.
MarebPress: Gunmen tried to break into the headquarters of "MarebPress" in Sana'a, threatening its workers and confiscating their press and personal IDs.
SahwaNet: A plan by National Security led by Ammar Abdullah Saleh aims to assassinate leaders of JMP and national figures.
Seyasa, Kuwait Newspaper: Ali Nasser Mohammed: Ali Abdullah Saleh did his role, he has to step down as a respect to the will of people.
Al-Baydah march today assuring the steadfast of the youth 
March in Taiz today; students from the top of the school join in with the chants. 
YamanNewsAgency: A child injured, destruction of an artesian well, demolish of some houses in the heavy artillery & missile shelling by Republican Guards from Al-Sama'a Mountain on Arhab
Arabia: Five Yemen soldiers killed in clashes with Al-Qaeda suspects
MarebPress: Assistant Undersecretary of the governorate of Mareb- Theyab Bin Muelei- directs central bank to stop the revenues of oil in the governate, and expectations that a severe crisis in the derivatives will happen after exceeding the crisis for serveal weeks. 
MasdarOnline: Ali Nasser Mohammed: I am not looking for a role for myself and I am convince that a new generation in Yemen should take up the responsibility of the new phase after the revolution.
Yahya Saleh: The Presidents resignation is unacceptable and what is happening now is a farce and not a revolution and Al-Qaeda may occupy Aden
Mass march in Hodeidah is being attacked by live ammunition and tear gas near to Al-Hakemi roundabout.
Seyaj Organization: More than 200 children dead and injured since the start of the revolution in Yemen.
Security forces are using tear gas on the mass march in front of Al-Alafi Stadium in Hodeidah; keeping in mind that Hodeidah youth announced yesterday that there will be major escalation in marches starting today begining with mass rallies until the fall of the rest of the regime
MasdarOnline: Brigadier General Yahya Saleh: Renegade Major General Ali Mohsen committed major treason to the President, the President was the one who made this traitor a great man, in fact, he does not even deserve to be a doorman.
MarebPress: United Nations mission is listening to the testimonies of the injured in Freedom Square of Taiz right now to investigate the humanitarian situation
Brigadier General Yahya Saleh: I'm surprised by the oppositions demand of the Presidents' resignation after the assassination attempt
Brigadier General Yahya Saleh: All the foreign ambassadors in Sana'a should better understand the Yemeni situation instead of defending the need for changing the regime, as what the US ambassador is doing.
The Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution is calling on all the Yemeni people to gather and participate tomorrow, Friday, in all Freedom and Change Squares around Yemen in a Friday that they called, Revolution Until Victory.
Yaman Agency News: Dozens of cases of convulsions and choking among protesters in Al-Hodediah due to firing tear gas on them by security forces
MasdarOnline :Somali and Ethiopian refugees are still coming to Yemen despite the unrest
Taiz : heavy gunfire from a bus next to Mohammed Ali Othman roundabout .
MasdarOnline: Economists estimated the consumption of candles by Yemeni people to about $500 million since the start of the youth revolution that was accompanied by the electricity crisis by acts of vandalism on the gas-powered electricity station in Mareb city.
The number of injured protesters in the attack by regime gunmen and security forces on the peaceful march this afternoon in Hodeidah by batons, stones and tear gas reached 45 who arrived to the Change Square of Hodeidah. Some of them are in critical condition.
Ahmad Al-Sufi to Reuters: President Saleh's plan to record a video message and broadcast it on state television had been postponded due to doctors advice.
MasdarOnline: Tribal militants led by local council member of the ruling party, Abdullah Hathal, blow up an oil pipeline in Sirwah directorate in Mareb
MasdarOnline: Economic Media Center says that Yemen lost about 1 billion and 300 million dollars so far due to stopping oil exports after bombing the oil pipeline in Mareb on March 14th. 
A UN Human Rigths commission arrived to the southern Yemeni city of Taiz on Thursday. Outside the hotel where the mission was meeting doctors and lawyers who have collected evidence of the HR violations committed in the city, hundreds on injured gathered to demand justice 

A testimony by Dr. Hamoud Aqlan, a member in the medical committee in Freedom Square of Taiz and an injured protester on Freedom Square holocaust on May 29th.
Hodeidah mass escalation march that was attacked later by security forces resulting in the injury of 45 protesters
Abyan: Sheikh Tareq Al-Fadli issued a statement today calling tribes, armed groups and military to hold an expanded meeting on Monday July 4th in Zanjibar to discuss the situation. He called for cease-fire starting from today, Thursday until next Wednesday. He warned all parties of lack of commitment to this, would take action against him in consultation with tribes.
YamanNewsAgency: Powerful explosions in Dhala in the east side near Al-Jarba'a camp now in Lahj. 
Very angry night marches in Bajil and Bait Al-Faqeeh cut Hodeidah Sana'a road demanding an immediate solution to the electricity, water and fuel crisis which provoked Saleh's sons on the people as a punishment
Lahj: Leader in Southern Movement, Jamal Al-Jawa'abi from Dhala in Habelien was killed by a tank shell in clashes with Saleh's militants moments ago.
MarebPress: Southern Movement leader Jamal Al-Jawa'abi killed in clashes with military sector in Hablian, Lahj.
Central Security fire bullets on Serrah Petrol Station (in front of the fish forestry) half an hour ago wounding a young man named Ramy in his face and was transferred to the hospital in Aden.
Important Statement

Based on our united peaceful struggle in this revolution and the embodiment of the revolutionary partnership, along with the transparency principle, we, -youth of the peaceful revolution- condemn what the committee that is assigned to welcome the UN Commissioner of Human Rights mission that visited the Change Square yesterday, Wednesday, for questionable behaviours and concealing a type of ambiguity and lack of revolutionary transparency, including:

1. Not informing lawyers committees and those in charge with monitoring and documenting of the UN mission visit to the Change Square. Where they were supposed to inform them in advance of that visit so that all the competent committees can provide all their documents, photos and videos; and so that that they can be processed and submitted in a full file to be handed over to the UN mission during their visit.

2. Calling for a mass march at the same time the UN mission is scheduled to arrive to the Change Square and emptying the Square from the youth.

3. Disappearance of all the photos that show the forms of violations and extent brutality of the regime in suppression on the protesters, which were scattered in the Change Square, from the UN mission. All that was presented to the mission from martyrs’ photos were only personal photos (IDs) before their death.

Therefore, the youth revolution are holding the JMP and the committee charged to receive the delegation all the negative results that may emerge from the results of the investigation. We demand them to reveal and explain the reasons for those actions that led to limit the amount of violations and not give them enough coverage, this counts as a large complicity with the regime. We hold them fully responsible on these actions and on the martyrs blood who died for the objectives of our glorious revolution.

Glory and eternity for the pure martyrs, recovery for our heroic injured, victory for the revolution.
Long live free Yemen.

Issued by the Media Center of the Youth Revolution
Sana'a, Wednesday June 30th 2011

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